Open ePublishing Platform

User agreement

General items

  1. Magru — a tech platform and marketplace services for electronic publications that allows each Internet user to view, download, upload, publish, distribute, buy and sell electronic documents in the form of electronic publications on the website (
  2. Publication — an electronic document that is uploaded to Magru.
  3. User — a person or legal entity that uses the capabilities of the Magru services.
  4. Author — any user that acts as author or copyright owner of an electronic document (with all content inside it), that uses his right and takes advantage of the Magru service and the Magru website to publish (upload) and sale his electronic document. Author/Publisher or document owner must be able, if necessary, to prove his rights and legality to publish an electronic document.
  5. Reader — any user on Magru that takes advantage of Magru and is browsing, shopping, reading, and sharing links to publications.
  6. Electronic document — information in electronic format, suitable for human perception (read, review, etc) by using electronic devices: personal computers, cell phones and other mobile devices.
  7. The use of an electronic document — access to read and review the contents of the electronic document and also the ability to download the original file with the contents of an electronic document and copying of the content of the electronic document to the computer devise of users for use personal use, compiling with the law, not breaking copyright and other related laws.
  8. Account — the information needed to authenticate and identify users on Magru, which are derived from the data provided through the connected application Magru one of the sites:,,,

It should be noted that Magru:

  1. is NOT an online shop of electronic content and electronic documents in particular;
  2. does NOT buy or sell electronic documents of authors/owners;
  3. does NOT provide to authors anything except the technical features and marketplace service, while all the process with publications (electronic documents) is engaged by the users: author/owner of publication and reader of publication.
  4. does NOT receive a payments from user for the publications (electronic documents) that was placed by the authors;
  5. is NOT involved in the sell/purchase transactions of publications. All financial transactions are executed between the seller (the author/owner) and the buyer (the reader) of the publication. Author/owner as the seller of publication (electronic document) receive the payments directly into his own PayPal ( account.
  6. is NOT one of the parties of the transactions between authors and readers. Magru provides a comfortable environment for these interactions only.
  7. is NOT responsible for any expenses that may occur as a result of improper action of reader or author, under this agreement, and outside of it.
  8. does NOT track, verify or check each publication for a correct name or description. It is author's solely responsibility. For this reason, Magru encourages all of users to be vigilant and verify the publications for: 1. The reliability of the title, description and content of publication; 2. Compliance with the copyright and other rights, and compliance with any other known laws and rules. If there is any breach, users have to report it through the "Complain Report" available from the viewer's main menu of each publication or to e-mail (
  9. is NOT responsible for expenses or any kind of losses, which may caused by use of the Magru service and all kinds of technological failures, improper, unauthorized, unlawful use of a user account on Magru and its information by others. All of the features, products and services Magru provides to users as is, with all the advantages and disadvantages, without any warranties.
  10. can NOT guarantee 100% working time for the service and its parts and functions. Let us admit that it is almost impossible to ensure, therefore we hope for your support and understanding. We will do our best to keep Magru running smoothly.

Terms of Magru use

  1. Each user, by using Magru agrees that he has read, understood and agreed with the terms of this Agreement. This User Agreement is a public contract and integral part of the Magru services and website.
  2. Magru reserves the right to change or amend this Agreement without special notice of users, readers or authors if this changes changes do not affected items connected with copyright, proprietary or other rights, if they are - Magru will announce about the changes. Any changes or amendments shall enter into force three days after their publication on the website Magru. Current version of this Agreement is available online:
  3. For the full use of the service users must register an account on the site Magru, for this you must be registered and have an account on one of these online resources:,,,
  4. When creating an account on the site Magru, all users have to give reliable data. Even if one of the sites with account info (,,, have a false data, user must change them for a new credible.
  5. One person may not create multiple accounts on the site.
  6. To be able to sell publication the author have to link PayPal account to the Magru account. As the author of publication and account owner, you must specify mandatory for admission to a payment from a reader.
  7. In order to buy a publication, reader should use their own PayPal account to transfer the payment to the author of publication (see more on PayPal, online payment system
  8. All payments between author and reader are executed via PayPal payment system on the terms of PayPal (
  9. Magru User must report any known attempts of unauthorized use of his account to the Magru administration — so we could take appropriate security actions.
  10. In case user realizes that publications on Magru are violating the rights of others, he should immediately notify Magru on
  11. If there is any type of violation or suspicion of such, including a complaint from the user, Magru reserves the right to deny access temporarily or permanently or removal of the publication caused the conflict, as well as block access to the account of any user who according Magru, violates the law, or not follow this Agreement, without prior notice and explanation of their actions. All such cases of the conflicts will be resolved through negotiations.
  12. Reader and Author agree that Magru has the right at any time without prior notice to change the appearance, design and content of the Magru website, change the list of services or to remove any information and publications in its sole discretion. Magru also has the right to remove or block any user information, if Magru find this information violating this Agreement or Federal Laws, as well as any information on the site that is threatening security of Magru, users or third parties.

For authors/Content owners

  1. All authors are responsible for their uploaded electronic documents. Magru implies that each author uploads the electronic document for the personal and the public use. Author has to be sure that he has the right to use the electronic document and does not break legislation of the laws or any other rights, including not contain pornography, is not involved in any process unauthorized distribution (e-mail spam, web spam, IM spam, etc.), not copy-protected and will not infringe rights of third parties and copyright rights.
  2. Author shall specify the reliable name, full description of each publication, choose reliable categories, theme and language for his publications on Magru to facilitate the search of publications and not to mislead the readers. Violation of this rule will result in blocking of access or removal of the publication by the Magru administrator.
  3. Author shall NOT duplicate their publications, that means not to upload and create exactly the same or similar publications with a one already in his personal list of publications. In case of violation of this paragraph, the administration of Magru, at his sole discretion, may block or remove a controversial publication from Magru.
  4. Author agrees that all his uploaded electronic documents, which was opened for public and published for free (doesn't have a price) could be use by any of readers of the publication and distributed in any of possible way, and the author does not have anything against.
  5. Author agrees that the reader who purchased his publications will has full access to the original content of the electronic document, and can download the source file of publication with the contents of an electronic document on his devices any number of times.
  6. Author may change the name, description and other options or even remove publication from the public lists and catalogs on Magru at any time he want.
  7. Authors have to describe the current stage of his work (i.e. it is incomplete). All cases where author deliberately misinform readers about content they buying will be treated as obvious fraud by author.
  8. Author agrees that the reader will have permanent access to the once purchased publication, even if authors use his right to remove this publication from the public lists and catalogs on Magru.
  9. Author agrees and gives Magru a right to use his public information on his own personal page on Magru and publicly accessible parts of his own publication for advertising campaign. And allows Magru to create a copy of publication and store it on Magru for the technical purposes only.

For readers

  1. All readers are responsible for his actions. Using the Magru services, they must not violate any Federal or State or International laws, including copyrights and other rights of third parties, moreover respect each others.
  2. Reader must carefully read the terms of use of electronic documents and publications, as well as a description of the contents of the publication and to make sure that this is exactly what he wants to read and buy. Description of the document prepared by author of publication and could not be controlled or checked by Magru team.
  3. When reader pay for publication and purchase it he agrees with the price which has established by author.
  4. When reader pay for publication and purchase it he agrees has no illusions about its content and agrees to get. If reader's complains NOT the the fact of obvious fraud by the author and name, description of the publication was reliable, the reader can't get pay back from authors.
  5. Reader agrees that provided access to full version of paid publication for his personal use ONLY and cannot be redirected to any other person. The same applies to the original version of the electronic document — readers are responsible for his actions with this file and agrees to use it FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY and respect a property of its author/owner and his rights.
  6. When reader get purchase publications he get an access to full version of the publication and ability to download the original file on his own computer device, in that case, under any circumstances, and in NO WAY can distribute this file, content inside it or part of it, as this would violate the rights of the author/owner. Except the cases when the publication author/owner gives its formal consent to such distribution.
  7. Reader agrees not to violate the rights of authors/owners and third parties on the contents of the publication on Magru.

Disagreement and conflicts resolution

  1. All users, readers and authors/owners are agree and taken into account, that all kind of disagreements and conflicts related to each other and Magru, must first be resolved through negotiations. Each party undertakes to do everything in its will and potential to solve disputes in the negotiation process firstly. If the dispute could not be settled by negotiation or mediation, it shall be resolved by the courts.
  2. To initiate the process of negotiation and dispute resolution, conflict and discord of any kind related to the use of the site Magru, User shall, first of all, to send complaint to each part of dispute (include Magru by e-mail: with details of the subject matter, as well as an indicate all of contacts and any other info of all involved parties.

Version edited: 27 April 2013