Open ePublishing Platform

Main page

On the main page you always can get a quick access to the all Magru services and info. On this front page on Magru you can go threre from anywhere - just click on the logo.
Publications catalog
List of all publications with different filters allows you to sort these pubs by category, theme, language, etc.
Authors & Publishers
List of all authors and publishers on the Magru. You can sort this list by your needs, discover interesting authors and publishers - follow them.
Search of publications
Discover thousands of e-publications on Magru: books, magazines, presentations and other fantastic works.
Authorize / Personal account
There is access to your personal page on the Magru, where you can collect and manage your own e-library and much, much more.
By default, there is a list of publications which was recommended by Magru team.
Short list of main themes of publications. It's works like filters.
Sort publications by the type of e-publication: from books and magazines to white papers and scientific works.

Main list of publications

There is a list of all publication on the Magru. You can filter and sort it as you wish, as well as subscribe to receive e-mail notification as soon as one of your required publication will appear.
You can sort the list by the one of parameters.
View of list
Choose your favor view of publication list — it could be a shelf or simple drop-down list.
Categories & Themes
You can filter publications by the type of works, theme or even language — focus and discover what you really love.
Subscribe and you you will be notified by e-mail when someone upload publication you could love.

List of authors and publishers

This main page allows you to discover an authors and publishers on the Magru. Here you can easily sort the list and find the most interesting of them, scan their personal pages, follow and watch for their new works.
Sort the list.
Find out the authors and publishers you know or one of the Magru user.
Filter the publishers list by the status and country you'll find interesting for you.

Publication viewer

For the most convenient viewing of any publication we developed our new viewer. It's allows you to do with publication whatever you want: discover it on your mobile devices, purchase it, download or share with a friends.
Main menu
Purchase, download, share publication... so, do what you want — enjoy it.
Follow the author or publisher of publication - you will be always up to date.
Thumbnails of pages
There are pages preview — allows you to jump between pages.


Viewing of paid publication gives you a chance to meet this work firstly. So, if you'll like it — you can buy it — get access to full version and enjoy it.
Purchase full version
This button means that publication is paid — you can see the price.
One more big button
This button means the same. When you push it, you will see the various methods to pay for that.
Choose payment method
Complete purchasing with one of the available payment gateway.

Personal page & e-library

That is your personal page on the Magru. Here you can find and edit info about, browse new publications in your follow list, collect your own e-library. Also here you can find a list of your personal publications, a lists of your follows and your followers.
Personal info
Info about you and your contacts. You can edit it — click the link on the right.
Shelf's filters
These filters allows you to sort a list of publication on the shelf below.
Followers / Follows list
A list of your followers — guys who watching for your new publications. And list of authors and publishers you follow.
This label shows the price of publication or display the fact that you already bought it.
This label means that is new publication in your subscription list which was published not more then 5 days ago and you still not read it.
This means that you marked this publication as your favorite. You always can look at all of your favorite works by using the favorite filter on the shelf.
Hidden, private publication — only you can see that publications or anyone who got the link to this pubs from you.