Open ePublishing Platform

Publish works

That is pretty easy — just click on the "Publish" button, which you can always find in the upper right corner of the website or on the home page, then select the file with your work, describe it, set the price and click "Upload" — that is all.
Publish button
This button in the website header is always available to you. Just push it.
One more button
Big blue button on the home page allows you to create a new publication too.
Browse a file
Choose the file of your new publication.
Title and description
Name your publication, describe it and choose the category, theme and language.
Sell the publication
Set the price for your work and choose how many pages will be available for your readers as a preview.
More options
Set additional options if needed. Some of them are unavailable for paid publication.
Good job. Once you're done with all that stuff above, push "Upload" button to finish the process.
Get payments
In order to get payments from your readers you have to connect your PayPal account with Magru.

Manage publications

As an author and owner of any of your publications, you can always manage it: edit the name, description, change the price and any other options. You're also able to update the publication file to the new one or even remove the publication permanently.
Edit or delete
Use this buttons on your publication to manage it.
While viewing
Use the "More" item from publication viewer menu to edit or delete your work.

Personal account

Your personal page on Magru. It has public part — everyone can see your publications that were not marked as private, your favorite works and lists of your followers and those who are followed by you. There's also the private part, that is only accessible by you. It allows you to manage your publications and profile data and provides access to your private publications, purchases you've made and some personalized stuff.
Personal info
Your personal info. You can edit it. Please, try to keep it fully filled.
Filters of pubs
These allow you to filter publications on the shelf to show what you want to: your publications, publication from your follow list, purchased or last viewed ones.
Your followers/You follow
List of your followers who are watching you. Second one is your follow list — new publications from these users will appear in your subscription list.
This label shows the price of publication or indicates that you've already bought it, well, if you have.
New publication
This label means that this publication in your subscription list is new — is still unread and was published recently.
This means that you've marked this publication as your favorite. You always can see all of your favorite works by using the favorite filter on the shelf.
Hidden, private publication — only you can see that publications or anyone who will get the secret link to it from you.

My e-shop

This is special part of your personal page on Magru, which shows your paid publication only. You can copy & paste the link of your own e-shop and share it with your friends and readers.
Paid publications filter
That filter on the shelf will shows you and your readers all of your paid publications.
Paid publication
Only paid publications will be listed here — it's your e-shop.