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This book is dedicated to all action-oriented, business-minded readers. If it weren’t for you, there would be no need for a book that is designed to enlighten, encourage, connect and support the people who take action and make things happen in business. You also have the right to forward the digital... more
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Published on: 2012-11-26
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Little Giant 10 Game Changing Strategies for Small Business Owners 2 Dan  Auito

Little Giant Copyright © 2011 by Hathshire Press All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author, except where indicated. ISBN 978-0-9740020-1-9 First Printing 2010 Printed in USA by Hathshire Press

Dedication This book is dedicated to all action-oriented, business-minded readers. If it weren’t for you, there would be no need for a book that is designed to enlighten, encourage, connect and support the people who take action and make things happen in business. You also have the right to forward the digital version of this book to friends, family and colleagues, to further pass along the wisdom and encouragement that this work aims to provide. All I ask in return is that you send good people to the following link free of charge. (Spread the word) For Additional Copies: Visit our website,

Table of Contents Foreword.......................................................................viii Introduction...................................................................xii Chapter 1: Mastering Lasting Innovation....................16 implement change it stick Chapter 2: Building Trust Accounts First...................24 down barriers and visualize solutions points and increasing performance Chapter 3: Brain-Based Marketing: Pre-suasion.......34 success in many marketing messages marketing to brain-based marketing of your marketing

these principles, to maximize learning improve your marketing more competitive how to avoid them use today Chapter 4: Pre-Emptive Marketing...............................47 breakthroughs competitors to create impact in 3 minutes or less Chapter 5: Hire Slow & Fire Quickly............................55 “A” players on your team change in properly growing your business ANY small business from the inside out your business from the inside out businesses into stellar performers those who don’t from those who can

entrepreneurs Chapter 6: Understanding Peak Productivity.............69 now to achieve peak productivity for yourself the productivity realm your biggest productivity boosters habits as high-producing entrepreneurs your life of who you are Chapter 7: Instilling Peak Performance in Others .....79 predictable and achievable steps to achieve peak performance, while gaining access and course-correcting can take to achieve peak performance now permanent part of who you are, and not just a passing fad Chapter 8: Business Success Through Leverage .....87

entrepreneur leader right now and how you can self-assess your leadership capabilities and performance actions you can take right now Chapter 9: Fast-Tracking Your Business..................105 your business towards success better processes what you do successful change the fast track Chapter 10: Master Keys to Leverage.......................118 business leaders

Dan Auito Foreward 2 stories and agendas. Having met some incredibly interesting people, it was Several memorable moments come back to me from that evening in new development I am more and more impressed with the depth and focus he displayed on the areas of his life, both professionally and personally. For Giant. is just one of his many talents. viii

Foreward training hundreds of young men and women to be rescue crewman off the Guardian come to mind. There is something remarkably impressive to me when one is given save lives! How many people do we run into with that on their resume? than any other programs that were available from others. others have followed. guide that covers more important useful tips, to help anyone be successful in real estate. tireless dedication to exploring what is important in areas of personal and In this book, you will be offered what is truly important to understand in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Though the book is to medium-size businesses. ix

Dan Auito for growth and survival to the areas that will kick-start your business into high gear, to stay ahead of both the market and the competition. Hopefully, are, great! is: a resource for you to refer to over and over. I hope it becomes your collect dust on the shelf. You would only be cheating yourself. will take you behind the scenes with a real “show you” approach. business’ most recurring problems. Today’s leaders need to operate upon principles and values designed with a higher purpose in mind. They need to stand for truth and focus calmly and clearly on making remarkably effective differences in the missions they undertake. This body of work will allow you to explore both the internal and external motives that guide us all along life’s business journey. Ron Laker Former CEO of Trademark Metals Recycling in Tampa, Florida x

Foreward the 20th-largest privately held company in Florida, with revenues of $600 Good to Great. investor who shares his business and personal experiences in a highly experiential and entertaining seminar format. He can be reached at: xi

Dan Auito Introduction 2 If you don’t have time to read the whole book, here’s what it says: Business as usual doesn’t work anymore. The industrial age has long been supplanted by the information age. This survival manual strives to give you all the tools you’ll need to prosper as a leading cultural change agent in today’s economy. Consider this: Nature spares those who are most adaptable to change, and you now see evidence of just how many business leaders have completely failed to adapt. This fact alone has resulted in nine million layoffs, furloughs and dismissals across our American work forces. Take stock, my fellow patriots; China and India are on the move. Prepare yourself for economic war—it is upon us. xii

Introduction Fact: You are either constantly building your business by adaptation, or watching it crumble by default. Our people seem to have succumbed to a plague of apathy, dejection and indifference on a national scale of critically important issues lately. Our country was founded by great and fearless innovative leaders of men and women. I challenge you to use this manifesto to achieve maximum results from everything you do, while also inspiring others to higher achievement and productivity along the way. A few of the questions this book answers: so important 2. How gaining trust early increases performance and credibility across the board 3. Using Pre-suasion in place of persuasion to establish emotional trust in your messages 4. How to effectively create innovative marketing breakthroughs by using New Age weapons 5. The process that absolutely guarantees that you will attract and hire only superstars 6. Using timelines to increase peak productivity, while eliminating procrastination to you and achieving it others for success xiii

Dan Auito implementing lasting change 10. All 50 solutions are in the table of contents should you need an You have permission to post this book’s link, include it in email, print this out and pass it along for free to everyone you like, as long as you make no changes or edits to its contents or digital format. In fact, I’d love it if you’d make lots and lots of copies to give to each of your key organizational team players now. The right to bind this and sell it as a book, however, is strictly reserved. Swipe and Send These Ideas! Here’s what you can do to spread the 2. Send the following link to your friends, family and business associates to download it themselves: 3. Buy a copy of the book at when it comes out in hardcover. 4. Print out as many copies as you like. xiv

   Mastering  Lasting  Innovation   Chapter One 2 In the chapters that follow, you’re going to be introduced to a variety of practical exercises that actually work, and there will be measurable results to verify your progress along the way. You will These people will tell you their story and assist you in creating yours! You may have tried something new in the past or maybe it was starts and trials rarely if ever tend to have any long-lasting effect. In fact, most often they have the opposite effect; more on this in a process of instituting effective and long-lasting productive change that will last, empower and energize the people who will be asked to help you carry it out. 15

Dan  Auito as huge hazards, in our increasingly volatile and rapidly changing economy today: It’s a frenetic pace that erodes effectiveness and seriously debilitates morale and overall productivity. Before any substantial improvements can be made, we must effectiveness, and you need this personal time out to begin making enjoy the process.) delivers practical advice, applications and exercises that guide and support you in targeting your core, high-leveraged activities, which will immediately begin to increase your productivity and continued ability to sustain current and future growth. accomplishing more by constantly focusing on what matters most. Your personal productivity will begin to soar once you start using these principles. You’ll have more time, energy, control and a sense of well-being that will replace any unproductive states of fear, confusion, anxiety, complacency and paralysis that may exist now. Let the journey begin! performance and ability to generate predictable results that you can measure and understand. Please throw all frenetic anxiety driven activity to the curb (focus). It’s time to start doing what needs to be 16

   Mastering  Lasting  Innovation   your biggest and most important issue(s), and then we’ll brainstorm one. That person being YOU! The biggest and most pressing problem that most entrepreneurs and leaders have today is gaining clarity and focus on how things really are. The following exercises will bring your attention to areas that may be in serious need of your initial task. (Tasks are easy, don’t worry now.) areas that jump out at you as you read. You’ll have all the direction you need after you’ve completed reading and highlighting areas of Only after you’ve skimmed the book and reviewed the highlighted areas of concern, will you be properly positioned to take further focused actions toward addressing your highest leveraged and most critically important target Stop, slow down, read, focus, think, and only then act upon what has initially been brought to your attention. This book is designed to reveal your blind spots as you read, but it also asks you to do some contemplating along the way as well. talents as well as your own. But we must begin by structuring an environment that will support your personal and organizational In general, most business models aim to provide the absolute best products and services at the lowest possible price, while delivering the highest possible value and customer experience in a way that continue exploring. people really want and need today and ask yourself how you can 17

Dan  Auito provide the best possible solutions that work. Your vision should make instant sense to everyone who sees, touches, tastes, hears or smells it. If you are to break away from the herd and provide better solutions, prosperity and thinking big! It’s your choice…you can aim low and hit the mark, or aim high and come in just short, but much better off than if you had aimed low and reached your goal. Given today’s economic climate, I’m going to play devil’s advocate and say that your business has not escaped the effects of the downturn in the world economy at this point. Given this assumption, we can begin getting at the truth by doing this exercise: Once you’ve read this book and have your initial plan of attack organizations. Gently introducing change: You’ll go public with the statements below, once you’ve researched and outlined your plans using the Step 1: Step 2: Put things into perspective, by stating that these economic conditions have happened before and a recovery is going to happen, using facts to prove your point. 18

   Mastering  Lasting  Innovation   Step 3: Begin by laying out what you intend to focus on, and let people know where you need their help and what their rewards will be when progress is made. ourselves to really get in touch with reality these days. So many current industry leaders have been believing and teaching ineffective standards of operation, we must operate upon truth or we will continue to fail. Example: past 20 years, while watching and knowing that Toyota, Honda and other foreign automakers were and are steadily taking more and more of the spoils. These reminder of this fact. Learning How to Change and Making It Stick achieved by doing routine little things. In the coming pages, you will begin building a strong team, designing a clear vision and engaging relevant people who believe in what you’re doing. (Believe me, it works; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this now.) Beginning the change process can be the hardest part. You’ll encounter initial skepticism, cynicism, obstacles and roadblocks in the beginning, and it’s to be expected. After all, change is hard. and many people just won’t believe that anything is really going to change. You’re going to be taken seriously if you take the time to read 19

Dan  Auito and highlight this book, gather some facts and ask yourself some change initiative must have a ring of truth, some plausibility and, in general, clearly make sense. After further reading, you’ll have a very strong plan that almost prevents you from making any really dumb moves. You’ll be getting plenty of initial observations, feedback, suggestions and support on how and where to go about instituting lasting changes that will be believed by everyone involved. Once you’ve gotten to the root of how you’ve gotten to where you are now, and gained enough clarity to design a couple of strong be going over these eight steps towards instituting the new change throughout this book. 8 Steps to Lasting Change Step 1: Use timetables and short-range goals to create a sense of urgency and motivation within a group of 2-10 people who have been chosen to help you guide a couple of measurable and achievable changes. for starters. Step 2: Instruct this team to begin looking for and asking for focused on, to help generate momentum early. Step 3: product, service, and experience, or whatever, to ensure everyone is staying on track and daily progress is being made towards the goal. Step 4: Once you’ve rolled it out as an internal launch of sorts amongst your team, put the word out to the rest of the organization to engage everyone who needs to know, so that more people can help. Step 5: 20

   Mastering  Lasting  Innovation   working towards eliminating these bumps in the road, as the wave of change starts to wash across the entire workforce. Step 6: Take stock of your current progress by reviewing your timetables and short-term goals. State your progress when it is made and crush cynicisms and cynics at this point. If they continue to be later.) Step 7: planned for in your timelines of change. Add people as necessary, and clarify and polish your vision. Step 8: behavior, maintaining vigilance in ensuring that old habit patterns are not allowed to creep back in. This is where you have heart-to-hearts to get everyone to embrace the positive outcomes resulting from the recent changes. Good changes create energy and enthusiasm. Foster and reward everyone at this point, to cement the new culture and continue the upward momentum. range goals and strategies over two-year periods as well. Always be Be aware that if you have half-heartedly tried many initiatives that didn’t work in the past, you may get some serious resistance. If this is the case, just admit upfront that you have made mistakes in the past, but you’re committed to turning things around using a more professional approach, and this time you want everyone’s help in assisting you in making the right moves! Granted, too many new ideas that aren’t carried out may have hurt your credibility in the past, but impress upon them that these changes are well thought out, and they are an absolute necessity if everyone 21

Dan  Auito is to survive and, in fact, thrive in the near future. Chapter 1 could just as easily have been the last chapter, but I want you to begin focusing your efforts with the end in mind. Once effectively proceed toward stellar and lasting success. your business will certainly die. 22

 Immediately  Build  Trust  to  Break  Down  Barriers  and   Visualize  Solutions Chapter Two Barriers and Visualize Solutions 2 real life, so let’s look at what it reveals: The goal of many online bloggers is to create or engage a community by carrying on a dialog that demands that the bloggers remain engaged in contributing thoughts that matter. Pictures, video and content are all used to further gain an audience’s attention. If the blogger fails to encourage others to continue contributing relevant responses, information and dialog to their posts, then they will eventually die off and the blogger loses credibility! It’s all about the dialog. 23

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Dan  Auito The better you can remember your customer’s names, faces, family and preferences, the greater the dialog and trust bond will grow. Be the friend who is honest and seeks mutual goals attainment while keeping your partners’ and customers’ needs and interests answered? back to them better then they themselves can, you will begin building trust. By reading, gaining and passing along further knowledge in your areas of expertise, you will become more effective, persuasive, whitepapers are really just tools designed to break through trust barriers. These tools allow us to help others visualize solutions, solve problems and achieve their goals as well as our own and at much faster rates. (Branding 101.) something that matters to the people you want to attract! Note: don’t want to be sold, they want solutions! relationships by engaging others’ right-brain hemispheres; then help get others P.O.V.—Point Of View!) 24

 Immediately  Build  Trust  to  Break  Down  Barriers  and   Visualize  Solutions Fixing Credibility Issues on the Fly The ability to listen is number one. If someone issues a negative highlights how fast a reputation can be ruined. Always ensure your reputation is a good one, both online and off. You can set Google alerts on your own name or company to keep up with what people are saying about you online, but getting the truth in person can be your competition, and what are theirs in relation to YOU? Find a key point of difference and work to support your position. Use third- party endorsements instead of your own claims; i.e. recommendations, etc., to build credibility. don’t, then bring in other experts. Collect endorsements, write and produce diamond-edged articles, blogs, white papers, videos and reports that command attention and position you as a natural leader. will generally need from you regarding your business, product or service. You must act, behave and appear competent, trustworthy, dependable and committed, while remaining composed and likeable at the same time. Note: In the end, continuously making and keeping commitments and promises creates a long-term track record that often gives you instant credibility wherever you go by following you as you walk your talk. Track records cut through noise and clutter like butter! 25

Dan  Auito If you currently seem to lack credibility, seek feedback from people who know you best, by asking them to give you three areas you’re good in but, more importantly, three more that could use improvement. Have them write their answers on 3x5 cards, then take further constructive action on yourself by using others’ insights, feedback and recommendations to improve in those areas. The bottom line: How to Research and Address Credibility Issues That Need Fixing Begin by doing perceptual research, using online surveys to products, your services, how you measure up against competitors, receive.” ( Accept realistic critical feedback, and learn not to take it personally. It is only someone else’s perception, but it may help you to learn, correct, change or tweak for success. prospects, customers and clients that it is your intent to build trust from the outset, and then ask them directly what you can do to foster further trustworthiness in the relationship. The simple act of asking begins to create a favorable trust-building environment. Use mentors, coaches, training, books, etc., to help you move forward while you work on building further expertise through experience. Try not to cave under pressure through your learning road to mastery. 26

 Immediately  Build  Trust  to  Break  Down  Barriers  and   Visualize  Solutions Again, be human and use personal stories to relate to others. and Increasing Performance Branding 101: speech, and your products and services, for starters. Once you have i.e. newspapers, magazines and so forth. why. Then commit yourself to them by engaging, listening, responding and rendering speedy solutions and plans that effectively persuade others to trust you, thereby taking it to the next level of business. Always seek to increase your credibility, believability, likeability emotional triggers that further engage them in building a relationship Note: them after you have established the relationship! The adage says, Exercises That Build Credibility Create surveys and conversational audits using social media. 27

Dan  Auito “How are we doing regarding what we do?” what is our core competency?” Focus in on one idea at a time, and You might ask who the customer is, what solution they came to you for, and their opinion of how well you measured up using either colleague or friend? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best, what is Be prepared to take action on the feedback you do get. If it’s negative or neutral, take action to correct or improve it. If it’s great, 10’s and glowing remarks. Now pay the price to earn good referrals; give your enthusiastic promoters and champion referrers the tools and incentives they need to help spread the word: discount coupons, referral bonuses, gift cards, customer appreciation days, etc. (Be creative and create local buzz.) In the end, you want to convey to your market and your current customers that your team is made up of the most committed, Inc.” invitations inviting your raving fans to come by with a friend for free food and festivities next week. Hint: fans do show up, start asking these people what they like to do when 28

 Immediately  Build  Trust  to  Break  Down  Barriers  and   Visualize  Solutions they’re not working so hard. Take this time to further cement your relationships with your existing customers by employing right-brain emotionally based trust and Goals—in that order. Build a dialog. Points to Ponder costs, attracts new customers, and helps you execute faster. It also attracts partners, accelerates team building, drives sales and encourages referrals. there, try to create a communication experience that makes it easy for people to agree with your P.O.V. In the end, your goal is to demonstrate your ability to understand the needs of your prospect, and to show them that you have the experience, ability, understanding and resources to be able to meet their needs by giving them the informed suggestions and solutions that only you can provide. Fact: Typically, 13% of your staff is selling 87% of your products or services. Find out why these 13% do so much better and train the other 87% to use the methods that your superstars are already employing to achieve those top-producing results. Hint: Use P.P.P.S.C. (Policies, Plans, Procedures, Scripts & Checklists). The overriding goal of growing and sustaining a business is to generate new customers, while retaining as many of your existing generally help you stay ahead of your competition. “New and 29

Dan  Auito improved” tends to keep your competitors one step behind you. Today’s fast-paced change makes it appear as though neither decide or you may get left behind. models and operations, and target customers that you have the ability to serve. Then activate triggers, anticipate rejections, and Always act with integrity to build trust, credibility and, eventually, loyalty. You must work to build, foster and maintain this position. behaved yourself into. Final Thoughts and Action Items and advertising is salesmanship in print. You must be informed in you can keep. coaches and mentors. Also survey your prospects, customers and existing clients for further feedback. Then extrapolate, interpret and and clients. Use forums, blogs, bulletin boards, websites, videos, webinars, surveys and social media to get feedback, and then give it back through using these same vehicles to create touch points that reach 30

 Immediately  Build  Trust  to  Break  Down  Barriers  and   Visualize  Solutions Gather up endorsements, testimonials, awards and credentials, then include them along with your logos, USP and brand on your newspapers, magazines, etc., to ethically exploit your expertise. passion, expertise, intent and ability. Commit to building long-term relationships built on trust and towards being the best that you can be through differentiating yourself commitment to yourself to always be working on your life and your get. Then enjoy the liberation you’ll get from being successful, as opposed to being beaten down by mediocrity. these ideas and suggestions, and pick one or two things that you can begin working on to begin integrating and incorporating these insights into your plans. Finally, remember to recognize people and truly understand them and their needs so that you can help them. That is what all this is If you do not have an absolute lock on managing your image online for all the reasons above, I strongly suggest and encourage you to 31

Dan  Auito give you 30 days of group coaching, in addition to everything you’ll need to manage your brand online. 32

Brain-­Based  Marketing   Pre-­suasion  vs.  Persuasion Chapter Three Pre-suasion vs. Persuasion 2 Take heart: The ability to move people is not inborn. It’s science and it can be learned. It’s proven that there is a universal biological basis to selling that, when stimulated in the brain, triggers a buying Studies found that successful salespeople spent more time initially with prospects establishing a connection before making their care, and it’s based on emotion and your ability to pick up on their hopes, fears, wants, needs, expectations and current situations. 33

Dan  Auito These studies noted that once an emotional connection was reached, people were more eager to listen and became more receptive to the message that the salesperson wanted to deliver. Instead of persuasion, think of it as Pre-suasion! beforehand, by being authentic and working to establish emotional trust on rocks! economy, value is paramount. So establish yourself and your products and services upon the value proposition, because cheap works against you. In times of trouble, people trust brands. So always work to brand yourself, and constantly work to build your brand’s recognition. Great brands are built on authenticity that delivers real value and solutions that truly pay off. Always work at simplifying your message while delivering the maximum impact. A meme is a full message delivered by a picture or a slogan. It is a self-explanatory symbol that represents a complete idea that anyone can grasp instantly; e.g., picture the Nike swatch or jazzed-up check mark, which instantly conveys top-line tennis shoes and cool style, etc. The Slogan: “Have you driven a ---- lately” The idea is to simplify your message and brand it, to cut through companies are using and doing to get people to buy things; then Big companies have a harder time doing this. Focus on your major 34

Brain-­Based  Marketing   Pre-­suasion  vs.  Persuasion your major points, and push the emotionally triggered hot buttons for optimum results! Selling hope is one of the best emotional triggers. (Just ask any politician.) Key Factors Responsible for the Lack of Success in Many Marketing Messages by numbers, reports and data which are left-brain activities that lead do not create feelings or trigger emotional responses. make customers part of the process. They create things and then try to sell them. It’s better to get feedback early, to create pleasurable experiences while creating things that people want to buy! them informed, and get feedback that will help them to see your to become the expert that people naturally agree with and default to in their time of need. Another point made based upon research is that written text- based advertising doesn’t excite the brain and it also consumes 25% of our energy. Strong visuals save brain energy and are more enjoyable to look at. Use more pictures, graphics (meme’s) and video for optimum results. Again: is triggered emotionally, not rationally. So, focus on creating an emotionally anchored game plan that creates a pleasurable response 35

Dan  Auito or at the very least, one that alleviates fear! Shifting from Old-School Marketing to Brain-Based Marketing The modern-day social networking and communication aspects prefer interacting through focus groups, surveys, listening, paying attention and hearing to get insight and understanding; then they’ll speak, being careful not to contradict themselves. Factors that lead to modern-day approval demand that you give before you get. This can be information, attention, consideration or you something larger later. Scarcity works well today, too. Iphones make it scarce or appear to be dwindling in availability early. fairness, value and respect are more likely to begin building that today’s consumer mind is operating on senses, emotions and Final thoughts: Try to create contrast: small vs. big; expensive vs. value-added. The human brain searches for patterns. Opportunities lay in new products. Sell something different; e.g., toothpaste with the price! The more people like you, the more you will succeed, but you 36

Brain-­Based  Marketing   Pre-­suasion  vs.  Persuasion How to Improve the Performance of Your Marketing A good place to start is by seeking to understand that emotions, drives, passions and attitudes create behavior. People tend to follow what’s cool in the market space, and they tend to stay on the same path. Understanding where people currently shop and what they buy is a good place to start. Positioning yourself as cool, new or cutting-edge, instead of old of your message, using the word YOU often. The brain strives for simplicity, so keep things in as much order as you create. Use 50% pictures and video vs. text only to relieve the brain of stress and energy consumption. Facial expressions elicit emotions, so smile in pictures and video. Contempt breeds failure; your mission is to create compelling messages that trigger emotions in the receivers’ minds to create memory. For example, a homeless person’s sign: “I’m Hungry” vs. think from his or her own position as opposed to that of the homeless person. It’s proven that people follow authorities. A study listened to the explained to them why the person was the expert, those potential buyers then defaulted and bought 32% more often because of the perceived expert’s status. A trained phone operator, armed with your 37

Dan  Auito Immerse Your Marketing Staff with These Principles to Maximize Learning Ask your staff to begin studying your customers and their habits. gender, age, income, etc. Then test things using theory, not random pitches. People want to avoid and prevent loss. Pick your three best claims, and be bold, aggressive and believable by demonstrating a huge difference with evidence. get positive reviews where the consensus says it works. Then build stories to relay that information to the marketplace. Involve your staff in gathering, analyzing and creating new to test against your best materials to constantly improve results. Actions You Can Take Right Now to Improve Your Marketing Begin by creating a dialog with your customers through one- feedback, product reviews, etc. Tune into your customers’ favorite you are doing and can do for them. Consider redoing your materials using reciprocation by giving scarcity to get their attention, and authority to shortcut credibility issues. Give something small to gain their commitment and reciprocity early, consensus by stating provable facts they can agree with. 38

Brain-­Based  Marketing   Pre-­suasion  vs.  Persuasion Power Points and content that is easy to understand and pleasing to the eye. Use more graphics and pictures, as opposed to pure text, to relieve brain drain and encourage readership Always try to stay ahead of your competition, while being seen as the authority in these uncertain and ambiguous times. You have Put your logo and slogan at the top left corner of all your marketing materials, as that is where it will be seen the most! Suggestions That Can Make Your Business More Competitive immediate concern? People are often foolish and confused. Try to change their world for the better. easy handles that stand for something. Value is the hottest attribute that you can emphasize today. Involve your staff, and don’t dismiss the contrarians on your sounding board. Having nothing but “yes men” isn’t good. Seek to activate the “buy button.” 39

Dan  Auito your marketing materials to make them more visual and easy to understand, to relieve brain drain. Tip: Using comparisons to introduce regret, such as “If you would have done this instead of that, you would have saved xyz” has been found to work when emphasizing loss prevention. Fact: People will pay 10 times more to relieve pain as opposed to seeking pleasure. The recap: Good marketing makes selling easier. Get them in the right mindset most cutting-edge, safest, recognized expert, or the sole source? Study your customers, competition and marketplace to create surveys, testing, forums, website and blog comments to see what the marketplace is saying and what it wants. Interpret, process and understand what the data tells you. fearing, and struggling with uncertainty to feel what your customers do. To get into the mindset of your customers, you need to be able to feel what they are feeling. Gain their trust by respecting their intelligence, opinions, comments, feedback, importance, experience and relevance. Once you understand them, then you can begin to demonstrate your expertise with your credentials: what you have done, the dollars you’ve made or saved, your successes, etc. 40

Brain-­Based  Marketing   Pre-­suasion  vs.  Persuasion Once you know your market, understand their needs, and know what you can provide, it’s time to create your marketing. Understand that today more people are concerned about keeping what they have as opposed to gaining more. Safety, security and value are big right now. products and then try to sell them! Go with the wind, not against it, by selling people what they have indicated they want. Hot buttons in marketing are made up of compelling sales points. deep, as opposed to wide, in description, so as not to confuse them graphics and mind maps to relieve textual brain drain. creates curiosity to encourage them to further explore your offer. interpretations, insights, concepts and ideas into your own business, must take action if we expect to see change. Common Mistakes Today and How to Avoid Them Small business owners are overwhelmed with too many advertising they are currently making, which may seriously be undermining their energy and resources. 41

Dan  Auito products or services do people want, and what can or do you provide is, then begin developing marketing plans that you will be able to maintain committed focus on. Focus narrowly, and continuously hammer away at key ideas marketing objectives are, and work on making every dollar you spend generate more than the amount spent on advertising. Commitment to a plan is the key: Backing it, implementing it, measuring it, adjusting it, sticking with it and being patient are the keys to success. Business is often a marathon rather than a sprint. Stick to plans you can consistently execute. That You Can Use Today Simplify your marketing plans, if and when you can, to make them truly achievable. Complicated plans often fail for lack of follow- being better or cheaper than your competitors. personal care, luxury home sales, etc.—only then can you begin to build your brand within that category. You must understand where you deliver the best value, and your staff must be able to relay that value proposition as well. There must be a process that can be followed to effectively achieve your plans. The three P’s of productivity are said to be Policies, Plans and Procedures, or SOP’s, aka Standard Operating creating understandable centralized strategy that can be disseminated 42

Brain-­Based  Marketing   Pre-­suasion  vs.  Persuasion to outlying decentralized locations for seamless execution. The above doesn’t always involve large amounts of money. Content is and feedback are critical, in addition to websites, blogs and videos, for gaining and distributing insight. This, in turn, helps in creating Once you have solid plans to execute, do some research on sites like Jigsaw, Sales Genie and Hoovers online to target key high-level Begin your dialog by giving them useful information before the sale. This builds trust, educates your prospect and shows that you care. If what you give them is relevant to their needs, you’ll then have a high-degree chance of establishing a meaningful connection with them as a result. Short Story: One of the best ways I found to educate these potential 1st-time homebuyers into becoming my client, was to give them information buying their own home. I wasn’t there to sell them. I was there to help them buy right! guide and ensure they made the best choice from what was available in their price range on the market. By writing the book below and giving it away to solid prospects, I positioned myself as the expert 1st-time buyer’s consultant. 43

Dan  Auito Here is a copy of that book; it was my Core Story at that time: ebook.pdf You are free to give this book away as well. Resources: value of having a killer Core Story. This will take your marketing efforts over the top to success, guaranteed! Learn to build your own: Seth Godin’s classic and a further example of how to effectively market and advertise in today’s consumer-driven marketplace: h t t p : / / w w w. s e t h g o d i n . c o m / i d e a v i r u s / d o w n l o a d s / E-mail Communications: As a loyal user of multiple e-mail that they are the best available service for the money. They are fully and prospects is an absolute necessity in today’s consumer- controlled marketplace. 44

Brain-­Based  Marketing   Pre-­suasion  vs.  Persuasion Set up a free 60-day test drive using the link below: 1 6 1 5 0 7 3 4 0 8 & s r u = 11 0 2 1 9 1 5 2 1 4 0 8 & f c = f & c c = c o m m u n i t y _ A company named Infusion takes things a step further with a of this and more: the right person, at the right time, automatically. 45

Dan  Auito Chapter Four 2 Today’s buying public knows when it’s being pitched or sold to, so you must set yourself apart by building some meaningful trust. Consumers want a conversation with the vendor through all the touch points you can provide: websites, email, blogs, phone, face-to-face, etc. All work towards creating an experience with you. beliefs, needs and a history that tells a story. need now?” and “How can I help you get to where you want to go 46

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Pre-­Emptive  Marketing Start locally; i.e. town or city, county, state, country; then globally. storytelling, video, Twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs, and e-mail to reach, communicate and deliver relevant content to your audience, while looking for feedback. Your job is to out-work, out-hustle, out- compete and out-smart your competition, using technology and new Choosing Your Best Marketing Weapons out in a simple marketing plan that is comprehensive enough in nature, but not so complicated as to confuse or overwhelm even the most unsophisticated business owner: Jay’s Simple, 7-Step Marketing Plan 1. Tell your prospects, customers and clients exactly what you want them to do. 2. 3. 4. Hint: 5. service. 6. Brand yourself with an identity within your category and tell your story. 7. the minimum. Jay is a teacher and visionary strategist like no other; please visit 47

Dan  Auito him here: and you need to stick to it in order to build trust through being authentic. This will have the effect of cutting through the clutter, and so forth. These are the people who get your P.O.V. You’re out to build rapport with your prospects, customers and Again, you cannot sell to everyone, so you must focus in on your core audience and provide supreme value in as many ways as possible. want and need the most. Sell what people want, not what you want to sell them. Send out blasts of authentic content, and use video on your websites, blogs, e-mail communications and so forth when you can, always keeping your eye on the results and what creates your biggest returns! took market share away from both of the other drink makers. Here Are Your Keys to Creating Innovative Marketing Breakthroughs consultants tell you what’s working right and, more importantly, what isn’t! Outsiders often see things that you cannot. 48

Pre-­Emptive  Marketing Use technology and social media to get, give and gain critical to use this cheap and inexpensive technology to dominate their niche markets. Then remain focused and think like your customers, instead of as a business owner trying to sell. garages. Premium pricing commands attention, but demands that you prove why you deserve it. It’s an old adage that people get paid for solving problems by providing solutions. The bigger the problem solved, the more you’ll often be paid! the luxury of choice at this point. It pays better and often forces you to be your best in the process. Things to Do Differently from Your Competitors to Create Impact in 3 Minutes or Less First, ask what is currently impacting your business negatively. Focus on a swift course correction while tracking results, to determine what will work better. Use my 10-step guide (below) to help you make decisions in the right order. Investigate->Evaluate->Consider->Decide->Execute-> Monitor->Measure->Report->Repeat->Grow Seek to gain understanding of what drives your customers’ decision process: dollar values, safety, inter-activity, personal values, service, selection, availability? Find out what they want and start 49

Dan  Auito giving it to them now! Go with the wind, not against it! Once you know what they want and how to deliver it, compile a list of people who want to hear from you. Then e-mail them your hyper-link to take them to where ever you want them to go next for further information, etc. Always seek to add more buyers to the ones you currently have, while replacing the ones you lose through all manner of attrition. as a very close second. You must pay attention, listen, work, take diverges constantly, and what was once fresh and new becomes old and outdated. Constantly look for new and better ways of doings things to stay ahead of your competition and maintain your niche command. Parting Shots Ask yourself what traditional marketers are doing now that you There are too many choices. You must build a relationship and avoid to do, to step outside of your comfort zone while embracing change? those points home to beat and keep your competition out of your customer’s mind. 50

Pre-­Emptive  Marketing holistic, big-picture thinkers. They often need a good left-brained, maintain consistent focus along the way. take anyone for granted! In Conclusion One of the biggest mistakes people make is not knowing why they do what they do! determine which are your highest, best and next in line regarding perhaps can, but doesn’t promote it.) Now narrow your focus to get the biggest piece of that pie that you Find your sub-niches and be a force within! attachment, etc. Find out by using social media, e-mail, surveys, to get their pulse. Understand how your prospects see life. Seek to understand their perspectives, attitudes and strife. Get to know their emotions and what’s most important to them, then target their biggest problems, concerns and emotional hot buttons, to make the biggest impact on their lives that you can. 51

Dan  Auito and also shows that you care enough about them to ask. Find a way to show people you have the answers. Storytelling encourages engagement, patronage and trust, but you must know your story and how to disseminate it through videos, blogs, brochures, websites and peripheral marketing materials. and builds trust; inter-activity builds your connection, and making it enjoyable makes it fun. Once you understand who your customers are, what they need and what you offer, you can begin building marketing plans that outline the steps that are clearly necessary to systematically execute, monitor and measure your marketing plan with no commitment every time. See Jay’s 7 steps to success. Creating doable plans, and consistently sticking to them, is the key. It’s time to decide what you want your business to be. Is it 50,000? Certainty of your vision helps you build commitment. Interesting Note: was started out of a dorm room by a college student; this platform has become the dominant social networking site on the web with 500 million users! Its estimated value is 33 billion dollars! That’s with a “B”! Small business has the advantage of purpose, passion, agility and the ability to zig and zag. Big business has the ability to use time, effort, resources, management, integration and execution to carry out critical functions and course-correct without going under. You will need to look closely at all of these to be more, have more, give more, 52

Pre-­Emptive  Marketing care more and do more with less! In the end, you must commit to your plans and modify as necessary. Numbers speak volumes, and help you to correlate and make the connections that relate to everything that is happening in your overall business today. You must also spend time on maintaining long- term-objective focus in marketing and innovation efforts for project understanding your customers on many levels, while constantly working towards appeal and further distinction within your niche. 53

Dan  Auito Chapter Five Hire Slowly & Fire Quickly 2 Now may not be the best time for you to actually be hiring, but by Here’s How to Find, Interview and Hire the Top Talent That Will Take Your Business to Higher Levels their business is actually broken. In many cases, the owners have simply taken what they’ve always done and decided to open their own shop, in essence giving themselves a job as chief cook and bottle-washer. This is known as working IN your business, but not ON it. Big mistake! 54

Hire  Slowly  &  Fire  Quickly Business owners who become successful realize that real businesses are built by design and administered by top talent product development, marketing, production and so forth. The leader is in charge of vision, corporate culture and communicating the visions, goals and objectives. rated A, B, C: B stands for Not-So-Great employees, which number 50% efforts and number about 25% of your team Your goal is to put all A’s on your team at every position and let them do great things! Don’t make these classic mistakes when hiring people: Screening from a stack of resumes;, this is incomplete and you’ll see why in a moment. when hiring, and four conditions should exist: things for them to do; this isn’t duties and responsibilities, but more about a mission, goals, achievement, advancement and continuous growth. 55

Dan  Auito achievement as opposed to just earning a paycheck. Be aware that the managers you may have placed in charge of hiring, in most cases do not understand the true process of interviewing to be able to cull out the stars. Give them these career opportunity, not a J.O.B. Key attributes of STAR “A” players may include the following: They operate from a substantive knowledge base and/or lower costs speakers under pressure They employ facts instead of opinions and emotions They have clarity of mission, purpose and goals in support of servicing and satisfying customers in meaningful ways. leading your marketing department, production, human resources, employee will have personal, team and organizational challenges. top down. When hiring STAR employees, here are some important changes to consider in properly growing the business: First, the business owner must fully understand what the 56

Hire  Slowly  &  Fire  Quickly supreme purpose, passion, vision and goals of their own company are before you can convey those values to a prospective employee. The leader must make the rules and provide the initial plans, policies and procedures, along with the vision, to convey the big picture to potential hires. The leader needs to ensure that the career-seekers understand your big game plan from the inside out; how the score is kept, what their stake in the future outcome is, how they can contribute, how big picture, they will be able to more accurately gage their ability to contribute and accept a position that lets them grow as an “A” team player for years to come. As the leader of your company, you must understand what drives each individual interviewee to want this career opportunity! Are they A, B or C material? Before you ever accept an applicant, make sure that they know that you will need direct contact information to arrange in-depth reference calls to their former bosses in the near future, and that before you hire them, these calls will be made and assessed. their bluff has been called; “A” players, on the other hand, can’t wait for their former employers to sing their praise! Chet Holmes, in one of the best books on hiring and managing think you have found the perfect applicant, do this one last exercise: Say to the applicant that you thought they were the best of you’re offering. You’ll get one of two responses: your time” and they’ll accept your decision and leave. This indicates 57

Dan  Auito that they’ll crumble in front of critical client situations, which will lose you business! tell you what a fool you are for not recognizing and employing their talent and ability while you have the chance, and they’ll back it up! stuff of greatness within them. Once they show you that powerful Recommended resources: Smart’s Topgrading Toolkit. Topgrading has enabled large companies doubled and tripled their hiring success using Topgrading methods, promotions, and even more balance in life, since they can delegate to more A players. with superior graphics. Brad clearly explains the 12 Topgrading hiring steps, followed by demonstrations of all the methods in a “real life” with successful Topgraders and Brad. Brad prides himself on helping his clients with a hands-on approach. Check Brad’s website here:; then for 25% off by using “Code 25.” 58

Hire  Slowly  &  Fire  Quickly The Six Invaluable Factors: Dave Crenshaw If you, yourself, are in search of a better position as opposed to say about “The Secret to Becoming Irreplaceable” in Chapter 10. The Three Key Levers That Will Multiply ANY Small Business from the Inside Out how your business is going to transform the world. Nobody grows in mediocre circumstances. Use future forward thinking to design your course! It’s also helpful to look at past performances, to learn what has and has not worked in the past to capitalize on your experience. But what matters most to applicants is what you’re doing now, and what they can do in the now to make a difference. As the entrepreneurial leader, it is your job to lead, motivate demands that you learn to manage other people, to begin letting them be the doers, while you assume the leadership roles of vision, planning and chief cultural architect. This all leads back to hiring the right people from the start! Ask yourself what this person needs to know, and what they need to be able to do, to be the very best in the position offered. Are they competent, motivated, accomplished and results-driven action takers? Find these things out early by using the Top Grading chronological tandem interview process. This type of interview uses two people to 59

Dan  Auito conduct the interview, and it seeks to learn how the interviewee has grown over time in their chosen career path. time job was, then the second, then the third and, within each, what asking the person what they think their strengths and weaknesses left their last position. Side notes regarding your leadership role: Ask plenty of “what say no. Prepare in advance by having contingency plans that allow true communication that works through differences. These actions will help you to communicate better with your core leadership team (board) in helping to design, manage and drive your vision, culture, operations and systems toward hyper-success. Hire the right people! Common Factors That Help Transform Average Businesses into Stellar Performers a business, in effect only creating a job for themselves. Consider dreaming big towards creating stunning transformational world other world-class merchants by working for them and observing best practices, and then incorporating all that he learned into most of what you see today. they want. They often have visions that are about creating perfection for others through their companies, their teams, their customers, 60

Hire  Slowly  &  Fire  Quickly suppliers, vendors; everything is about inspiring others to strive to make a difference through higher purpose! because they are the ones who will be face-to-face with the customers. They ensure their employees have a stake, know how the score is kept, and understand the business inside and out through constant communication, training, collaboration and feedback. people in the right jobs at the right time. He focused on recognizing trouble signs early. Having manpower plans that foresee future a position. Jack didn’t use last-minute online headhunting services. He hired from within and from references of key industry players that he knew were in a position to spot and recommend real talent. Jack himself was hired that way! your business up, build on it, evolve your systems, and maintain a favorable corporate culture to build longevity that’s based upon infrastructure. How to Identify the Attitudes and Distinctions of Those Who Don’t from Those Who Can Can-do attitudes are found in people who are often committed to pursuing what others deem impossible. Norman Vincent Peale called them possibility thinkers. These people accept challenges and discover truth and possibility. They have a thirst for knowledge. They’re passionate. They read, listen and constantly learn from their own mistakes as well as from others. They adapt, change roles, admit and correct mistakes, and move forward. 61

Dan  Auito competitors, using their experience, expertise and passion to be pro- active in serving the needs and wants of others well ahead of the checking and making changes within days and weeks, not months and years. them to learn from mistakes, which in turn teaches them to be more successful. They know it’s what you learn after you think you know it all that counts the most! These people are not afraid to surround themselves with people who are smarter or stronger than themselves, The can’t-doers don’t want to learn, grow or achieve. They often have no passion, goals or commitment. They crumble under pressure and seek to avoid it at all costs. They don’t adapt, change, learn or grow. They repel people and despise the successful in many cases. If you happen to know a can’t-doer, please forward them this link: It’s true that one’s attitude most often determines one’s altitude. realize that it takes a ton of ore to mine an ounce of gold. There is no one secret to success; it is a combination that only true passion reveals. The Most Common Habits of Transformational Entrepreneurs Transformational entrepreneurs are passionate people who tend 62

Hire  Slowly  &  Fire  Quickly money, if at all. They know who they are and what they want. They’re purpose-driven, mission-oriented and goal-achieving, revolutionary, transformation agents of change who continuously read, think, listen and learn from their mistakes, in addition to learning from the mistakes (and successes) of others. They consistently seek to reinvent, experiment, evaluate and test found to be future forward-thinking to see where and how they can take existing things to the next level. They are restless dreamers, These “A” team players and entrepreneurs keep their talent bars and restack their team with higher performers. A’s tend to gravitate and congregate amongst their own kind, and they often recruit from their own networks, getting references from the best 20-40 close contacts that they know, who in turn know other top performers that can help carry the load. These individuals are able to maintain focus to accomplish their major strategies. They build off of interaction, listen to others’ ideas, use advisors, attract top talent, discern wisdom, and strike balances to serve their customers, clients, community and world using a socio- economic lens focused on a purpose higher than themselves. Things to Consider In an economic downturn such as this, it pays to bring people together to schedule crucial conversations and healthy dialog. Take- come to decisions that make sense for the continued success of the organization as a whole. If you, as the leader, are driving a Porsche 63

Dan  Auito to work and laying employees off at the same time, you may decide cows when you need to. The ability to articulate and manage a corporate culture through strategic planning is important, but core values regarding how you existing promises, and satisfying existing needs and concerns? Ask yourself “Are my family, friends, customers and employees happy to help teach them life strategy, to help them deal with the variety of issues we’ve previously discussed here . Business owners create availability, service, circumstance. Society’s success depends on the business owner’s success. They are the engine that provides for and drives the economy. Avoid costly mis-hires in favor of always hiring sharp people who can help you best manage and grow, through strategically executed a process. Summary As the entrepreneurial business owner, it is your job to be the chief dreamer in charge of change. You create the vision for your company, you state the purpose and create the mission statement, and you will initially need to design and deliver the systems to make things happen. they are the most important benchmark that everything else most 64

Hire  Slowly  &  Fire  Quickly often gets measured against. By envisioning with a laser focus what worldly transformation your company will accomplish, you can begin to create plans that are based with the end result in mind. In real estate, the old adage is location, location, location. In business. it’s planning, planning, planning, focus, focus, focus. reaching intended targets is paramount. plans. Once you have the solid plans, you can initiate, execute and begin course-correcting as you take essential actions towards your goals. Take inventory of the talents you have and the talents you need them your plans to get them on board, so you don’t have to do it. Brace yourself to be prepared to overcome adversity. You’ll need resilience to bounce back and adapt accordingly. You’ll have to create business, and import the technology, systems and management. Then, establish a culture and deal with the mindsets of those who have come on board, in addition to ensuring that you’re properly funded to ensure growth. Offer great career opportunities to grow with the company, to people with experience, competence and motivation. Ask past employers about the new potential hire’s strengths, mindset, views and ability to work with others, and let the candidate know that you will be checking with prior employers thoroughly before acceptance. more towards an opportunity to grow in a long-term career-oriented organization. 65

Dan  Auito Take your time when looking to devise your manpower plan. Think ahead and know who you’ll be needing in the future as you talent. A-team players, top players, will want to know what goes on, say no to B & C players! Be aware that one (or more) of these three things is usually the problem with employees: 1. They may be late either getting to work or completing the work 2. 3. Focus on one issue at a time and remember the way you treat customers and employees. The standards you uphold and your willingness to accept change will determine the eventual culture that you create. Success will come in stages, so be prepared to change roles. underway, you’ll become a development coach for your managers so they become the doers, which then frees you up to be the leader who guides, directs, innovates and sets the tone for corporate culture and towards taking your business to higher and higher levels of achievement. what type of person you need, and can test to ensure you have found them, will you succeed. There are eight distinct personality styles in human (business) Supporter, Coordinator and the Analytical type. 66

Hire  Slowly  &  Fire  Quickly Note: the start in Chapter 10 of her book, Case Study in Attracting and Hiring resource: personalities of people for the job, before you ever begin the top grading interview process. aw.asp?B=11&A=675&Task=Click 67

Dan  Auito Chapter Six Understanding Peak Performance 2 Here are a few things you can do right now to achieve peak productivity for yourself Goals, schedules, priorities and distractions are key players on this matter.: It helps when you can create a clear and compelling future picture that is detailed in high resolution, which will help you A major obstacle to productivity is a cluttered schedule that can be likened to a cluttered closet or workspace. Schedules are vaporous things; they are somewhat intangible and must be ordered to be effective. break it down into planned steps, while asking yourself how long each 68

Understanding  Peak  Performance step will take. You must also be realistic when planning and create blocks of uninterrupted time to actually tackle the tasks without being interrupted or sidetracked. often sidetrack you and sabotage your efforts at productivity. This form of multi-tasking makes everything take longer, and it creates you have to stop due to an interruption, you waste effort and time trying to get back to your original focus. Blocking out time, limiting interruptions, and staying on task according to your schedule is good advice. environment. Outsource or delegate things you’re not good at to subordinates who are. Then schedule appropriate time to tackle the tasks you’ve assigned yourself, to achieve compelling goals. How to Assess Your Own Productivity Performance One exercise to begin getting at the root of time management is to understand just how much time you actually have to work with… etc. All absorb some of the 168 hours that make up a week. Starting using a seven-day log. Try to stay focused on doing only one thing at a time, to accurately gage the time spent on various activities. After the seven-day period is up, go back and look at the results and ask yourself: What am I spending too much time on? TV, e-mail, computer, the couch? What am I not spending enough time on? Clients, marketing, sales What am I juggling that doesn’t make sense, etc.? 69

Dan  Auito Generally speaking, we are talking about productivity and that goes back to your work, not your play. So, focus on spotting things that are your most valuable activities regarding developing better business habits; i.e. more sales, better systems, higher productivity. Generally, you will discover, after doing this, that you are spending less than one-third of your work time doing high-value/high-return activities, while blowing two-thirds in the low-value realms. Family, play, health, etc., are not low-value realms. Procrastination, constantly checking e-mail, multi-tasking, distractions, struggling to make decisions, missing deadlines, feeling overwhelmed, failing to choose to get to work—all are examples of low-value realms. your time management skills themselves need some work. Use tools to help you begin managing and improving your effectiveness at managing time, tasks and activities. Here are a couple of tools to help: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity Here is an exercise template as well: and energy vampires. Stop struggling to get results, by using your biggest productivity boosters extroverted big thinkers who see big pictures and few details. They 70

Understanding  Peak  Performance have new ideas every day, hence concentration and the ability Setting clear and concrete short- and long-term goals, while focusing on the most important task on deck, is paramount to getting things done. Setting realistic timelines and deadlines that outline progress. Being a reactive leader is bad business. You cannot afford to allow constant interruption to derail your well-planned timelines. For this reason, it makes sense to make a list of people, things and situations that you might call interrupters: phones, e-mail pings, door-knockers, etc. Instruct an assistant to hold all calls, turn off e-mail alerts and cell phones, and hang out the “In Conference” sign if necessary. This is proactively controlling your productivity environment. Also, beware that you yourself may be interrupting yourself by breaking off and doing something unrelated to the task at hand. Take a walk, stretch or move around to get your rhythm back, but don’t switch tasks if you can help it. Follow-through is the key, and periodically measuring your progress along the way will help you stick to out of reach. How to Start Using the Same Productive Habits as High-Producing Entrepreneurs Successful people are better at controlling their personal and professional lives both internally and externally. They actively make choices, and then focus on creating a clear vision towards getting to where they intend to go. 71

Dan  Auito They spend more time planning and creating personal time distraction. This allows them to course-correct and remain focused while following their intended directional paths, be they business or pleasure. These individuals operate from a positive and proactive mindset that says, “I choose to do this, and the systems I develop will help me achieve the desired results.” This unwavering ability to limit distraction, maintain focus and stick to their plan is fundamental to producing results. They start their week on Sunday by creating a one-week outlook outlook calendar to plan for and foresee upcoming responsibilities, meetings, events and deadlines. In a sense they begin with the end in mind and create a roadmap to consistently get there on time. The above demands that you spend time creating a system that works for you. You are ultimately responsible for handling distractions, interruptions, ideas in your head, e-mail, scheduling and conducting meetings, completing assignments, delegation, business matters, family matters, health maintenance and so forth. Productive people create personal systems that help manage their time. (Strategic time The Key to Eliminating Procrastination in Your Life missing pieces? Is it boring? Overwhelming? Not enough time? 72

Understanding  Peak  Performance Back to time management and planning we go! You must begin your list of activities to focus on top priorities. Break these activities down into steps to accurately determine the time necessary to do the tasks. Try to schedule and stage these into 1-2 hour blocks of time on your calendar and delegate items that you shouldn’t do, can’t do or that someone else can do better, if possible. trying to reach?” You must also determine what is not important, so you can dump those items to prevent becoming overwhelmed and task-saturated! Start by choosing to do something relative to the task of creating have a short list of high-value focus points, begin scheduling and staging time on your calendar, to devote uninterrupted time towards tackling the tasks you’ve decided to work on. to do. You don’t have to do it—you want on what’s important and make some time on your calendar to focus time. (Visualize your reward for doing it.) Making peak productivity a concrete foundation of yourself takes, on average, about 30 days to cement a new habit in your routine. You’re never alone and you don’t have to do it all at once. There are books, tapes, seminars, coaches, friends and associates 73

Dan  Auito and little books like the one I’ve written here to help you along the way. Just decide that you want to be more productive, effective and successful in 2011, and set aside some planning time to begin doing what’s important to you! (Hire a coach if you have to; it’s lonely at the top and hard to self-correct.) focused and sustain the effort to completion is not a natural talent or a strength that comes easy. Planning, scheduling and tracking, using written calendars, timelines and accountability reviews, can help you overcome the inherent weakness that the less-successful never truly compensate for. Accountability, repetition and review allow you to see results over the balances of time spent between work, family, health, sleep, self- improvement and so forth. Successful people know where they are and where they want events to help them get there. They know it takes discipline, self- control, commitment and concentrated focus to get there. They track progress with schedules, journals, planners and calendars to help them remain focused and on track. Give the people around you a role model that they can respect and emulate. This will help you to remain committed to improving and maintaining these high new standards, by using positive peer pressure that keeps you accountable and moving forward on the performance and productivity tracks of success. 74

Understanding  Peak  Performance Reality Check to continuously improve, based upon who you are. It will help you are reluctant to ask themselves what they really should be doing, against the wrong wall. note of your natural abilities and talents, to capitalize and maximize returns on your efforts/ Also accept that you are not perfect and will never be able to do it all on your own. Seek out others who are better than you at certain things and to excel, using their core competencies and talents while assisting you! Peak productivity and effectiveness rely heavily upon your relationships and the people your surround yourself with. (I’m hoping Suggested Actions Set up an environment and support system to keep yourself goal positively affected by exercise. Set up your environment to remember that will make you feel productive, but may not correspond with your highest-valued goals. Have a high-resolution, detailed picture or place to execute 75

Dan  Auito and shed everything but the priority list. Have a basic continuous- improvement process; i.e. plan, brief the plan, execute, debrief, and then use what you’ve learned from the current project to make the next project better. You must have clear, concrete long- and short-term goals, have focus, avoid mindless distractions, and delegate appropriately, while also getting out from behind your computer to meet new people. drive current or potential business, even while they are sleeping! I e-mail: or visit her site and peruse her portfolio: Tell her I said “Hello.” You never really multitask; it is really switch-tasking. Put more attention into personal systems and always ask the critical overlooked investment?” Then decide, each evening, what critical concentrated a template or structure to your week and build it around your natural energy cycle and brainpower to increase productivity. It takes 30 days for a habit to form—keep a 30-day habit journal and you’ll see the payoff that will keep you on task. Choose to tell your mind and body when to start rather than play time, sleep time, family time, time working out, meal time, etc. uninterrupted, focused, triple A, top priority tasks for that week. 76

Understanding  Peak  Performance the day or the day runs you; either you run your business or your business runs you. You can spend time, but you can’t bank it. So make sure you spend it wisely. Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it, and major things. Time is worth more than money. You can make more money, but you cannot make more time Plan tomorrow on paper before you hit the sheets. Time management is a habit of the rich. Taking action makes things happen! 77

Dan  Auito Chapter Seven Creating Peak Performers 2 zone all the time! It’s about always trying to do your best on a moment-to-moment basis, realizing that you cannot always control the outcome, but that you can continuously strive for excellence when you’re doing what you truly want to do. pursuit is another key element in the achievement process. understand the theories behind what you are trying to achieve weaknesses that often trip you up when critical execution is 78

Creating  Peak  Performers necessary. For this reason, you must make an effort to tackle your weaknesses before you begin to rely on them. If, after you have recognized and done your best to overcome your weaknesses, you feel that this area is just not a strength, then to someone who excels and who does derive joy, stimulation, exhilaration, invigoration and satisfaction by accomplishing those tasks. and emotions, delegate it before those conditions cripple the positive attitude that is necessary to achieve your goals. Note: Negative thoughts can stay with you for 4-5 hours! You must learn to control negatives by proactively changing your thoughts. to do it, will allow you to get and stay in your peak performance zones more often! Breaking Down Peak Performance into Predictable and Achievable Steps cannot achieve peak performance in anything, until you understand what you truly want and where your natural abilities and strengths support that. Inner drive cannot be taught; therefore, for starters, it helps to understand how you operate best. for success generally depend upon your existing knowledge of a subject and your ability to continuously apply concerted effort, while effectively following through on the use of predictable strategies that have been proven to work. 79

Dan  Auito To begin with, it stands to reason that you should choose a business that you would naturally like to do. It also makes sense to then learn as much as you can about how that business works. Begin with studying other successful businesses and their owners to see what works and if, indeed, it is for you! Once you think you’ve found it, ask the owners and leaders to give you a half hour of their time to explain to you how they do what they do. Start taking small steps to connect the dots, while exploring your you were meant to do and why, then you can look at the talent levels should be spent on the 20% of your business that generates 80% of If you choose a franchise, your policies, plans and procedures are already proven to work, and your job will be to market better in the products and services provided. As an entrepreneur on your own, you’ll need to be very good at what you do best, and learn to delegate your weaknesses to others who can compensate, articulate and accentuate what you can’t. while remaining in the present. Finance, operations and production to allow you to focus on design of strategy, tactics and delegating execution. 80

Creating  Peak  Performers Peak Performance While Gaining Access and Course- Correcting of achieving peak performance, you can transfer those skills over to everything you do, and you can also begin to teach your team/ employees how to do it, too! That is a fantastic statement. There are case studies where people have started as many as 30 businesses and failed at each of them, but once trained on how to start and run a business correctly, they succeeded. This highlights persistent study and practice to learn new skills. Understand that it takes faith and courage to accept the challenge to personally grow, but also understand that you learn as you go and being off track is just part of the process. Obstacles and perceived failures are really only stepping-stones along the road of success. You learn from adversity, and most often you learn what does work only after trying everything that doesn’t work. This gives you the opportunity to unlearn bad habits that often block the way. Thomas one that did in creating the incandescent light bulb. Start by learning how you learn best. Is it from reading, hearing or kinesthetically actually carrying out a physical activity? Once you understand how you learn best, you can go deep into the process which to take that new method of learning and apply it into translating and building new interconnected skills in almost any area you choose to crossover. This is really about your making a transformational difference in your life; it’s about learning how to do new things that make big predictable differences. It’s breakthrough thinking that demands that 81

Dan  Auito your thoughts and attitudes remain positively focused on deviating from and breaking established bad habits by learning and practicing methods that are proven to work. Then, build your game around these new winning principles to achieve your passionate goals. Start by visualizing perfect performance. Begin with the end in mind and create 5-6 optimal performance thoughts and emotions in at the very least, to keep the picture in your mind while you actualize your weaknesses along the way, while you continually build a diverse team of supporting characters to assist you in making your visions a reality. breaking. Install positive viruses into your team, your customers, your products, services, promotions and processes. Then, continually innovate, using speed to stay ahead of the curve. an object? The Most Important Steps and Actions You Can Take to Achieve Peak Performance Now Initial action steps towards preparing to become a peak performer are as follows: 1. Take stock of your own self-worth, and drill into yourself that you are worthy! You are a good person who deserves to be successful and you have the ability to do whatever you put 2. life, and 45 years is only the halfway point, and it’s often the age of wisdoms beginnings. 82

Creating  Peak  Performers 3. spirit. 4. managing money more effectively. 5. visualize new goals. 6. you. 7. causes them. 8. Face your fears by identifying them and working to resolve them. 9. Illuminate your shadow, and take an honest look at whom you really are. 10. Accept your sexuality and direct primal urges towards positive productive pursuit. 11. Heart-felt emotions create more drive then money-driven ones. 12. Service to the world and leaving a legacy are noble high roads to achievement. Take some time to get off the treadmill of life. Take some time to do nothing other than give yourself some introspection time, be it a day, week or month, in order to allow your instincts to tell you excitement and renewed inspiration. Be relentlessly introspective and embrace your mistakes. This can inspire your growth. Begin keeping a journal, and start by making a list of your best and worst decisions; also note how you feel about these successes and errors of the past. Be vigilant in determining your own game and the things that you love, while also zeroing in on improvement areas that you will New habits take 22 repetitions and 30 days to internalize, and up 83

Dan  Auito to 50 attempts to become comfortable with. Try practicing sales presentations and improving that process, as it will provide cash- helps to ensure future growth for starters! Making Peak Performance Practices a Permanent Part of Who You Are Start small; simple is powerful because you are more likely to do follow your own best practices to get the best results from your efforts. Seek to free yourself up from drudgery, by delegating the activities that take you out of your natural productive zones. Surround yourself with six to seven superstars on your team and give them your trust, support, time, wisdom, approval and freedom to grow in the areas you have delegated to them. Commit to practice and ritualizing better routines that methodically turn what you know into what you do on a day-to-day basis. Be authentic and maintain your integrity while pursuing your passions toward higher social and moral purposes. Take regular enjoy the journey and stay in the moment, striving for excellence in everything you choose to do. Summary Ask yourself, are you being true to yourself? Are you following your intuitions, your passion, and doing what you love, or are you just grinding through, instead of truly enjoying the process? 84

Creating  Peak  Performers present while relying on your natural intuition, or do you go from opportunity to opportunity, looking for the answer outside of yourself? and routines designed to maintain your focus and momentum, while performance zones? dictionary than there are positive ones. It takes effort to actively default to the positive side of life; are you deliberately focusing on positive outcomes as opposed to dwelling on the negative? and continuous improvement, while realizing that consumer’s time and attention is scarce. Quality, durability and dependability often basis of being the cheapest. If you’re following your intuition, passion and being authentic, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to succeed in just about anything that you were born to do. Use my easy 10-step process as a good guide in helping you Investigate->Evaluate->Consider->Decide->Execute ->Monitor->Measure->Report->Repeat->Grow 85

Dan  Auito Chapter Eight 2 they are not by nature introspective, detail-oriented, business operators. They are visionaries, pioneers, innovators and risk- taking promoters, but leadership demands that you have people underneath idea-generator. in order to lead your team to stunning success by assembling a perfectly aligned and mutually complimentary corporate structure, “Leadership demands that you have the ability to intentionally your mind, starting now. In fact, it bears repeating: 86

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How  to  Evolve  You  Leadership Skills  as  an  Entrepreneur Before you can lead anyone else, you must lead yourself. Superstar employees never follow anyone who can barely manage themselves! strengths and weaknesses lie, and they complete themselves by Generally, there are 22 skill sets that every business needs to three, while they totally stink at three on the bottom and are just average at the 16 in the middle. Superstars need to be inserted into yourself! be the doer of routine things. You are the visionary who understands that it’s your job to support a superstar team in every division that will convey and deliver company goals and visions with the same passion, care and intensity that you would if you could. Interview and hire only Superstar A players, to create a top-performing management team that will carry out your strategic visions and help set the tone of your corporate culture. will help you zero-in on areas of self-improvement that you should consider working on to become a more effective leader. You can’t fake leadership; asking teammates, mentors, coaches, employees, 87

Dan  Auito customers and friends what you do well and what you don’t is critical. Use anonymous surveys when necessary to avoid people telling you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Leadership Getting results is your objective. It’s organizing your team to enable everyone to achieve the dreams and goals you have visualized for the company, and enthusiastically implanting that sense of exciting mission into the minds of your entire team to help you carry it out. cannot be delegated. You ultimately set the tone of inspiring others personal assessment will show you your strengths and weaknesses extroverted Type A entrepreneur rarely makes a great CPA. Holding regularly scheduled meetings with your division leaders will effectively begin to create an environment where every team player delivers honest feedback, understands their position, and adds their valuable perspective towards improving the organization overall on a perpetual basis. business that must be in place for success to begin. The main ones are marketing for leads and making sales, while retaining current deliverability and so forth are all very close seconds. U.S.P.) that you can build a team around. 88

How  to  Evolve  You  Leadership Skills  as  an  Entrepreneur and determine exactly where the team is now and should be going in them all critical issues and reports that support or threaten strategic entirely on their organization to carry out the tactics and to report results accurately. 1. 2. Quarterly progress report needs to be documented. 3. As the leader you must ask, listen, learn, evolve, involve, coach, innovate, care, encourage, support, and facilitate, while learning from your team and at the same time, guiding them to and through mutual growing pains and success stages. can carry the word back to their entire division to disseminate top- to delegate what needs to be done by when, and by whom at lower department levels. Use the same superstar meeting structure as above on the suppliers; everyone must know their position, have deadlines and be accountable. People who fail to consistently execute must be replaced with top producers regularly if you want to continuously need two years in advance! Examples of Great Leadership 89

Dan  Auito Great leadership has many faces, but actions speak louder than words. Great leaders care about their people, their customers, suppliers, family, friends, as well as others. They often appear and projects someone who consistently gets results. A caring, compassionate, hard-driving, inspirational leader who takes time to praise, appreciate, trust and support their teams’ dreams is truly the picture of leadership. These individuals surround and self-improvement artists who have learned to focus on creating predictable results from everything they do. They contemplate, accountable while delegating further responsibilities. colleagues, and civic groups, at seminars and just about everywhere else they go, to stay connected through thoughtful conversations. They maintain long-term friendships with high achievers in order to grow both personally and professionally while expanding their circles Beloved leaders make the tough choices with a soft heart. They the team. They also look for opportunities to celebrate people by lavishing well-deserved praise for doing something right, as opposed mission is to keep the team intact and on track, to achieve everyone’s dreams of being successful. How Do You Stack Up as a Leader? 90

How  to  Evolve  You  Leadership Skills  as  an  Entrepreneur The direct number of people who follow you is in direct proportion to your ability to lead. How many employees/members/partners are you responsible for the 22 positions on your team? The leader is a relationship specialist who understands that people and numbers are two of the best personal and business measurement tools. Ask yourself, “Are my people happy and is the Brian Tracy says it best: “Good leadership is effectively measured by numbers.” Six Metrics to Calculate 1. today, this week, this month? 2. How many leads converted to sales? 3. 4. 5. If not ,get a CPA, ASAP! 6. Number of repeat client sales cycles? S.W.O.T. 91

Dan  Auito 1. 2. Customers 3. Vendors 4. Suppliers 5. Competition that report to your department head strategy meeting. Self-assessing your own leadership ability isn’t always easy. You can’t always ask people who look up to you for guidance to give you the best possible answers; if they had all the answers, they would be in charge! Also, you don’t want people to think that you don’t have factors we spoke about earlier. This is why you have high-achieving friends, peers, mentors, teachers, coaches and other close industry ties that you can assemble as your board of advisors. These people are not employees—they are your mastermind council. Ideally, you would like to have a superstar mastermind partner for each of your 22 divisions, but you may have to settle for seven members and rely on each of their three strengths for advice. at your strategy board meeting with your division-leading superstar management team. You in essence have your peer group and your management advice directly. You also must create anonymous surveys for your 92

How  to  Evolve  You  Leadership Skills  as  an  Entrepreneur important than others regarding getting feedback as a leader: How would you rate my performance in leading this organization, and why? 1-10 How can I help you do better? return the survey. Once you have the data, you can begin using it to create solid policies, plans and procedures that become everyone’s standard operations manual of how things currently get done. Print the guidelines and tab them in clear sheets to be put in binders accessible to everyone in the company to read at your 3rd-in-command’s and initial the log sheet that says they understand current operating procedures and that they are free to make suggestions toward constant improvement. Create three books and label them Policies Plans Procedures Note: All employees must review and initial these three books annually as a refresher. How to Improve and Immediately Multiply Your Leadership 93

Dan  Auito Capabilities and Performance Here’s where you focus on what we’ve said earlier. Now, start taking the actions necessary to follow the steps outlined above, and you’ll instantly begin improving your leadership capabilities and performance! Here’s how to catapult yourself into your super- productivity zones of natural ability. of a month, you can be distracted by 30-40 different activities that matter, so start delegating or eliminating more things, to allow you to Now that you know, you should only be doing the three best things important within your top three: 1. 2. 3. Visionary strategist One thing we didn’t address is that some people just aren’t cut out to be business giants. They don’t have the higher-level attributes, training, experience or natural gifts to strategically capitalize on, as others may. But also remember that even the most privileged, rich and smart kids that get sent off to Harvard, Yale or Stanford often fail on monumental scales, because they never had the talent or inclination to learn the three basic skills above! Quick story: Three guys sell T-shirts to upcoming UFC sports fans out of the trunk of their cars at events where sometimes the 94

How  to  Evolve  You  Leadership Skills  as  an  Entrepreneur opponent. Submission holds make the opponent tap three times to like, “Say uncle, kid, or I’ll break your arm.” with brand name “Tapout” gear can’t keep up with demand for the brand/slogan/meme. They have no business structure or ability to command, but they do have passion. They go recruit the guy who orchestrated the era of disco to run their company, while they continue to do what they do best—which is to promote, gather intelligence, their gear. They sold over 100 million in gear last year and tripled in size. Lesson: Hire out what you are not good at! Hire a Superstar partner, even if it means having a partner with you at the top. These three maniacs would have never been able to orchestrate this on their own, but they hired a superstar business manager! That’s the If three guys with passion, living out of their cars, can create a brand off of leveraging a hot trend, and then ride a wave of 100 million dollars in sales, year after year, what’s stopping you? If you small problems (which matter) when stepping outside your comfort zone. But make sure the things you learn are focused on improving you can. 95

Dan  Auito STEPS TO TAKE: 1. Admit that you can become twice as effective as you are now. 2. Gather feedback from everyone you impact now. 3. Start reading, listening, and attending activities on leadership. 4. Find your three areas of focus and apply 90% of activities to superstars in that area. 5. feedback, and repeat. You Can Take Right Now Knowing What I Now Know, would I do the same thing I did if I would have seen the outcomes that have resulted? or service, taken that career path, etc? Look at things you should have stopped, eliminated or let go of years ago; take action and you’ll feel relief! your current command structure; are you using your 2nd and 3rd they even the right people to be in those leadership positions? Are Sharing, delegating and strategic planning are skill sets that a leader must have. If you don’t care about these things, then you 96

How  to  Evolve  You  Leadership Skills  as  an  Entrepreneur probably shouldn’t be the lead dog! If you do care, then look at what’s standing in your way and what needs more attention, and start taking action! focus next. It’s proven that when a person uses a coach to approach higher achievement, they succeed 50% more often on average. You don’t have to do this alone and probably shouldn’t! A coach is the perfect accountability partner; you are paying them to hound you to get what they know you need to do, done! had a relationship coach teaching him the rules of marriage? Just because someone knows how to build, sell or provide something does not mean they know how to run a business around it. Summary “If you had it to do over again, and back then knew what you know now, what would you suggest people do differently today?” These were some of their answers: Give more thought to what you want, instead of reacting so much. Take more risks and don’t play it so safe. nature. Be happy now. Friends and family. Go for your dreams—life is short. 97

Dan  Auito Now pretend that you yourself are 80, 90 or 100 years old and give yourself some professional business advice, and then some personal advice, to see what you would tell yourself 50 or so years what your gut level intuition is telling you. people will invest their whole self while working for less money and more praise and freedom early on. Built-in incentives will show them that plenty of money will be made in the future if they contribute to the team with enthusiasm and belief in the business today. The early Google and many others almost always make millions. Andrew Carnegie made business a challenging game. He used man’s competitive nature and challenged his employees to outdo each other in an effort to better the company as a whole and make everyone big winners for being vicious competitors with team spirit. Andrew’s reward was, “You won! Good for you!” and he kept the money! That’s amazing; people will work harder to prove they are better, faster and smarter when you lay down a well-planned them some cash today. them things like these when goals are met: 98

How  to  Evolve  You  Leadership Skills  as  an  Entrepreneur Hold contests in your departments, pit department against department, and highest productivity boosts in numbers wins. Best idea of the month, best suggestion of the month, perfect attendance, overall votes for most-helpful team player, best, fastest, most and obsessed in others’ achievements while they build your organization. You must work hard to foster a culture of contagious positive enthusiasm amongst your partners, staff, customers and the general public at large. Feel that energy above! That is a vibrant place to work! Now imagine the opposite. admitting that you don’t know everything. Ask when you don’t know something and share what you do know with others enthusiastically to people have not learned to let ego, pride and fear go; therefore they the boss, you must root these energy vampires out and gently let Final Thoughts In order to grow, you must constantly work on improving your performance, as you are either growing or dying at any one time. The better you lead, the more time you will have. By delegating, focusing and being effective, you get more done in less time, leaving room to businesses; business-leading managers grow those businesses. assess your opportunities, to turn what you know into action. You 99

Dan  Auito must be willing to step outside your comfort zone as often as you abilities to improve them, but still hire them out to superstars. Self-assessment is tough work. You’ll be asking yourself and facts and insights to measure and plan with. Honesty, sincerity, empathy, passion and fear need to be engaged, harnessed and tapped. Once you’ve learned exactly what you were put here to do, you you need to take to get those things, and that takes planning and continuous action. Plans: customers, and sales. Policies: Set some standard rules, begin managing time and people, hold them accountable. Procedures: Outline how problems are addressed and decisions are made. Begin holding monthly employee meetings, bi-weekly division head meetings, mastermind meetings and strategy sessions, and hold contests for ideas, performance, suggestions, etc. level employees are seeing and hearing in the trenches and on the street. Ask them how they feel about their position and what you can do to help them make it better. Find ways to reward them and show 100

How  to  Evolve  You  Leadership Skills  as  an  Entrepreneur that you’re proud of their efforts at helping you achieve the bigger vision. colleagues, advisors, mastermind groups and high-level thinkers to give you their thoughts regarding your ideas, strategies and tactics, for starters. Become more absorbed and more obsessed in fostering the achievements and success of those in your company than you are in your own success, and you will get there faster as their leader. You must take ACTION to make things happen! 101

Dan  Auito Chapter Nine Fast Tracking Your Business: Accelerators 2 tracking business towards success. Consider creating the theme of a team. You can only go as fast as the synergy you create or foster amongst those who will ultimately allow you to achieve heights that you alone could never reach. build and establish a culture of motivated and happy contributors, who regularly operate in their zones of peak performance. These individuals need to feel that they are a key component of the organization’s success. 102

Fast  Tracking  Your  Business:  Accelerators  That  Drive  Rapid   and  Soaring  Success achieve, before your superstars can be directed towards achieving those goals. Your initial vision, strategy, focus and direction is the want to achieve and why, keeping in mind that too many choices tend to paralyze those who are being asked to take action. Clarity, focus, execution: It’s your job to get clear focus on high- leverage activities, and to design an organized theoretical process towards initially structuring your team and their working environment, so that meaningful and satisfying results can be achieved from the start. No man or woman is an island. Call a meeting with your key players to get the ball rolling. Production before perfection—you have to start somewhere! Ask these people what they are seeing in their spheres of expertise, regarding changes taking place around them. Ask them what they see as the next move towards future growth, and what opportunities they see according to developing trends. Ask how your organization can take advantage of these new developments. Ask them to expose your blind spots, if they see that something or things are missing. people. Give your people a chance to air their suggestions and insights without fear of reproach. This is more about brainstorming and throwing all ideas and alternatives on the table for discussion, attacking problems, not people. Your goal is to uncover opportunity while fostering high productivity and creativity in a healthy physical and psychological atmosphere that results in success, satisfaction and fun for everyone involved. 103

Dan  Auito Key Elements in Business That Impact Change This statement is so central to everything in life that it leads in business as well: you cannot see! It may help you to think about what you care about most in life using your governing core beliefs and values to really become a moral and ethical position with yourself towards your employees, customers, suppliers and partners, you’ll often be rewarded by right living. This will relieve a lot of stress, and allow you to honestly state your intentions and reveal your true motivations and passions to the people who clearly need to understand what your main reasons are for producing and/or delivering the products and services you provide. Being honest helps to remove barriers, roadblocks and defense mechanisms in discovering new options and opportunities as you jointly challenge assumptions and explore solutions. an entrepreneur who wants to do them better, it pays to recognize making and judgment calls that will set the tone in changing attitudes in your organization, while helping everyone to adapt to constant change. daily routines and remember that too many choices tend to confuse everyone who is confronted with them. Focus on delivering the best products, services and solutions in limited numbers, so people 104

Fast  Tracking  Your  Business:  Accelerators  That  Drive  Rapid   and  Soaring  Success can decide and go with solid options that deliver and satisfy on a consistent basis. Steps to Consider When Attempting to Create Better Processes Being clear and focused in as many areas as you can will help you immensely towards doing the right things at the right times in all areas of your business. Being clear on what you offer is a good starting point in creating brand clarity and designing the tools and processes to deploy your brand. scenarios on how you can be the best that you can be in everything and feedback towards creating comprehensive overviews in areas of concern. Your team will be instrumental in helping you in the discovery and brainstorming processes. Once you feel you have a call a mastermind session with your key players. people in these meetings. Try to make it an odd number so there will never be deadlocks when voting. Start off by explaining to everyone attempt to look at possibilities and a range of combinations regarding succeeding in different scenarios. would it take to win more sales in this division?” And then write down 105

Dan  Auito for starters. discovered and decided on an agreed-upon approach, implement it and monitor results to evaluate its potential for incorporation into your current operating procedures. This is one method towards creating and establishing one process; it’s called maintaining a standard of constant improvement. There are many more that you can consider, but this is a high- leverage process that should be undertaken early on. Tony Jeary has 24 processes for you to examine when you really want to get serious: Here is a nice outline to use when setting up your mastermind council meetings: How to Continuously Get Better at What You Do improve upon existing conditions in the spheres of your company’s Sales are critical to the success of every business, so it pays to begin focusing your initial efforts at getting better on that high- your customers are buying; then look at ways to enhance their experience, by analyzing the sales process to enhance value. 106

Fast  Tracking  Your  Business:  Accelerators  That  Drive  Rapid   and  Soaring  Success Notice that some products and services outsell others by large room to focus on and enhance the best of what you offer. Instead of asking people what they want, it is better to watch what people do instead! Oftentimes, people don’t know what they want and will instead! Imports, new technology, budget cuts and labor costs can blind- side you if you’re not paying attention to them; look at these areas to maintain perspective. Try not to allow the appearance of negative trends to be your signal that something is wrong, but rather remain proactive in discovering what it will take to maintain your edge in successfully beating your competitors on a consistent basis. Call in an expert who can help you zero-in on successful as well as failure areas. These individuals can bring new perspectives to, to see. the actions necessary to execute potential plans over 90- to 180-day periods. Follow the plans, track the results, and address progress with another meeting in three-month intervals to analyze progress. Once you’re clear on what’s working, double your efforts on focused objectives and execute what you have found to work best. Continue this process on a regular basis for constant improvement! Get clear and execute! Visit Jay is a master business strategist. (Jay, you are the greatest, thank you so much.) Keys to Overcoming Hurdles Towards Successful Change You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone if successful change is to take place. Things must be done differently and better 107

Dan  Auito if you want to improve in anything! Behavior is the hardest thing to change, due to the fact we are programmed to default to what is old and comfortable. Fear not, for when you begin taking small steps in the right direction, change can begin to feed on itself and grow into tremendous momentum. about what is needed, where the biggest problems and opportunities board of advisors, who can help you think about new actions to take. Slow down and get their feedback to begin the process. Pride will listen, while you explore breaking stagnant trends. money, you ask yourself: “How can we make a difference?” Then carry that theme throughout your organization to inspire change! People follow inspirational leaders who are out to make a difference. Start small! Too much change will only confuse your workforce. individuals who are on board and have contributed towards making noticeable improvements by embracing it. Take these people aside and compliment them on their individual strengths, to reinforce their new behaviors while you constantly focus your efforts at bringing your whole organization around to this type of behavior. You must change the behavior through positive reinforcement on a gradual and TV to encourage stellar performance. Now, once you know how it’s done, you can incorporate these changes into your policies, plans and procedures to show future 108

Fast  Tracking  Your  Business:  Accelerators  That  Drive  Rapid   and  Soaring  Success employees how it’s done. This is also the record you’ll use to reinforce the new behavior for sustained long-term results. Keys to Implementing What is Important on the Fast Track overwhelmed by the process of instant improvement. Stop looking for the one best and greatest solution that will solve everything at once. that begins by constantly remaining focused on improving upon your highest leverage activities on a daily basis. You don’t need all the answers to get started…actually, you don’t need ANY! Start by dumping pride in favor of mutual collaboration who in your organization are the most intelligent and begin pulling them together in weekly meetings, to begin implementing small changes that matter today. process of resolving to constantly get better. Initially, ask the newly ,such as who, what, where, when and why. Admit that you don’t know it all, admit that you don’t have all the answers, and admit that you need their help. Ask them what they would do and accept their answers without criticisms for starters. Once you begin getting that feedback, start reviewing your notes for further goal-oriented action steps that can be implemented gradually on a daily basis towards getting better and better each and every day. You don’t need all the answers. You’re testing hypothesis and exploring new opportunities and alternatives towards continuous 109

Dan  Auito and measurable improvement against past results, on a constant basis to stay one or more steps ahead of your competition. personal in their departments to get feedback from the frontlines. You’ll be surprised what paradigm-shifting comments come from the people, and to thank them for their contributions without criticism. Allow anonymous responses to be contributed that bypass the department heads’ direct view to root out bad managers as well! Saboteurs can seriously stunt your growth by killing morale. Summary Instead of soaring success and fast-tracking your business to monumental ground-breaking success, maybe we should just say, stretching to be better with every new day. Sounds a bit more improvement. Passion and endeavoring to achieve a higher purpose are two powerful motivators that can help you overcome the forces that tend to keep us rooted in our comfort zones. All growth comes at the point at which you step outside your comfort zone toward inspirationally challenging entrepreneurial pursuits that are designed with making a difference in mind. and services is critical. Before you can infuse that attitude across passion should be powerful enough to cross all boundaries and permeate your organization’s culture, from employees, customers, 110

Fast  Tracking  Your  Business:  Accelerators  That  Drive  Rapid   and  Soaring  Success difference through what you want to do? (I really hope this manifesto does make a difference.) I hope it helps you to help others and thereby help yourself. Please pass this manifesto on, so it can do its work. As the leader, coach and head inspirational guidance counselor, it is your job to infuse the drive to be better throughout your organization. You must be the one who institutes the change and raises the expectations, by setting reasonable, achievable goals that will make a difference to everyone, from employees, customers, suppliers, strategic partners, your town or city, state and eventually the world, if you take it that far. the bigger picture, always doing more than expected and praising and appreciation along the way. Innovate, Inspire, Implement and Impact the world in some way that leaves it better than where you found it. The days of the vertical hierarchy are over. Today is about orchestrating wide sweeping networks of raving fans that are inspirationally motivated to help you make a profound difference in the lives of everyone your by pursuing a value-based passion that makes a difference! Additional Notes: Creative thinking habits: Associating – a cognitive skill that allows creative people problems, or ideas. 111

Dan  Auito Questioning — an ability to ask “what if”, “why”, and “why bigger picture. Observing — an ability to closely observe details, particularly the details of people’s behavior. Experimenting – innovative people are always trying on new experiences and exploring new worlds. Networking — creative people are really good at networking with smart people who have little in common with them, but from whom they can learn. Coaching vs. Consulting – How Do You Decide? with athletes to unlock hidden potential and help them achieve peak performance. For years, Oprah struggled with her weight, alternately shedding and gaining pounds. She gained control and found success when she found the right coach. The focus of coaching is on YOU: your dreams, your potential, and your success. Coaching is very personal. A good business coach suits you best. Sometimes there are limiting beliefs that need to be examined and changed. You may want to change certain habits to maximize your success. A good coach can help you do that. Coaching is a close relationship focused on bringing out the best of what is already inside you. The focus of coaching is for you to create a plan that moves YOU forward. Your coach facilitates and partners with you to make that plan truly your own. Your coach encourages, supports, applauds, empathizes, and sometimes pushes a bit to help you move to the next level with your business and your life. 112

Fast  Tracking  Your  Business:  Accelerators  That  Drive  Rapid   and  Soaring  Success Consulting works best when you know what you want to do, but don’t know the best way to make it happen. A consultant comes into the relationship as an expert. You can have the consultant do most or all of a project, after working with you to clarify exactly what you want as a successful outcome. You can also work together in a complete responsibility for the project once your consultant has left. expertise makes you successful or helps you achieve success more operations, developing or optimizing marketing and sales plans and management or how to manage marketing and sales. You can work with consultants in many ways. One might be a partner who works closely with you over time. Another may work with you for a brief time The focus of consulting consultant brings expertise and experience that is new to you. Together you work through decisions that must be made. YOU control all of your business decisions, while your consultant provides guidance, additional information, resources and options based on prior knowledge and experience. As an example of how coaching and consulting differ, let’s assume you want help deciding how to sell your product. A coach will help you examine your feelings and actions when it comes to selling. Together you will look to see if anything is holding you back and make decisions on what works best for you. Your coach is there to help you examine what happened when something doesn’t work, in addition to celebrating your successes along the way. explain how each works and what varies between them. You choose 113

Dan  Auito how much of the work you will do, and what you want your consultant to do. You may have your consultant create sales materials or work Your consultant will cheer the success of what you create together. Your coach will cheer your growth as a person and as a business owner. preferences. A business mentor guides you. They don’t tell. An accountant responds to your demands, and looks back in time at what has occurred. A lawyer watches your back for you, but you need to let them know what dangers lay ahead or are left behind. A marketing person will present a message about you or your business, but you need to know what that message is about. 114

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources Chapter Ten 2 Chapters 1-9 have asked you to consider implementing a creates a new foundation for you, by using this manifesto’s existing network of superstars to begin leveraging your efforts. It is about understanding and using leverage to its maximum effect. everyone involved with this project understands and adheres to the advice it contains! This network is here to assist you in implementing discussed (so far!). It’s time to connect you with your newest team of experts and advisors to exponentially leverage your efforts. 115

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Dan  Auito supercharge your efforts by leveraging the expertise of individual In addition to the individuals mentioned in chapters 1-9, I believe personal assistance to be of supreme value to you as well. Chapter 10 will be followed by a list of additional people and resources available to you on the web today. (Note: This book lists someone who is not listed, please contact me for an introduction to other trusted specialists who are willing to help you along the way. I agree to be a weak tie for you. In other words, a networking partner who is willing to introduce you to his private list of talented, connected Solemn promise: If you are ever disappointed with the performance of anyone I introduce you to through these pages, I want you to know that I personally will be here to make sure things turn out right: Contact me should the need arise: (P.S. take kindly to people being mislead!) the opportunity to help you exponentially accelerate your rate of progress. The more you trust, the faster and further we all will go. Focus on what you want, not on the things you don’t want! Scrap, remove, dump, and discard all negative fear and negative want, and believe that you can achieve it. 116

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources Home-stretch insights of a few friends who are specialists in their suggestions in showing you how to leverage your efforts by taking 117

Dan  Auito How Network Science Can Speed Up Your Success by 10 to 20 Times 2 Marshall Thurber, J.D. William Seidman, Ph.D. Greg Bundy, B.S., P.D. 118

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources think of the most successful movie actor or actress in Hollywood. much more money? They certainly don’t add as much value. Principle 1: Understanding the Theory of Leverage The answer to why actors and actresses make so much more a theory. A small force applied over a long distance has a greater impact than a large impact applied over a small distance. The simplest device for creating leverage is the lever. A lever is a end of the lever, the short end (on the other side of the fulcrum) only this device a human can easily lift several times his or her weight. fulcrum or lever used. “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” 119

Dan  Auito Archimedes (287 BC – 212 BC) was a mathematician, physicist, engineer, astronomer and philosopher born in the Greek seaport colony of Syracuse. He is considered one of the three greatest mathematicians of all time, along with Newton and Gauss. As a result designed. Once, Archimedes demonstrated the power of leverage by moving a full-size ship, complete with crew and cargo, by pulling a single rope. up versus the most successful actors or actresses—despite the fact that your teacher added far more lasting value than the movie star— your teacher had very little leverage. Your teacher stood in front of relatively few students. In contrast, the movie star makes the movie once and thousands of copies are made. It is watched by thousands The relatively low-lasting value of the movie star has far longer reach (a much longer lever, so to speak) than the high-lasting value the same. They are watched by thousands live in the stadium and millions more on TV. on the lever) times the distance of the reach (length of the lever). the way the eternal principle of leverage works. 120

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources Principle 2: Understanding the Theory of Change The second principle of speeding up your success by 10 to 20 Shortly after the beginning of the 20th Century, the famous appearances. He was testifying before a U.S. Congress committee. Nearing the end of his testimony, a young congressman asked the This type of change is called cyclical change. In the desert of Alamogordo in the early morning of July 16, 1945, warfare was permanently altered. There was no going back. Future relations of all nations were irreversibly altered. This second type of change is called structural change. Understanding and being able to identify these two types of type of change, your response needs to be very different. The type the stock market, but also to many other types of activities. repeat over and over again. The early rotation around the sun that produces day and night, the cyclical beating of the heart, the phases of the moon, are all very predicable cycles. are certain types of human behavior. These changes generally fall within certain boundaries. For example, the information that comes from the exterior of the human body provides the necessary data to 121

Dan  Auito maintain a body temperature of 98.6 degrees. Similarly, the stock in a grocery store is replenished based on inventory levels. The same circumstances. Unlike structural change, these cyclical changes do not create fundamental alterations. Instead, they create adjustments that are almost always temporary. Failing to understand cyclical change can produce costly errors. Business cycles are what their name implies: cycles. There has never been a recession without a recovery. In the United States there have been over 40 cycles of recession and recovery since 1790. schools increases and decreases and the same is true for medical schools and nursing programs. Granted, these demand-supply cycles vary greatly depending on the type of occupation, its size, and the amount of training needed. However, these changes are clearly cyclical. The same is true for organizations. They cycle between poles companies want improvement of some type—one that allows them to be more productive. At some point, continued movement in one direction doesn’t bring the desired return. The company leaders (or their successors) begin a counter movement until that direction no 122

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources begins all over again. The same is true of democratic governments. Alternatively, the voters embrace liberalism and then conservatism. in one direction fail to bring the desired outcome, political leaders emerge with a counter movement, which over time no longer produces the desired result. The cycle then repeats. The same is true of then narrower; women’s skirt length moves higher and then lower. Once you have determined that you are dealing with a cyclical pace. Question: From 1935 to 1950, how many times did the prime rate change? Answer: Three times. How many times has it changed in the last 15 years? Obviously, it has changed many more times than three. Hence, the pace of change has increased. The same element (pace) is within all cycles. The cycle has a pace and is either increasing, decreasing or remaining constant. Hence, it must be looked at in terms of probabilities. You must perform a probability-weighted analysis to determine the appropriate pace. The better you can determine the probability that the pattern will repeat, the better you can predict when the cycle will start to reverse. 123

Dan  Auito The second dynamic of cyclical change is magnitude. Granted, economic cycles vary considerably, yet these rates are normally boundaries, they are never in any sense completely unbounded. Interest rates can only go so high before they must retreat because of economic forces. The same is true for skirts. They can only go so high or so low before the direction must reverse. one can do is to deal in probabilities), to increase your success you Understanding cyclical change, and assessing both its pace and distance from its boundary, will dramatically increase your probability of success. The mushroom-shaped cloud in the desert of Alamogordo in the early morning of July 16, 1945, is an example of a completely different type of change. It’s called structural. embrace it. The world is not going to return to pre-nuclear age, no matter how many or how intense the protests. automobile was created, there was violent opposition. Anti-car activists tore up roads; they ringed parked cars with barbed wires, and organized boycotts of car-driving businesspeople and politicians. There was a huge religious movement against the car. It was called the “devil wagon” in that most were black and the things that could 124

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources be done in the back seat were clearly immoral. structural change takes place, you must embrace it. You may love and learn how to very little chance for sustained success. The horsepower of the the most powerful horse on earth. This is true of all structural changes. They change the future business? All the king’s horses and all the king’s men are helpless in the face of a structural change. Structural changes are only replaced by other structural changes. The telephone The fax machine The computer Stem-cell research The Internet changes, the successful strategy is to embrace them and take a leadership position to channel their direction. 125

Dan  Auito Very few would argue with the conclusion that the Internet is a structural change. It has changed and will continue to change the understand and embrace this change will prosper. Those who don’t will be as effective as those who are still using horses as their primary mode of transportation. Principle 3: Understanding Network Science The Internet has three distinguishing characteristics. First, it is global. Second, it is predominately intangible (it deals with communication, information and relationships), and most importantly it creates networks. Networks are the dominant dynamic of success for the 21st Century. alone computers have happened. They have sped up our lives by created, is in connectivity. An example is the fax machine. One fax all the machines is increased. This network effect is transformational. Unlike traditional economic theory, which is based upon scarcity network economy is just the opposite. The more you share, the more you value what everyone in the network has! Traditional economics is based on hard goods. The more scarce the goods (e.g., oil) the higher the price. In the new predominately more intangibles are shared. Sharing is having more. This reality may initially seem to violate your natural inclinations. That’s what happens when one is introduced to a structural change. It’s a similar experience to those who had to learn how to drive a car when they were accustomed to riding a horse. 126

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources Networks are the gasoline of the future. No matter how beautiful your new automobile may be, without gasoline it goes nowhere. No matter how dynamic your offering is, it will not succeed without a network. The deeper and wider your network, the faster your dynamic to copy it. If you want to increase your success by 10 to 20 times, you must understand: How to create one How to optimally grow one To do this, you must understand the fundamentals of network science. are three basic components needed to move a heavy object. You need a fulcrum, a lever, and effort exerted at the end of the lever. The longer the lever, the less effort is needed to move the heavy object (in this case the heavy object is increasing your success by 10 to 20 times). The further the lever is from the fulcrum, the easier it is to move the object. In the 21st Century, your network is the lever in leverage. You still need a predictable system (the fulcrum) and the dynamic value (the force) to succeed. However, it is the length of the lever that reduces the effort. Networks are not network science. Just like soup;—you know when you are sipping soup, and you also know when it tastes good. That doesn’t mean you are a great chef. A great chef understands understands food theory. He/she understands how all the ingredients interact and is able to predict the extraordinary sensory experience. 127

Dan  Auito To succeed in the 21st Century, you have to become a network chef. The Internet is a structural change. To succeed in the 21st Century you must embrace it. You have no vote. Just like you had to learn how to use a computer (an earlier structural change), you now have to learn how to use networks. To predictably increase your success by 10 or 20 times you must, just like a great chef, learn theory. Understanding network theory is the oxygen for success in the 21st Century. Only with an understanding of network theory can you predict future performance. network of a food chain, a business network, the network of a city, or the intra-cellular proteins network, they all operate with the same theory and follow the same laws. By understanding network science you will know how networks function and grow. You can then develop strategies to build your The longer your network lever, the easier and faster your success will be. network science is to learn the basic terms. The most fundamental building block of networks is a node. A node is a noun. It can be a person, place or thing. For a node to be a network, it must be connected by a link. Two nodes connected by one link is thus the smallest possible network. you have a cluster. The larger the number of nodes linked together, the larger and more visible the cluster is. A hub is similar to a cluster, 128

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources except that a hub has many more links. If every document on the Internet were linked to your web page, then in a very short time almost everyone would know you and what you offer. Unfortunately, 90% of all web pages have 10 or fewer links. A few (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Amazon) have a million or more links. Increasing Returns It is a mathematical fact that the value of your network increases number of nodes in your network increases arithmetically, the value of the network increases exponentially. For example, there are 14,857 airports in you select if someone gave you a choice of receiving $10 for every passenger landing at 20% of all the US airports (assuming these airports are chosen randomly) or receiving $10 for every passenger at the top 12 US airports? (The choice: 2,971 airports chosen randomly or the top 12 airports rated by passenger volume.) 129

Dan  Auito hubs. The impact and power within a network is found in the hubs. All networks that are created by preferential attachment (as opposed to random networks) create hubs and they can only be understood after you have learned the power curve theory of network science. The power curve is very different than the standard bell curve commonly used in statistics. In a power curve, there is usually one large hub. This one hub is closely followed by two or three somewhat smaller hubs, that are then followed by dozens that are even smaller. Preferential attachment is what creates power curves. The Internet is a power curve (because people choose to attach themselves to that underlie the workings of a cell. They show precisely the same same power curve is found in food webs, where species link up with one another by virtue of predatory-prey relationships. Businesspeople create a power curve by virtue of sitting together on the boards of directors of major corporations. Power Curve for the Hub Network Power curves even show up in the structure of human language. The British National Corpus has a 100-million-word collection of 130

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources samples of written and spoken language. These samples come considered the words “linked” if they appeared close to each other in by 10 to 20 times, you must make you or your organization a hub. You do this by connecting yourself or your organization with other hubs. have done this. To become a hub, you must feed the web. Networks are nurtured by making it as easy as possible to participate. The more the network is used, the more it grows and the more demand there is for it. dynamic value away for free. Qualcomm gives away its popular e-mail program. Thomson, the eight-billion-dollar-a-year publisher, gives away its precious high- network hub. because it did not share its operating system. Sharing it freely would 131

Dan  Auito Another example is Citibank, which pioneered the use of 24- initially found that they couldn’t compete. Bank, these smaller banks banded together to form an open network called Plus. It didn’t matter what bank you used. If you had a card from any bank (except Citibank), you could get money. The “sharing is having more” network theory kicked in. Suddenly, more customers. Quickly the sharing team overwhelmed the once- forced to jettison their proprietary machines and join the “sharing is having more” network. Important network science principle: A small piece of a rapidly expanding pie becomes a much bigger piece. new link the value of your network increases exponentially. Companies that embed themselves into the social network of an industry by creating lots of contacts (links) to other companies, suppliers, industry magazines, customers, government, and workers entering will link to them. This feedback loop gives preference to the successful. The node with the most links gets even more links. At some point, the network will undergo a phase transition from “just a bunch of separate companies” into an industry. The core companies become institutionalized. Their internal standards industry. 132

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources In a network economy (which the structural change of the Internet has created), companies that pursue a “business is war” or “win/lose strategy” are now at a tremendous disadvantage. They are focusing on winning rather than on creating links. As a result, newcomers don’t much dynamic value they may have. The Strength of the Weak Tie In addition to speed, networks thrive when they focus on making their links as diverse as possible. In the late 1960s, Granovetter, a sociologist now at Stanford, studied how people found jobs. Until then, it was generally assumed that society was homogenous. Granovetter discovered that society is not homogenous. It is made up of groups of closely linked people (clusters), who are linked by one or two weak connections. written. It demonstrates that weak contacts are twice as effective This may seem counter- intuitive. It would seem that close friends would be better at providing job leads. However, humans tend to gather within groups of similar interests. For example, if a tennis instructor wants new students, there’s no point in asking his network of 133

Dan  Auito asking people in clusters that have nothing to do with tennis: church groups, knitting clubs, and so on. Those clusters have a much higher probability of needing a tennis instructor. you link into the weak tie network, it expands your network rapidly. Remember: The speed of network growth is at least as important as dynamic value. Threshold Theory If you were going to start a new religion, you probably would not out that all new hubs start at the fringe (i.e. those with the lowest threshold). They then move to the edge and then to the realm of the cool. After the realm of the cool, they move to the next big thing and every network that starts at the fringe makes it to social convention. However, every network that does make it to social convention started at the fringe. High-Threshold Networks How does one link with those who have high thresholds? How does one entice them to join your network? The answer: Use an 134

Master  Keys  to  Identifying  and Leveraging  Further  Potential  Resources For example, if I wanted to meet a certain head of a hub who was a devout Catholic, I would probably get a meeting if the Pope called and recommended that this be done. As a general rule, the higher the Summary If you want to speed your success 10 to 20 times, you must rapidly this case the network), 2) The effort (your dynamic value) and 3) The fulcrum (the predictable system). Neither dynamic value nor the predictable system is addressed here. For purposes of this article, we focused on network science. For optimal results, make an offer that embraces a relatively new structural change. It works best if the structural change is either at the “fringe” or the “edge” of adoption. potential network for free (or as close to free as possible). increases exponentially. Identify the networks you want to create links to. Identify the hubs within that network . Start making your free or near-fee offer to the networks with the lowest thresholds (usually on the edge or fringe). Feed them immediately. Find the weak ties into as many diverse networks as you can identify, and feed them. 135

Dan  Auito Share with them freely. 10 to 20 times faster than following traditional 20th Century methods. To learn more about the power of network science, positive deviance, and other Success Secrets of the 21st Century, join us at: 136

Your Book Tool in Your Arsenal By Doug Crowe 137

Instant Celebrity and major media exposure are the professionals who’ve published their book. have a book that exponentially increases their following and presence in the marketplace. brand and bankable value. Being an author can catapult your enterprise and reputation onto a national and international platform that will outlast your lifetime. not only a book, but also a sophisticated marketing, focused promotion, and seamless distribution plan. thought dozens of times, “I should write a book.” If only you had the capacity and the time to manage such a large-scale undertaking. You know a book would elevate your business and your brand to rock-star status. But the reality entails… Finding and collaborating with an editor for months after the initial writing is completed. in the right space. Hiring a team to promote a national and international 138

marketing campaign. Hiring freelancers or staff to support all those moving parts and unknown variables. Allocating several hours every day for months on end, even after your book is published. The process CAN be intimidating. However, thousands of publish and market a book, the notoriety of being a published author instantly elevates a published author to rock-star status. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t type a single word (I record most of my books); the expert status of being published is an automatic game changer. For ideas, tips and resources on cutting out 90% of the headaches, time, check out the little-known resources available at Longevity of Your Book Creating a book about YOU, your company or your brand is an longevity, prestige and leverage you desire. disposal. If you compare a book against any other kind of impact or “leave-behind” with a customer, nothing compares. Brochures: Sure, they are glossy, impressive and tell your story. 139

The time and money you put into creating them may be massive, vendors do you have sitting on your coffee table?” and “How many times have you opened up and completely read someone else’s brochure?” The longevity of a brochure (the time it remains in a customer’s mind) is less than 10 seconds, on average. To make matters worse, sometimes your brochure isn’t read at all! According to marketing maven Seth Godin, “The thing you must remember about just about every corporate or organizational brochure is this: People won’t read it. “I didn’t say it wasn’t important. I just said it wasn’t going to get read. “People will consider its heft. They might glance at the photos. They will certainly notice the layout. And, if you’re lucky, they’ll read a few captions or testimonials. “At its best, a brochure is begging for someone to judge you. It says, ‘Assume that because we could hire really good printers and photographers and designers and “At its worst, a brochure solves a prospect’s problem (the problem of: what should I do about this opportunity?) by giving them an easy way to say ’no.’ ’No,’ she thinks, ‘I don’t need to talk with you... I’ve reviewed the brochure.’ In short, a brochure lasts a few seconds, if you are lucky. Your aversion to throwing away books. It may have to do with our culture of freedom of the press in this country, or the disgust in our stomachs when we read about groups who ban or burn books. In any event, 140

books tend to stick around, and the covers grace our bookshelves and coffee tables long after they are read (or not read). If your book is useful, entertaining or otherwise provides good value, it can even get passed around or read more than once. That cannot be said for any other leave-behind or brochure. Sure, the pen you gave away with your logo on it may stick with a client for a few months (if it works), but a book can last a lifetime…or more. Prestige of Your Book the prestige of a book is without challenge. Nobody looks at your message were forgotten within moments of your gracious gift. Value and prestige have a tremendous effect not only on the longevity of your impact on a client, but they also add to the thought and care you leave behind. If your competitor sends a “thank you” note, s/he will be perceived as more caring that one who does not. the impact dissolves almost the very second it arrives. If you want to double or triple the impact of your book, make it a to be a “how to” manual or innovative business concept. Your story, how you came into business, the challenges you faced, and what you learned from your journey can provide tremendous value to your clients. challenges, because we don’t want our potential clients to see us as 141

weak (even in the distant past). Nothing can be further from the truth. You don’t necessarily have to share your bankruptcy and meth addiction in your chronicles, but the more you can relate your life as a person, the more the reader will connect with you. truth, or avoiding important facts, never establishes trust. Your clients of a company, but we devour books about the entrepreneur who overcame his challenges and built the company. Transparency is the new buzzword of the business world. Be honest. Be open. Be yourself. as much as your downs. The more interesting your book, the higher the value. impressive than being on the cover of a magazine. Cover stories are about a person’s company or journey. A book is the telling of that journey, and with YOU listed as the author, you truly are a celebrity. Exponential Leverage proper application of your lever (your book) and an ongoing fulcrum 142

(media, exposure, etc.), your book cannot just be a lever, but an absolute game-changer for your business. By following a focused and consistent path of media, promotion and service, your book can land in the hand of hundreds of thousands, capability of doing that instantly with enough cash, only a book gives you the prestige of an expert and the longevity of being a published author. Buying a Super Bowl TV ad lasts 30 seconds. Newspaper, radio, and even that fancy brochure of yours are amongst the thousands of other messages your prospects receive on a daily and even hourly basis. Only your book can cut through the clutter and deliver what Sure, there are sales methods and clever “advertorials” that attempt to give your prospects the solution they want. However, anyone with a 3rd grade education knows that, in the end, you are trying to sell him or her something. Your book, on the other hand, is 180 degrees from that method of communication. have interacted with you (You better not embed too many upsells in your book!) They have forked over their hard-earned money with only one idea in their head: “Can the $20 I paid for this book entertain, they want? The same thing everyone does…love, wealth, health and happiness. If you can combine any number of these (while keeping the book consistent), all the better. schoolteacher transformed her body and became a part-time aerobics instructor! (Health combined with wealth and happiness.) 143

The leverage of your book should take on multiple facets not only enhances your reputation, but also provides you a new platform for speaking, being interviewed on the radio, or selling your core product, you win. The more you expose your book in multiple media channels, the The more you are referenced on other websites and sources, producers are a bit lazy, and it is far easier for them to NOT check you out and verify your credentials. The only way to do this is to have appear on multiple TV and radio stations. people are extremely busy and usually on very tight deadlines. Saving 15 minutes can be crucial. 144

Start with your own blog. Get published and offer your reviews, can. (available at, you can be interviewed by top station sites and interact with them, the more you become an insider. Giving Your Book Away Huh? You just invested eight months of your life, $25,000 in That depends. cheapen the message and dilutes the value. I would not recommend Strangely, digital downloads of many books are upwards of $47, $97 or even more, even though this format is virtually free for the publisher. The exact same book rarely fetches over $25 if it is available at all in stores. The price and value of the book relates to one undeniable fact: How well does your marketing perform? If you are good, really good at developing and expanding the pain of the problem your book solves for the reader, you can charge more. The hardback copy of the last Harry Potter book will likely be 145

It has the same content. The words don’t change. And what about Your book has value. It can be permissible and even encouraged to give part or all of your book away for free, providing you abide by some or all of the criteria below: 1. Give away a portion as a “sample” of the value of the rest of the book. 2. Give away the book in full as a “bonus” to your other products or services. 3. Give it away because there are compelling links to other products inside. 4. Give away a small number of copies to encourage others to buy. 5. Give away a small number of copies as part of a sales contest or promotion. 6. Give away the book as a pdf instantly, while waiting for shipment of the book. 7. Give away the book as a course manual. Making Money ON Your Book Of course, the idea of selling a million copies and receiving a $1 for every copy would make you a millionaire. There are hundreds of duplicate, you not only ensure the longevity of your brand, you can 146

Below are more examples: Harry Potter Or even brands like… John Grisham Clive Cussler Upsells, Teasers and Raving Fans Your book can be the most powerful sales brochure in existence. So often, business owners try to use clever copy, compelling sales arguments, incentives and “freebies” in order to capture the loyalty of their clients. of the company seal the deal? a slick and compelling sales campaign or from a known author whom you saw in the media? you not only elevate your status, but you can continue to educate, inform and sell to your fans some additional products or services. It’s an up-sell if a fast-food place asks you if you want dessert after your meal. 147

It’s a brilliant marketer that describes the award-winning ice as you continue to deliver value, you can continue to turn a one-time customer into a long-term client and raving fan. Become an Overnight Media Celebrity Spread your book across the country at the speed of sound! Becoming a popular guest on radio and TV shows worldwide takes publicly about your book, but people want to hear about it! If you are nervous about public speaking, there are “work-arounds” for that. Contact us at for more information. For most business owners and professionals, the idea of talking about their vocation, avocation or passion comes effortlessly. Your book is merely the beginning of a game-changing shift. Getting press will be the start of something new and wonderful for most of you. You may not make it on “The Today Show” right away, but many consistent basis, you can get enough media exposure to accomplish elevating you and your brand higher than your competition. Before you map out your campaign strategy, understand that changed, but has transformed to such a degree that publicists worldwide who have NOT made the shift are going out of business in record numbers. Historically, there used to be at most three TV stations, perhaps up to a dozen radio stations, and a single newspaper in town. If you wanted to get publicity, there were gatekeepers and 148

That was the system for decades. It’s all but gone now. Instead there are 500 different TV channels being delivered via satellite, cable and the web. There are over 1,000 of these are available on satellite radio, and many thousands more are available on the Internet. Print media?...forget it. Newspapers and online media sources, there is no limit to the number of outlets for the printed word. A few years ago there may have been only 20-100 media outlets Follow the outline and details below on taking your book and to sell a ton of books from doing interviews, but to bring credibility to you and your book. It is this credibility that will create a surge products and services. Your book and its message is the conduit. leveraging your book to making millions with your brand.) Here is an outline that can allow you to get the media exposure you desire, elevate your brand, sell more books or other products, and seamlessly add exceptional value to your business. A) Create a book about you or your brand, message or business. B) Use your book’s message as a conduit to leverage the media. C) 149

Sell more products and services with less marketing and sales costs. The end result is to make more money and create a better lifestyle for you and your family. Throwing money at marketing, sales campaigns, etc., can be exhausting and risky! The outline for utilizing the media as your marketing partner You HAVE to Have a Website million-dollar enterprises that use this user-friendly service to create 150

unlimited web pages for you. There are thousands of sources to set up your website, blog and other online real estate to reference your of this report for links.) 1. 2. 3. Get a hosting company and have a programmer install 4. Put photos of you and your book on your site. 5. As the media interviews you, add their logo to your site. 6. Get reprints or recordings of your interviews and link them to your site. 7. Blog consistently about the message of your book. In addition to blogging about the message in your book, it is By adding comments with your digital signature, you build what are called “backlinks” to your website. Google and other search engines rank sites by the amount of other sites that link to yours. The more people who link to your site, the higher your site appears in the search engine optimization) tricks, and companies who charge thousands for this service. The purpose of this report, however, is to focus on using the media (digital, print and broadcast) to elevate your image Get your website up and put your book on it. You can sell your book directly or simply link to and let them sell it for you. You may still be responsible for shipping and handling, so be sure to pick a strategy (selling and shipping yourself or outsource) that suits your business and goals. 151

Be a Guest on the Radio One of the easiest methods to gaining media exposure is to do may appear. Consider the fact that there are thousands of radio stations across the country, and nearly all of them are on the air 24 and producers are always looking for new and interesting guests to feature. The producer’s job is NOT to make you famous. Their job is to keep their listeners interested in what you have to say, in order for them NOT to tune out during a commercial. That’s it! Therefore, the better you become at doing compelling, interesting and value-added interviews, the more you will be booked on shows. station IF they know how to make the host of the show look good. Of course, producers and hosts of these programs realize you are doing the interview for publicity, and they almost always give you a chance to plug your book and/or company. If they forget to ask, it is not considered bad form to simply interject your website at the end of the interview. (For a complete program on learning how to be a stellar guest, contact us at You will need the following items to start your radio campaign: 1. Bio on you and your relevant experience 2. Compelling headline and story concept 3. Book sample and book overview Once you have the materials, you can contact radio producers or 152

He also has a trade journal called RTIR that producers use to seek out guests. (See resource guide.) Once you start doing a few interviews, always get audio copies of the interview and the logo from the station. Get permission to put both on your website. See the resource guide for a list of sources of radio producers who want to share your story! Blog Radio Broadcast radio still has more prestige than Internet radio, but popular bloggers and some broadcast personalities are making the media exposure. business (it can be), you could always have a weekly radio show where you were the host and interviewed a guest each week on a topic that was important to you, your industry or your demographic. Being a radio host would add to your credibility, and by interviewing people in your industry, you add to your own brand along the way. and allow your website visitors to read or download them. Video and TV Television has changed forever. This visual medium has gone from half a dozen channels to thousands of satellite and cable sites, the actual number of “channels” is now unlimited …wow!… where do you start? 153

Start with recording short, compelling and relevant videos and posting them online. There are now dozens of sites that host videos . You don’t have to put your face on the video to get started, but it is good practice. The more practice you get with speaking publicly and on camera, the easier it will be to do live interviews on TV in the future. First of all, broadcast television is not dead. People still tune in to popular shows and news, and even local television stations are readjusting to the Internet…not rolling over and dying like some newspapers. In order to be a guest on TV, you will have to be able to “spin” your message in a timely manner. In other words, your message, on its own, probably isn’t powerful enough to garner the attention of TV can become at adapting your message to the news, the easier it will be to contact a producer and let him/her know that you can add Bexsi has a resource directory that includes thousands of names, phone numbers and e-mails of radio and TV producers and hosts all 154

Blogs Blog is short for web log, and this medium to deliver news and content has taken off like a nuclear explosion. Because of the ease and proliferation of blogs, they have become as common as grains of sand on a beach…millions of them look the same, and millions more are nothing more than cheap advertising gimmicks. more relevant, interesting and consistent the blog posts are, the and hundreds of thousands of pages on any particular subject, getting Give good, relevant content away for free, on a consistent basis. There are dozens and dozens of basic principles that pull the blog proprietary. However, there are a few basics that can work for you. 1. Consistently blog. 2. 3. Add pictures, audio and video (called vlogs) to your site. 4. 5. post or create a link to your page, the higher your post will rank. OPB — Other People’s Blogs Other people’s blogs are another way to gain publicity for you. 155

allows the reader of your comment to click on your signature and that People are marketed to death nowadays, so the farther you can remove yourself from self-serving copy, the better. Additionally, choose blogs and stories to comment on that not only Joint Venture Joint venturing (or JV) is a sure way to build additional credibility, add to your list, and increase your sales and branding. There will always be people and companies with more experience and a larger customer database than you. Seek them out and make sure you contact them in a personal and professional manner. DO’S and respect. to help you. DON’T Be a pest. Ask for help without giving in advance. Tell them anything that you can’t do or haven’t done. 156

This is where your competitors or similar businesses who are vertically integrated with you can be a tremendous lever for you. If states. You can even JV with identical companies that don’t service your area, and the two of you can become stronger because of your alliance. Instead of creating a competitive environment, you create co-opetition. JV arrangements can leverage more than just a brand or an relation departments. Consider the following scenario: A) You send out a press release announcing the publication of your book. B) A Fortune 500 company announces the publication of your book (along with a corporate purchase of 5,000 copies). Of course, if a radio or TV producer wants to report on this news, they will almost always go with the trusted source…the one with a household name. with you, you will need to do your homework. yourself with people and companies that have more experience, name recognition and money than you. There are entire courses dedicated to this strategy. See the resource section for details. 157

We Do It ALL For You success strategies through a book that: Gets you and your message out to the world effectively. Is written, published and market-ready in about 90 days. Has a built-in publishing deal from the start. and dozens of other sites. 158

What will the above exposure and activity do for you AND your business? Using proprietary Bexsitm technology and the personalized human interaction marketing machine can be up and running in just a few weeks. time, you will overwhelm your competition with your new celebrity status as an author. Your book will provide you with the notoriety you deserve, elevating your brand and position light-years ahead of your industry competitors. You’ll have authored your very own book economy. Your celebrity status as an author is not only guaranteed, but your physical soft- or hard-cover book will be delivered to you in less time than you think. Packages include: Your Book Process: Your commitment of time to this project is measured in hours, not polished and published professional book, authored by YOU! You’ll receive 50 copies of your book that you can proudly display, distribute or sell. You’ll always have the option of buying additional copies of your book, whether for sale, to be given away, or used 159

as high-impact branding tools that highlight YOU as the expert in e.g. for journalists and other media outlets, speaking presentations and beyond). Guarantee: Your book is as important to us as it is to you…here’s proof. If you aren’t 100% thrilled and excited about the book we create For more information and a private consultation to see if you . Resources Create a book about your brand One-stop distribution for videos #1 place for video viewing Interactive continuity product Be a guest on radio programs Portal for reporters and experts Consult with a media insider receive a $1,000.00 discount on the normal fees to produce your own book while leveraging the 3 hour author network. 160

and How You Can Use It 2 Dennis J. Sullivan 161

one of them already knew about your products and services and couldn’t wait to see what you have come out with next? with a choice between your product and a competitor’s, they would choose yours every time and put thousands or even millions of dollars into your pockets? What if, what if, what if… Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s how some of the most successful business owners are marketing their products, even in this economy, and they’re achieving amazing results, because they’ve taken the time to develop a loyal crowd of followers who are hungry for what their business has to offer. Think of the process I’m about to describe in terms of a funnel. At the top of the funnel, at its widest point, is where you bring in the largest crowds of people. Then, as you develop a relationship with the crowd of followers, you offer them products and services! Over time, the relationship with your prospects deepens, and you you! 162

Of course, not everyone will be interested as you move them through the funnel, so the crowd will naturally narrow. That’s okay. You can’t be all things to all people. But you don’t just kick them out of your funnel. You can move them into other funnels using the same process. The key to successful funnel marketing is to always have a next step that your prospects and customers can take with you. The ONE Question That Has Single-Handedly Generated Millions of Dollars As soon as you select a book that you want to purchase, Amazon. com immediately recommends three or four other books that other readers who bought the same book purchased. Before you check out, they’re already offering other books! It’s an automated way of an 163

every day has brought in millions of dollars in additional sales for simply created software to ask the same kind of The Confession, and suddenly that $15.49 book offer becomes a $50 offer package! Plus, stores the information about your purchases. So when a new book comes out under a similar topic, or by the same author, sends an e-mail about the new book as one of its recommended readings. has created its own funnel marketing. First, they offer a wide selection of products: books, music, electronics, home and garden products, etc. Then, as you move through one of their categories, you’re placed into a funnel. And at every step Amazon. com offers another product, so there’s always a next step. Google uses a similar marketing funnel model with its paid search want to promote your business on Google, you can use its paid search would be valuable to you because they may be potential customers. even more valuable to you as they move through the funnel, because they’re much more targeted. By now, you’re probably asking … “Great ideas, Dennis, but how do I apply these principles to my business?” Glad you asked. Because the Google and Amazon funnels are nearly the variety of products that or Google has to offer. 164

stepping them up into another targeted product, is very similar. So how do you generate a large crowd as a small- or mid-size business? And how can you create a next step for your prospects and customers if you only have a few products? I’ll show you exactly how to do it. To put the idea of funnel marketing into context, I think it’s important to understand how much of this came about—and actually led to the rise of a $250 million company. As the Internet was taking shape in the 1990s and e-mail was becoming a more common communication tool, Bill Bonner, owner of Agora Publishing, was e-mailing friends from Paris about life in France, his musings on politics, the U.S. economy and his traveling the world. His writings were so interesting that his e-mail list of a few hundred grew into a few thousand and eventually evolved into tens of thousands by 1999, and he turned his e-mails into a formal e-letter he named, The Daily Reckoning. well in uncertain times.” And it aims to make each article “the most entertaining 15-minute read of your day.” The Story Behind the Rise of a $250 Million Company The Daily Reckoning, he also continued to manage his publishing business that he began in about new products and services he was launching, including and so on. 165

Today, the company publishes dozens of e-letters, newsletters and related products and services, and all follow a similar model that have helped the company grow to one of the most successful publishing companies in the world. I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of years managing the editorial and marketing of the health division at Agora, where I got to the division in just a very short time. There are several lessons learned here that are important, before we go too far... LESSON #1: Put the most powerful word in marketing to work for you! First, the most important thing to keep in mind, when trying to attract a crowd of followers, is to use the most powerful word in marketing. It was the most powerful word thousands of years ago and it still is today. That word is free. In fact, it’s so powerful that you usually see it in all caps and bold, so that it says: FREE! There’s still no better way to attract a crowd of hungry prospects than to give away something—and not just anything, either. That leads me to my second point... LESSON #2: FREE doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. Only give away something others would be willing to buy! It’s always best to give away something of value, something people would gladly pay for but are grateful to receive it if it doesn’t cost them anything. 166

Although Bonner gave away The Daily Reckoning at no cost, he still promised that it would be “the most entertaining 15-minute read of your day.” That’s not easy. In fact, it’s a tough commitment to him for it. He created a loyal group of followers who were already interested in what he had to say. So when he told them about a new product Agora was launching, or a new book they were publishing, he had a hungry crowd ready to devour it. Here’s a third and very important point to keep in mind… LESSON #3: It’s not easy to give away something for FREE! when you’re asking prospects to give you their e-mail address and sign up for something. I’ve found that many people are just as protective with their e-mail address as they are with their Social Security number or credit card account number. In some cases, people are even less likely to give you their e-mail address than their credit card number. their privacy, and the last thing people want is a bunch of junk e-mail (spam) every day in their in-box. prospects), you’ll create a crowd of followers hungry for your products and services. 167

2 Product Development Strategies… and the One That Works BEST Every Time! That’s why I’m a big believer in creating a great product or service 1. Create a product or service, and then develop a marketing and promotion campaign afterwards. 2. I’ve worked with both strategies over the years, and I’ve always develop the product or service) always works best. 7 Killer Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Too many times I see entrepreneurs develop what they think is a great product or service, but it doesn’t answer a fundamental want or need in the market. They spend all their time working on the product creation, without giving any thought to how it would be promoted. should have asked from the beginning: 1. 2. 3. 4. How will it help them? 5. 6. 7. If we learn anything from Business 101, it’s that all products or services address a fundamental want or need, whether it’s to help 168

us make more money, alleviate a fear or anxiety, make us feel better or clothing. In fact, you can take this strategy a step further and market the enough orders. This is a great, low-cost way to test a product before you build it. You can either market it as if it already exists, or develop a prototype, and then build more when you’ve received enough orders to move forward. WARNING: you’ve made a go/no-go decision. Usually, you want to make that decision within three weeks of accepting orders. If it’s “a go” then go ahead and deposit the checks and process the credit card orders. If it’s a “no-go” simply return the payments with a letter thanking your customers for their interest, and kindly explain that you didn’t receive enough orders, but you’ll be coming up with a new and improved version and will notify them as soon as it’s ready. low-cost, low-risk way to test marketing ideas to see whether you get the response you need. For instance, we often test book titles response, we’ll develop a paid product around the same theme. Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Marketing Funnel Model model and show you exactly how it works and how to do it yourself. make all the difference as you develop your own model. are three ski resorts within 45 minutes, and some of the best skiing 169

we’re just minutes from the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers, where thousands of people water ski on the weekends and on holidays. For our purposes, we want to just concentrate on marketing to snow skiers and creating a funnel for them. Some of these people may also be interested in water skiing, but the key is to keep your and get them into our marketing funnel model. simply to get prospects to raise their hands and say, “I’m interested.” That’s all we’re trying to do at this point. So we can offer the following “Top 10 Best Places to Ski for Less than $50 a Day.” town and surrounding towns, and we only run the ad during the fall can promote it on the websites of the 10 local ski resorts we name in Avoid the Single, Biggest Mistake Most Business Owners Make This is important. but most businesses never bother to take 170

prospects? That’s right, your own customers. Too many times, as business owners we’re so concerned about getting new customers that we ignore our best prospects—our past customers! This is, by far, the biggest mistake I see marketers and business owners make. So how do we collect this valuable information? The best way to do this, is to offer the report on your website, where prospects have to give you their e-mail address to get the report. Be sure to have help you avoid spam complaints as you market to your list. hands and say they’re interested, so we can develop a list that we can market products and services to later. And we can promote our services via e-mail or direct mail, which are two of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertise. have to ask ourselves. We’ve Got Our Prospects Hooked…Now What? we want prospects to take with us? They’ve raised their hands and do we want them to do next? pair of skis, boots, bindings and snow gear. So the next step is to offer a $49-per-day special on ski rentals. It’s a low-cost, low-risk way for a prospect to take the next step with us. And even if a prospect is that he or she can pass along to friends or family members, to get them involved in skiing. 171

Then, we can offer a Starter Ski Set for $399, which includes everything a skier would need to enjoy the slopes without spending come back to the store to purchase gloves, hats and jackets before heading out on their trip. as they come out. As you can see, with each step in the funnel we’re stepping prospects up into a more expensive product or service (which means more with their purchases. it? Of course not. Nor do we have to wait for a prospect to take the 172

There’s nothing stopping us from also offering apparel, new marketing funnel model, so you can best monetize your list. That last phrase is important, “…so you can best monetize your list.” Remember I Promised to Give You Two WARNINGS? Don’t make a move until you READ THIS FIRST! WARNING #1: make sure that we get a return on our initial investment and that we’re making money on the names we bring into the funnel. How? There are several keys metrics we’ll want to monitor. They are: CPL and advertising to bring in the names into the marketing funnel model. Open rate promoting a product or service. RPL number of leads generated). PPL marketing costs in dollars / total number of leads generated). These are just some of the metrics you’ll want to track regularly as you evaluate the performance of your model. You can also break your leads are performing, based on responses from ads you placed 173

on Google compared to ads you placed on ski resort websites. you’re bringing in lots of names who aren’t buying, generating more leads won’t solve the problem. You’ll just go broke faster. in your hungry buyers. WARNING #2: The Secret is in the Sauce If you just see the model as a way to next-step your prospects and customers, you’ve missed the point. It’s all about developing a hands, then giving them good, valuable information or a product or service they can use. One of your goals is to build trust. You want your prospects and customers to see you as a trusted advisor—a person they can go to who understands their pain (skiing is expensive!) and has solutions to offer (get started with a low-cost starter kit), while also making it easy and convenient to do business. It’s easier said than done, right? That’s why you’ll want to regularly (and does)? He sends a regular e-mail with information that’s useful to take time out of their day to read. In our ski shop example, we can send a regular weekly e-mail talking about snow conditions at various resorts, tips on how to shop on the expert slopes, best practices to stay warm outside, best foods to eat that won’t make you feel tired, and so on. 174

This is a great way to build a relationship with your prospects. The key is to give more, and ask less. The temptation is to constantly send promotions. But after a while, your best prospects will start to tune you out. And all that money and energy you put into generating the leads will be for nothing. So be sure you’re always providing value to your prospects. It really is the secret sauce you’ll need. To help you build your own The Marketing Funnel Model Wizard 1. Who are your best prospects? __________________________________________________ 2. What are your best prospects hungry for the most right now? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ 3. What can you offer your hungry prospects that will help __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ 175

4. What can you offer for FREE! to help you generate leads and reach more hungry prospects? gladly buy from you.) ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 5. What can you offer prospects next, at a price point that’s less than $50, so you can begin to convert your prospects into buyers? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ 6. What products or services can you offer next that your prospects want or need? customers to take with you and the price points. Product/Service Price ___________________________ $___________ ___________________________ $___________ ___________________________ $___________ ___________________________ $___________ ___________________________ $___________ ___________________________ $___________ 7. What is the ultimate product or service you want your customers to purchase from you? __________________________________________________ 8. How will you continue to build a relationship with your prospects and customers? 176

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ The Marketing Funnel Model Wizard blanks below as you complete your marketing funnel model. My Marketing Funnel Model for: ________________________ Note: Use this same process for each of your market segments, so you have a marketing strategy for each. Take-aways to consider: The funnel marketing model is an ideal strategy to generate leads, build relationships with prospects and customers, and “next step” your customers into 177

keep them interested in what you have to say, so they see you or your company as a trusted advisor. marketing) to work for you, by giving away a Only give away something others would be willing to buy. It’s always easier to sell a product in which you’ve Before you develop your product, ask yourself 1. 2. 3. 4. How will it help them? 5. 6. 7. Be sure to always add “the secret sauce”— a regular e-letter or message that keeps your prospects interested in what you have to say. 178

Resources for Developing Your Funnel: – This one of the best all-in-one marketing and customer database tools you can purchase. – This is also a good lead gen and e-mail management system, but it doesn’t have the features InfusionSoft offers. – Another good lead generation and e-mail management system. – An excellent website development that can create eye-catching book covers and images to marketing consulting, copywriting and website development for small and mid-size business owners who want breakthrough solutions. About Dennis J. Sullivan earning him the nickname “the pub guru,” despite wildly exaggerated stories (only a few of which are true) saying that he enjoys a pint or two at the local pubs by Baltimore’s harbor. appetite for discovering solutions for his clients and delivering breakthrough results. He’s created numerous marketing funnel 179

boosting sales as a result. An award-winning writer, speaker, professor, business coach and client as if they are the only one. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, writing, marketing who truly want to grow. Contact him today to see what he can do for you. Phone: 410-529-8854 or e-mail: 180

2 By Gene Ramos 181

included here is all about you and making you money online. So So, you have your eBook or product ready to sell online and your website ready to sell it. If you don’t have a website or online marketing and branding plan now, no sweat; that’s what we do at to sell more stuff by using online marketing tools as an additional marketing stream as well as giving you an idea of what we do for everyone of our clients, some who now turned online rock stars. There are several great strategies you can use, most of which won’t cost you a dime, like Facebook, Hub Pages, YouTube, Press Write Short Articles You can write relatively short articles that talk about a subject in your niche, and use them to promote your eBook. I’m talking about articles of about 300 words here, not even 500 words. Almost anybody can write something that short. Here’s the strategy: Write your article or hire a writer at If you hire somebody, it won’t cost you very much, because the articles you need are short. Include a link to your eBook website in your resource box. Always do this. That’s the whole point! keywords in the link text, like this: 182

Blast the article to lots of article sites. You can use to do this. Your article might not be approved at article typically like articles at least 500 words long, but there are tons of other sites that will accept your short articles. organization. Viral Videos That Sky-Rocket Visits Audio and video are extremely hot on the web right now. You can ride that wave by creating your own viral video. The easiest way to create video is to buy yourself a cheap webcam video, and post it to You’ll need to sign up for a free account. Once you do that, you Enter your title. here, since that will help search engines rank you for that keyword. Enter your description. Be brief. Include your keyword at least once, but focus on making this a sales pitch for your video…get people interested in it. 183

Select your category. There are only 14 to choose from, so pick whichever one is closest to your niche. Enter your tags. These are what the form says they are —keywords! After that, you have the choice of uploading a video by selecting record your video straight from your webcam with the Quick Capture feature. So what should you put in your video? It’s pretty simple: Include helpful free information. This could be a subset of what’s in your eBook. leave them wanting more. Include a URL for your eBook, company website, etc. Tell the viewer how they can get more information That’s all there is to it. If your video is informative and entertaining, Press Releases Not true. You can use press releases very effectively to market just about anything, even if you run your business as just one person out of your kitchen. 184

want to do is use a site like to distribute your press release. This site gets interest from some big names, like Google, CNN and local and national news networks throughout the world. These companies are always looking for fresh content and news, so creating a press release may get you some very big publicity. can purchase, but even the one with the lowest price gives you some great distribution (see the list to the right). If you want to create a press release for your eBook launch, you need to keep a few things in mind: Press releases have to be newsworthy. If it’s a tired old “announcement” about something that’s been around for years, no news outlet will pick that up, and you’ll waste your money. Your press release needs to be exciting. If it’s boring, nobody will click through to your site for further information. Think of a press release like sales it full of exclamation points, but make the language engaging. You need to use a “formula” for writing a press release. News and content organizations that look for press releases want to see certain things. If you don’t give them what they want, they’ll simply reject your they want. Here’s how to structure your press release to get it accepted … and read by lots of people… 185

Use a Headline That Grabs Attention in 80 Characters Or Less Include a short sub-headline (without quotation marks) that keeps interest up, perhaps your name or company name), month, dd, yyyy. Just like that. Follow that with an announcement of the main you offer. might include why your product, service or information is is it important?). Your third paragraph should talk about why your company or website is the place to go for information about your topic. Again, no hype, just the facts. you covered in the press release, and emphasize your Your About/Contact information should be similar to the resource box for an article you publish online, but shouldn’t include an overt sales pitch like you would include at the end of an article. Focus on who you are and why you created your website. Include a link to your site after that paragraph. Finish up with three hash marks (###) to tell whoever picks up your press release that they’ve reached the end. 186

from them. Forum Posts Related to your Topic Posting to online forums is one of the best ways to get free advertising for your eBooks, whitepapers and reports. The key is sig. Of course, that assumes you post in forums that let you have a sig that includes promotional material. Always check before you do this. If your forum is okay with you promoting your own site in your sig (signature tag), all you have to do is come up with something compelling to get people to click through to the site where you’re selling your products and services. For example, you might say something like this: Once you have your sig created, you’ll need to post in ways that are most likely to get your sig link clicked. Here are a few suggestions: Comment on threads from popular posters. These are usually people whose threads get lots of comments, and they usually have made lots of posts themselves. If you post to their threads, your sig will get more exposure. Comment on threads tightly related to your topic. that talk about your topic, and post to those. If you can’t 187

Make your post helpful. Offer real information for free. You don’t have to spill all the beans in your initial materials, but don’t just post “I agree” or other things like that. Give good information, and people will be much more likely to click your sig link for more. Don’t promote in your post. That’s what your sig is for. You might occasionally tell people to check out your sig link for more information, but keep that to a minimum. to post to regularly (the ones you used for market research are great possibilities). Post to each one a few times a week, and you’ll get regular and targeted. And free. of fresh content. If you use your targeted keywords in your posts, you’ll probably start seeing those posts rank pretty high on Google Facebook Social Ads Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites on It’s also fast becoming an online marketing powerhouse. That’s because Facebook invites businesses to create pages there. All you have to do is create a page for your business, and you’ll be ready to go. You can tell people about your business, and even promote things there. Creating a page is simple. You just follow 188

the wizard Facebook gives you, which starts with identifying your business. or service, using the Brand or Product page category. It’s up to you, how you do it. Once you have your page set up, it’s very smart to use Facebook’s relatively new Social Ads feature. The way Facebook works is to have people sign up as “friends” of other people in the Facebook community. The business angle is similar, except people can sign up as “fans” of a brand or product or company they like Social Ads let you put ads in front of the friends of people who nice about your product or page by writing a review, you can pay to have Facebook notify their friends with a Social Ad. That’s like broadcasting social proof that your product is good. It’s powerful advertising. Setting up an ad is simple. Facebook walks you through the process with their four-step wizard. Notice that last page, the one called Set Budget. No, Social Ads program—you pay when somebody clicks on your Social Ad. There’s a wizard page that lets you set that up. Fortunately, Facebook lets you set your daily budget and the price you’re willing to pay for each click. This will take some experimenting to get right. Because of that, I would call this a more 189

from Facebook. HubPages months is This site is really taking off in popularity, and search engines absolutely love it. HubPages lets you create your own web page (they call it a hub) at their site, but…and there’s a very important point…they don’t want you to create what they call an “overly promotional” hub. So if your hub is just a thinly veiled commercial for your products more creative than that. And here’s an excellent hub at HubPages itself which tells you how you can create a safe hub that lets you market your offer subtly, in a way that won’t get you banned: In that hub, they’ll point you to an example of a promotional hub that won’t get banned. Here are a few key points to remember: Make your hub informative. Focus on providing information about your topic. sample chapter and present it as a hub article. Include pictures. You can pick some up for cheap at People in the hub community like pictures. If you don’t have 190

any, they’ll be bored and won’t read your hub. It’s that simple. Don’t link to your site too much in your hub. A link or two is all you should have. It’s near the end of this article, and it doesn’t scream that it’s a promotional link at all. That’s the way to do it. Signing up for a HubPages account is easy. Just click sign up on the home page to get to the page where you can create your good information. The goal is to get your hub approved, and get it up and running. Once it’s there, search engines like Google will pick it and from your hub. One of the easiest ways to market your products and services is But that might be a challenge for somebody just starting out. The solution is to get your product listed in , which publicize that your product is available for promotion. One of the most popular is, which you’ve already seen in this book. ClickBank, you become what they call a publisher. That not only lets ClickBank take credit card payments for you. You also get an extra bonus. 191

As a publisher, you let ClickBank include your offer in the to promote it. You don’t even have to do anything special, except to by clicking the My Site link on the Account Settings tab inside your account: That takes you to the page where you can set the commission your products for you (you can’t set different percentages for each As of right now, your commission percentage can be up to 75%... and you might want to consider that. have gotten otherwise. Always keep in mind... getting nothing for no sale at all. Beyond ClickBank, you might also consider entering your site at Allan Gardyne’s site, His the form for approval: 192

Joint Ventures You have heard the term joint venture (or JV A joint venture (or JV) is an agreement between two or more individuals or businesses to partner and create There are lots of different types of JVs, but in your case, what you’ll be looking for is a partner who will promote your product or So you’ll need to go a little beyond that in order to have a potential JV partner sit up and take notice when your proposal comes through. somebody an e-mail and ask him to promote your widget. Be subtler. The process goes like this… First, you have to track down an e-mail address for potential partners you might want to contact. As you’re doing your market research at ClickBank, check each site’s pitch page (remember, that’s ClickBank’s name for the sales page) to see if there’s a way to contact the website owner. If there’s a contact form or an e-mail address, you’re set. Second, send that person an initial email something like this: 193

Subject: [potential partner name], may I send you a proposal? Hi, [potential partner name, I came across your website at [his URL] while I was doing research the other day, and I was impressed. It’s a great site. I love the way you [include something you liked about the site. Well done. I’m always looking for people who like to do things right online, because I see them as potential partners. After seeing your site, I wanted to introduce myself, and tell you I have something to propose that I think you’re going to love. I’m sure you’re busy, and that you get loads of proposals all the time, so I’d like to get your permission before I send you one. May I e-mail you what I have in mind? Thanks very much for your time. Sincerely, [your name] 194

That’s a great way to get the ball rolling. You’re sort of buttering up the prospect at the beginning, by complimenting their website. People love that, as long as you don’t lay it on too thick. If you get a positive response to that e-mail, it’s time to send another e-mail with your actual proposal. As I said before, you want to propose something more than just having this person promote, let’s say an eBook, for some commission percentage. I suggest you include the following elements in your proposal: The name of your eBook and what it’s about. This gives your potential partner some context for your proposal. A link to download a free review copy. This is an absolute must. If you’re not willing to let a potential partner read your e-book, they probably won’t promote. What you’ll offer your partner. also include anything else you’ll give your partner to reciprocate his promotion for you. Your proposal e-mail might say something like this: Subject: potential partner name, the proposal I promised Hi potential partner name, Thanks for your interest in my idea. I don’t want to waste your valuable time, so I’ll get right to it... 195

e-book title. It’s all about your topic]. I’m pretty proud of it, I must say. You can download a free review copy here (please keep this URL private): [Your direct download link] What I propose is simple: 1) You promote my e-book to your list for a 75% commission (I’m selling through ClickBank, so they’ll pay you every two weeks). 2) I’ll add a promotion for a related product of yours to my Thank You page, so every single customer will see it. 3) I’ll promote another one of your products at a later date to the buyer list I’m building with the e-book. Let me know what you think of that arrangement. I think it’s a win-win for both of us. Thanks again for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, [Your name] 196

JV partnerships are partnerships, so spend some time coming up with good stuff you can offer a partner. They’ll love it. Combining Marketing Strategies Now that you know several different marketing strategies to get your e-book, product or service in front of lots of people, it’s time to take it to the next level, by combining the strategies. There are probably as many different combinations as you can imagine, but here’s one scenario that illustrates how you might combine strategies… First, write a few short 300-word articles to distribute with . Then take one of those articles and rework it into a nice meaty forum post, to start a thread on one of your forums. again) as a hub page for your offer at Next, from your hub page, point to your viral video at press release for to talk about the attention it’s getting. See how that works? There’s almost never a time when combining strategies will hurt 197

you create content at various sites with your keywords somewhere back to your site. Search engines will love that, which is yet another Do It All Again! products and services, you can use the foundation steps in this system to do it again…and again…as many times as you want. built huge corporate empires. “If you’re looking for the ‘secret formula’ for guaranteeing this is it. The team knowing more of how to not only market online, but have the belief again that there are truly online marketing rock stars who believe in me and my project, and who have become more then just a business to work with... Thanks guys, you always make my day.” Malibu California. help build a online marketing strategy for you. 198

to Your Advantage 2 By Bruce Norton 200

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I have been in real estate for more than seven years now. I am also a serial entrepreneur. I started working with computers in 1978 tech, because instead of using a cassette tape recorder to store data, working with and programming computers ever since. company in the early 1990s. It was during this time that I learned just how critical leveraging automation technology really was. I was a one- man show, with more than 50 clients pulling me in different directions. To be truthful, it was only through using the same technology I was providing to my clients that I was able to pull it off. It was in 1999 that I sold the business to another company. If we fast-forward to 2003, when I started investing in real estate, I found that in order to do more than just a couple of deals per month, that I would need to put my computer geek hat on once again and use technology to put automation systems in place, so I could get everything done that needed to get done. Before long, I became the go-to guy for short sales and other foreclosure-related investing. In 2005 I became a national speaker, and added training students to my already-busy calendar. In 2006 I started negotiating short sales for investors all over the country. At my busiest, my team and I had no less than 250 active short sales on our desks at any given time! concerned, team and I were actually just my virtual assistant. The only way we were able to pull this off was through automated systems. Our systems also made us look much larger to the general public than we actually were. As a result, doors to various lenders were opened to us that would not have been opened otherwise. Finally, in the beginning of 2010, one of my mentors approached me with a problem. He had 300 websites that needed to be maintained, and a webmaster that went rogue on him. This was the start of 201

The key to be able to effectively manage the various aspects of help you to better understand Infusionsoft’s Infusion technology. And I will do that, but we cannot talk about Infusion without talking about systems. It is the systems that you have in place, or don’t have in place, that will make or break you. The single most important part of your business is your systems. And, these systems must be the right systems. Having the wrong systems in place, or having incomplete or broken systems, will break you. Adding technology to the wrong systems, or having incomplete or broken systems, will break you The problem is that if you are like me, you aren’t wired that way. As entrepreneurs, we are focused on getting the product or service fact, it is often a necessary philosophy. But at some point we need to address the idea of putting effective systems into place. The E Myth Revisited writes about a baker who was very successful, but could only grow to a certain point. She just could not get beyond that barrier. The reason she could not continue to grow was that she did not have systems in place that could be duplicated. She was an integral part of her business, and as a result she could not move from small day operations, her business would fail. She, like other entrepreneurs, liked doing what she was doing, but didn’t like doing it for someone else. She believed she could do it better if she was the boss. There is no doubt that she learned why her previous employer had systems in place. In Ready Fire Aim the various stages of a business. In its infancy, it is started and the 202

entrepreneur is busy doing what he loves doing. But there comes a time where the business plateaus. And when it does, it cannot continue to grow, unless and until the entrepreneur creates the systems necessary to be able to take himself out of the picture and have the business continue to thrive. Obviously, I am simplifying the writes: about to embark on a 10-day journey up and down the Alaskan coast. I have brought my computer, but I will not use the Internet on board. Nor will I activate my cell phone. “ clients’ businesses are being run very well without me. I am going to spend business . . . but when I do that, I’ll be doing it because I want to. “I don’t have to work hard anymore. I work only when it’s fun and easy.” So with that said, if you haven’t launched your business yet, what are you waiting for? Get your business out there, and start doing the stuff done that you need to get done in order to launch. If it isn’t Just remember to make it right for your customers and clients. In fact, go way beyond what you need to do to; just make it right. Now that your business has hit the ground running, it is time we all know there are automated systems in place, we still like to think we are special. Automating e-mail is one area where you can 203

and labeled as a spammer. You want to use a specialized e-mail marketing solution, such as Aweber or Infusion. Aweber has one very solid advantage, while Infusion has many others. Because of Aweber’s very strict opt-in policy, they have one of the highest delivery rates in the industry. They constantly monitor delivery rates and work with the various groups who maintain spam lists, to ensure high delivery. Strict policies are both Aweber’s the information marketing power marketers either use Infusion, or a combination of Infusion and Aweber. In addition to its ever-expanding list of built-in tools and systems, Infusion also has a very robust application-programming interface (API) that can be used to expand Infusion’s capabilities even more. As much as I will be writing about how to use Infusion, I will not be able to cover all of its capabilities here. As I stated earlier, repeatable systems are critical to a business. If you have a broken system or a system that will break, it will break even faster when you add automation technology to it. It is for this reason that any campaign you have must be laid out in detail. Step 1: First Things First You may be reading this because you have a widget that you want to sell, or that widget may be in development. And I will assume for the purpose of this chapter that your widget is going to sell for successful you need to make people understand that they need your widget, and then drive them to your sales page. The other problem 204

is that if you don’t have a list to mail to, there is no good way to you even have to be extremely careful about buying lists from list brokers. And more often than not, even if you do get a list from a list broker, it is probably stale. Your list is your key to success. Once you have a strong list, you can keep going back to it time after time after time, to provide them with a more advanced widget or a different widget that they will want to buy from you. So, if you don’t have a list yet, and buying or renting a list isn’t a great idea, how do you grow your list? your widget solves. You may be thinking that your widget really doesn’t solve any problem, but I would submit to you that it at least can solve one problem. dated a woman at least once, you know that relationship problems do arise. In fact, there are some things you do that drive her absolutely crazy. You also probably know that the rules can change from day to day, and as a man you simply cannot keep up with the latest changes. No matter what you do, there are times when you will be in resolved with an apology. And, if that apology is accompanied by a the problem your product solves, but also your target buyer. Now, as a man in a relationship, you have to admit that you don’t comes to the hints our other halves send us. If you don’t agree with me, ask your other half and she will set you straight. So now the 205

shop owner may want to do a white paper about women who seem to be distant in committed relationships, or women with unexplainable mood swings. It doesn’t have to be incredibly long or even profound. It only has to make it clear to the male reader that even if he doesn’t out what he did and apologizing for it is key to solving the problem. sale” marketing, but he also creates a web page about women with unexplainable mood swings, and tells the reader that there is a white Just as a side note, consumers love that four-letter word that critical and insightful white paper that will help him with his relationship. helping men in their relationships, but the white paper is not selling not to sell beginning to grow his list of his target buyer. And that target buyer Step 2: A Little Romance wouldn’t approach a strange woman, ask her to marry you, and expect her to say, “Yes.” The same is true with your growing list. You need to get prospects in the habit of reading and learning from you. 206

Give them testimonials from men who have apologized and saved their relationships. Give them hints on other things they can do to help their relationships. The idea here is to give away real information that can help them. You want to build a relationship with them not unlike courting them. A man courting a woman has the end purpose of a long and lasting marriage. Courting your list has the end purpose of repeated sales over a long period of time. Step 3: Introduce An Add-On Solution Now that you have developed a relationship with your list, it is the romance e-mails, he begins to introduce the idea that apologies are good, but apologies with a gift are even better. “There is nothing more romantic than a single rose,” he says. And in fact, if the reader happens to have a beautiful arrangement consisting of a single rose with some baby’s breath in a simple but beautiful white vase. And of Also, in one e-mail, are instructions on how to care for roses— that the stems should be cut a little every day, and that the cuts should be done at an angle with a pair of sharp scissors or shears. The e-mail that explains that the rose will glisten more and have a better the rose. owner, he is now starting to develop his “A” list. This is the list of buyers. This list is the list that you want to protect. As you become that there are others who want to market to your list. They will number of people on your list that convert for them. You will want to think long and hard about whether or not you want to market these 207

opportunities to your “A” list. Sometimes you will and sometimes you will not. Now, there is nothing wrong with marketing these offers to just your “B” list. There are people who will not buy from you, but will buy from someone else. You cannot predict who will and who will not. All you know is that your “A” list buys from you and you want to protect that relationship. Step 4: Close the Deal Now that you have your growing list and your growing “A” list, approaching, and that nothing expresses love better than a large Step 5: Follow Up As I said earlier, your list is more valuable than your product. That is because your list is still alive after you close the deal. So now, you want to followup with your buyers, get testimonials, and use marketing look like? and relationship building. 208

Automating the Process with Infusion simple. It can be a headline with a few bullet points or you can add a short video. The purpose of this page is to aggravate their pain, and convince them you have the solution. To create the opt-in form... First, login to your InfusionSoft application, click “Setup,” and descriptive name that will be meaningful to you. It is also helpful to you would like to use as a template, you can check, “Create this form by copying an existing form.” Then click “Create this form” and you will be presented with another page. can choose any of these options, or you can start from scratch. In most cases you don’t need to start from scratch. will change and be personalized. At this point, you should save the form. Then click on the second tab, “Set up Thank You Page.”Here, you have the choice of editing a page that is hosted in your Infusionn application, or one that you develop outside of Infusion. If you choose to show the “Thank You” message, you will have the opportunity to change to an editor similar to most word processors.” 209

In this screen you can edit your ”Thank You” page like you would with a word processor. If you know html, you may want to put in you will want to use the “Source” tab, which will give you a screen like this. The next part of the “Thank –You” Page tab is, in my opinion, one make sure you do this. It will improve your delivery rate. Once you have done this, you should save your form again. Now it is time to go to set up “Actions” by clicking on the third tab. You e-mails” will be, and when they will be sent. Once you are here, you will want to choose an action to add. Normally this will be to start or be presented with another screen. you. Then, add a description. You will want to put it into a category. If you don’t already have a category set up, add one. Again, you can the assumption that you will be working with a third-party developer to create your web pages. It is for this reason I am recommending If you were developing your own web pages, I would encourage you be complete when you create your opt-in form, and you can turn your attention to your web pages after you create your opt-in form like you are naturally going to want to do. If someone else is developing your 210

web pages, you can be working on the steps at the same time they are working on your web pages. I will go into creating the steps in the next section of this chapter. some other options you can choose as well. I will not be going into The last tab of creating the opt-in form offersvarious options that spammers getting into your form, you will want to enable CAPTCHA. If you want an e-mail when someone completes the form, you can enable that option as well. Again, you want to save your work. Your next step is to test the form to make sure it is working properly. If you are developing your own web page, you will want to click “Save & Gimme the Code.” If code to my webmaster.” At this point, while your webmaster is working on your web page, The Follow-up Sequences screen. 211

Start by clicking the drop down next to “Add as step that.” In most of other possibilities. For the sake of this chapter, we will choose Once you are here, you can create a new e-mail template, or choose one that is already written. You can choose when to send the away, but the next e-mail three days later, the next one three days after that, etc. Give your step a name. I would encourage you to use that. If you want the step to run, make sure Active is selected. If you decide you don’t want the step to run, but you don’t want to delete it, some people may have already started, you will want to put in the send the e-mail. At this point, you can hit “Save,” or “Save & Create You use the editor like you would any other word processor. You can use ~Contact.FirstName~ anywhere you want the recipient’s to read the e-mail. test your work. Once this is done, you will want to get back into your want to do this for every step you want to follow. 212

Obviously, I Have Only Scratched the Surface I haven’t talked about merchant accounts, shopping carts, fax gone through everything you can do with just the automated e-mails and opt-in forms. And, if you want to learn the API, we could write two or three books just on all the things you can do with it. There isn’t you the tools you need to get started and to encourage you to start building your list. Hopefully, I have accomplished that goal. I want to thank you for your time. Clearly, if you are reading this, you are serious about starting your business, or growing the business you already started. This already makes you very special. haven’t already learned this, you will. Starting and running a business is all about the team. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do everything you need to do. Your team will make or break you. Some of the people on my team are attorneys, title companies, In addition to all the other people on your team, if you are not a true computer geek, who knows how to program and integrate disparate entire infrastructure, I would like the opportunity to help you reach as it was then. Contact me at the e-mail address or phone number below, and my team and I will do everything we can to assist you. to consult with you and develop your web presence, or even just answer. Not only do we do web development, software development, 213

third- party integration, information technology management, and information technology and business consulting, we are also business been where you are now. Our business expertise is in IT and related industries, real estate, sales and marketing, information marketing, industry. competence, and the team behind him. But most importantly, if you are an information marketer or in that business, he really knows how to speak our language and how to develop websites that sell. And that is what it is all about if you are in that business.” Upper Marlboro, MD “. . . such as myself, is able to sign on to a tutorial then follow directions, which seemed straightforward if not easy.. . .let’s just say you’ve got something. And you need to stay in the good graces of that software programmer who made it a piece of cake. Please extend my kudos to Bruce.” -Pam Cox Forestville, MD 214

2 By Daven Michaels 215

Self-help guru’s sell a lot of books telling people how they should I wholeheartedly agree with this in principle, I know it is not as easy to do as they often make it sound. crippling diseases: ‘do-it-all-myself-itus’ and ‘take-on-too-much-itus.’ Some of the symptoms that you might recognize include stress, overwhelm, working long hours, working for minimal wage (for themselves), and extensive multi-tasking, which most entrepreneurs take pride in how well they multi-task.The reality is that multi-tasking is not only counter-productive, it is actually detrimental to your brain reading this, you have probably experienced the effects of trying to do too much yourself and taking on too much. Am I right? The other common challenges that entrepreneurs often share with me is their challenge to make money, do what they actually enjoy (their passion), or that they are not able to, or don’t have time these types of challenges, I know these are all common problems. How do I know this? I have had these same challenges over my 30- year entrepreneurial career. There is a practical solution, and unless you have really have been living on a deserted tropical island, I am sure you have either phenomena known as outsourcing. In my book I explain how I learned to leveraging the global workforce to expand my business, and a Philippine-based outsourcing company with over 350 virtual employees at the time I am writing this, working from two facilities and a third facility that will open in the next few weeks. 216

I knew the demand for overseas employees would become a big industry; what I underestimated was just how big it would become. One of the reasons why the outsourcing industry exploded was the impact of the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. In his book. what stood out for most people was the concept to make more money by outsourcing, and the ability to create and live the lifestyle entrepreneurs desire. our clients save time, reduce overwhelm, and make more money, we also look to help our clients create the life they so often desire. Over 3 Decades of Experience Several months ago, I sat down with some of my key advisors, mentors, and executives at my company and decided that we needed development trainers talk about making more money, working less, turning your passion into prosperity, having more time and freedom. more than talk about it, we have to perform. The media and many of my fellow associates have labeled me been an entrepreneur since the age of 15. I have been able to create a successful businesses in the designer clothes retail industry; electronic music; live event promotion for crowds as large as 20,000, which led to an award-winning career as a music producer, TV and premier outsourcing center in the Philippines with over 350 virtual employees. I have taken my lifetime of creating successful businesses, my knowledge of successful outsourcing, and my desire and passion to 217

help solopreneurs and small business owners achieve greater levels of success, and created a simple process to help our clients achieve better results by delegating their business and marketing tasks. Is Outsourcing for You? If you are still wondering if outsourcing is for you, consider the for why learning how to delegate and outsource your business and marketing tasks are critical to the success of your business and your lifestyle. Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Are you living your purpose, working on your passion? Far too many entrepreneurs start their own business to pursue their passion, only to get bogged down in design, websites, marketing, in your business, and not on your business, you are not focusing on the highest and best use of your time. In addition, you might be spending time on tasks others can do for you for $5-$10 per hour. So, If you are spending your valuable time on $5-$10 per hour tasks, are you working for yourself for $5-$10 per hour? Think about it! 3 Reasons to Outsource There are three practical reasons to consider outsourcing: 1. EXPERTISE: Outsource tasks you don’t know how to do. 2. INCOME GENERATING: Outsource lead generation, marketing and social media activities to generate more income. 218

3. TIME SAVING: Outsource your time-consuming tasks, such as business process and customer support tasks, so that you have more lifestyle time, or you have more time to generate more revenue for your business. Prioritize Your Projects income streams, and prioritize them in order of importance. Far too many entrepreneurs have several income streams they are spending 123 Delegation Table Once you have prioritized your projects, create a delegation table for each project/income stream as follows: 1) Take a blank sheet of paper; you might want to turn it so that it is in landscape. 2) Create four columns on the sheet, and label as follows: Column 3: Tasks you are doing that could be done by others Column 4: Task you would be doing if you had more time or money 3) and “All Other Tasks” 219

4) into the table as follows: What  I  HAVE   What  I  HAVE   What  I  AM   What  I   to  do to  outsource DOING  that   WOULD  LIKE   I  should  be   to  outsource   outsourcing business   M a r k e t i n g   M a r k e t i n g   M a r k e t i n g   M a r k e t i n g   Related  Tasks Related  Tasks Related  Tasks Related  Tasks All  Other  Tasks All  Other  Tasks All  Other  Tasks All  Other  Tasks Notes: to do those tasks, or could you delegate if you had the resources? business premises (obviously these cannot be outsourced). Column 2: The tasks in this column represent the have the expertise or skill set. This will often include website design-related tasks, software development, design, database development, etc. These are probably tasks you may have outsourced in the past. (Often we fall into the trap of wanting to learn these tasks so we don’t have to pay someone else. Is it worth it?) 220

The tasks that are in column 3 represent the task you are paying yourself $6 per hour or so to do! Think about it, if someone else could be doing them for $6 per hour, and you are doing them $6 hour, you have employed yourself anyone else for $6 per hour? So why do for yourself? Column 4 are the tasks you know you should be doing, but are not, to enhance your business. Which Tasks to Outsource First you don’t have to or don’t want to do. However, there is a practical 1) Must Outsource Next order for your business to proceed. It could be the creation of a website, lead capture page, sales page, copywriting. to do, or don’t have time for and have to hire someone to do them for you. In many cases, these tasks may be project- based. 2) Marketing for Increased Revenue The next set of task I would outsource should lead to the generation of more sales. This would mean: Option A) Hiring someone to generate more leads for you YOU can generate more sales. 221

to hire someone to generate more leads via Internet marketing, social there are some instances where our client is a great salesperson himself or herself and simply needs more time to make calls, attend networking events, talk at events, etc. In this scenario, we would look to identify tasks you are doing that can be outsourced so that you Questions to ask yourself: Can I increase sales by hiring a bigger sales team? 3) Outsource your dislike list, not good at, and boring list Once you have outsourced ”must do & marketing tasks,” you can outsource your “dislike,” “not good at” and “boring and mundane” tasks you really do not want to do. as possible! Be Great at Being a Good B.O.S.S. highly recommend creating systems and instructions. Create your instructions as Basic Operational S Steps, to ensure that your Virtual Assistant has the information and training to successfully do the tasks on your behalf. 222

Instructions can be as simple as writing the steps in a word document, audio recording of phone calls, script trees, creating training videos using screen capture software, or creating Q&A documents that your VA can use to reply to your clients. 6 Pillars of Successful Outsourcing successful outsourcing: 1. Client: Your ability to manage and communicate. 2. Client’s Business: Is your business positioned for success? 3. Tasks: The tasks you desire to delegate relative to the VA you hire. 4. Instructions: Your ability to instruct your virtual employee. 5. VA: Your VA’s skill and ability to perform the said duties. 6. VA you hire. If there is a weakness in any one of the pillars, the outsourcing relationship can crumble. However, when all six pillars are carefully considered before and during the relationship, and the VA is well managed, the outsourcing relationship will not only work, it will lead to greater business success. The process I have shared with you will help you create a strategic outsourcing blueprint, which you can systematically implement for bridge the gap between being self-employed to business owner, from working in your business to working on your business, from struggle to success. I know the information I have shared with you, when implemented, can be one of your key blueprints for creating a 223

future endeavors. Visit: for further assistance. In our next segments: proposition is, and also ask you to ask yourself some further clarifying 224

The Six Invaluable Factors 2 By Dave Crenshaw Author of Invaluable: The Secret to Becoming Irreplaceable 225

Are you Invaluable? In terms of your value as a human being, clearly the answer is yes. different answer. Are you someone that others in the market can’t live without, or are you easily replaceable? you invaluable?” ready to answer it again tomorrow. It is no longer enough to simply have a job. It is no longer enough to employees, to brands, to personalities and to media disappears the instant one’s attention is switched to new, shinier options. The Burden of Now Can you feel the increasing burden of this demand to perform, to attract, to inspire, to bribe, to incite, to entice, to titillate, to just plain grab whatever you can from whoever’s in front of you at the moment? This burden will only increase with no imaginable end in sight. The marketplace has become a never-ending marathon sprint with little time to sleep, eat, or drink, let alone spend time with family, Yet some have learned to play by a different set of rules. They have a system to rise above the chaos. You can see it in individuals who continue to succeed, while others around them struggle for survival. 226

You can see it in companies that attract and retain customers with ease, while other companies battle for market share. Those that shine have made themselves Invaluable. They have The Six Factors I wrote my most recent book, Invaluable, primarily with the individuals working in a business in mind. This new book teaches— together to make each other Invaluable, and in turn, the company as a whole. Invaluable shows the process of becoming irreplaceable on a very personal, individual level. Through years of working with businesses of all industries and sizes, I’ve uncovered a list of six Invaluable Factors that are universal to any business in today’s market. You can apply these Invaluable Factors to become irreplaceable at work, regardless of your position. Factors we cover in great depth in our Invaluable Personal Coaching program. Although this covers the topic in general, you should still be each of the Six Factors. After reading this eBook, if you wish to enroll bringing Invaluable Personal Coaching to your company, please visit or e-mail . #1 – Demand something that is determined by market forces outside of you, which 227

include advancements in technology, changes in culture, the weather, the country you live in, and so on. future market trends, and then work to align your actions with those trends. causing the demand for certain services and skills to change. Stay on top of the latest technological advances, particularly within your industry. New technology is often a signal of upcoming changes in within your company over the last two years. (Your marketing, sales, or accounting department should be able to supply those numbers.) of? And which products and services have you seen people buying less of? That usually is a strong indicator of where the trend is going and what you can do as a worker to improve your skill set to stay in Question to consider: demand for your personal skill set? #2 - Ability The Invaluable Factor of Ability simply represents how well you do what you do, or how much value you actually provide. skill level that you brought with you. You had just enough talent, 228

experience and education to get the job. However, just getting the job does not make you Invaluable. You must take your current Ability level and magnify it. You must increase your overall capacity to provide real, tangible value when you work. Ability is the measuring-stick we use in Invaluable Personal Coaching to roughly estimate that capacity. In the simplest terms, though, Ability is a measurement of how well you are exceeding your boss’s expectations. There are many different aspects in which you can improve your Ability. For brevity’s sake, let’s consider just three. First, you can improve your personal productivity. This includes by completing the Invaluable Inc. Productivity Boot Camp, which is included with your membership to Invaluable Personal Coaching. Second, you can improve your knowledge of your skill set. This although that may help. You have a limitless opportunity to read books, magazines, subscribe to newsletters, participate in discussion groups, and attend live and virtual seminars. Third, you can become a systems expert. A systems expert teach it to others. They set the standard of performance, document that performance, and then share that documentation with others freely. Question to consider: ability to perform for the company you work for and the market as a whole? 229

#3 - Irreplaceability it is to replace you. It considers the next-best alternative to your services. The next-best alternative is the person who could be doing the job instead of you, or even an upcoming technology that could replace the need for your labor. in this position?” Typically, there are two main things that make you irreplaceable. Number One is supply alternatives to working with you? How many people are willing to leap over the potential competition by emphasizing what makes you are your greatest strengths? How are you using those strengths to Number Two is understanding. The more you understand someone, the better you can customize what it is that you’re providing work for? How well do you understand the wants and the needs of your boss? Take advantage of every opportunity you have to ask for feedback or suggestions. Survey your co-workers, your boss or Question to consider: 230

#4 - Focus are many activities you can do in your work hours, but to become that bring the biggest bang to the bottom line, both for you personally Typically, these are things you do better than most other people. impact to the bottom line of your company. learn how to gracefully say no to others, and second, you must learn how to ruthlessly say no to yourself. mean, however, is that you become very conscious and truthful with yourself and others about how long projects and activities will take. pop into your head, rather than running wildly off in whatever direction they take you, write them down. Then, at a predetermined regular time, review that list and decide when, or even if, you want to take action on them. 231

Question to consider: How well do you focus your actions on #5 - Connection The Invaluable Factor of Connection assesses your ability to The value you bring to the market is directly affected by your ability to work well with others and to share resources with others. Connection is an absolutely essential part of becoming Invaluable. In order to increase Connection in the 21st Century, you must not only master the art of face-to-face interaction, but digital, as well. Give sincere praise and encouragement. Give gifts. Give of yourself, begin to experience the power of Connection naturally. It is not enough to have a large database of people who know “of” you and you know “of” them. The people your company interacts with must feel a personal connection to you in some way. To accomplish this, you must develop business systems that help you build connections in three areas: in person, recurring, and social involved in the community, in networking groups, in company parties, charitable causes and other public social opportunities. follow-up and re-contacting the people that you meet. For example: send cards to the people you meet on a regular basis. The friendly, unexpected thank you card is still the most powerful—and often least used—system for recurring connection. 232

Finally, you can use the technology of social media in appropriate Twitter and other developing social media sites are effective tools to maintain connections with large groups of people, real time. These resources are best used when you are willing to be completely transparent with your connections, including the sharing of resources and information. Question to consider: How many people feel personally connected to you? #6 - Authority The Invaluable Factor of Authority evaluates how strongly the An employee who is recognized both inside and outside of the company as a leading expert dramatically improves his or her value. Authority is often a neglected Invaluable Factor, especially among employees who do not consider themselves to be a part of the public eye. However, it is a strategic mistake to ignore Authority, as this Invaluable Factor is a dramatic market value multiplier. Individuals who properly leverage Authority are among the world’s top income earners. are paralyzed because they have too many choices. An Authority is a decision leader. This means they are perceived by others to be a “shortcut” in decision-making. People feel the process of decision- making can be shortened by listening to the recommendations of an Authority. Authority is not necessarily a celebrity, although the two may accompany each other. You have many mini-decision leaders in your life. They are your mentors, your teachers, your community leaders, 233

and your friends—even perhaps your boss. to offer to the world, but rather what is the best expertise to offer, and how will you go about developing Authority. As you develop Authority, your opportunities to serve others will increase. Question to consider: Become Invaluable The challenge I offer to you is to stand above the rest—to become bigger impact in the world around you, and garner greater respect. Our Invaluable Personal Coaching program will show you how to become truly invaluable. Beginning with the Get Time Boot Camp, we can show you how to immediately gain an extra 10 hours every week for the rest of your life. On an ongoing basis, we will show you how to increase your overall Invaluable Score by improving on all six of the Invaluable Factors. To learn how to become Invaluable, visit or email . 234

About the author Time Forbes, and BBC News. He is the President of the National The Myth of Multitasking: How ”Doing It Al”’ Gets Nothing Done, has been published in six languages and is a time management best- seller. invaluable, and has helped thousands of clients worldwide. 235

2 By Vicki Kunkel 236

We’re not a happy lot at work. A study released in January, 2010, by the Conference Board shows that job satisfaction is at an all-time low—despite the economy. A full 55 percent of the gainfully employed hate their jobs, once the economy improves, employers that have not paid much attention to employees—or that have overlooked employee skills and expertise-—can expect a mass exodus of their best and brightest. now unemployed, their working compatriots of all ages and incomes continue to grow increasingly unhappy. Through both economic boom and bust during the past two decades, our job satisfaction numbers have shown a consistent downward trend.” increasing worker unhappiness is not cyclical. The report examines how, through both the economic booms and busts of the past two decades, job satisfaction numbers have shown a consistent downward trend. Although the study did not name the reasons for employee dissatisfaction, my company did an extensive research project as another job, which is a pretty bold move in a down economy. Here’s what we found: A “sincerity gap” causes employees to jump ship. Sixty-eight percent of the people we interviewed left their job because of a corporate attitude that employee expertise and opinions are not valued beyond verbal acknowledgements. In other words, managers are 237

trained to say they value employee opinions, but employee suggestions are rarely, if ever, implemented or given any real credence. was not valued. Twenty-eight percent left because they felt the job was “making me stupid.” In other words, employees felt as if they were not fully able to use their talents, skills, abilities, and intellect on the job. The Cost of Employee Disengagement And that unhappiness is costing companies money—a lot of money. According to an April, 2007, study by the Gallop Organization, employee disengagement costs the U.S. economy roughly $300 billion per year in lost productivity. Additionally, the stock of companies that have a high rating from both the consumers and their employees outperform the Standard and Poor’s Index by a two-to-one margin over companies that only have high rankings from their customers. Yet, few companies make any real effort to engage employees beyond regurgitating a few “gosh-you’re-important-to-us” catch phrases robotically spewed out during on boarding, or stated by rote in employee evaluation sessions. A Case Study in Hiring and Keeping the Best: Self-Actualization In early 2008, one of my health care clients had an employee problem. The economic downturn--coupled with the threat of health care reform initiatives--had forced the large health care organization to take some drastic measures: it laid off many of its 23,900 reimbursement, drastically reduced the pension plan, took away 238

bonus “personal days” that had been awarded to employees who demonstrated outstanding performance, and froze salaries. Not only were employees outraged by these measures, many of those who remained were upset that some of their best friends had The company that the local business journal had touted as “The being called “the most hated place to work” by current and former employees in online forums like interested candidates in the one area where it desperately needed new talent: physician recruiting. Although no physicians were cut in the downsizing, potential physician candidates wanted nothing to do The Employee Engagement Turnaround Plan: Attracting and Retaining the Self-Actualized Employee. 239

In my many years of research into behavioral economics (why people do what they do, buy the things they buy, and like the things care organization I was working with, I found that most were in the “safety” level of the hierarchy: They weren’t there because they loved their jobs; they were there because the company offered “decent” researching the work habits of these employees, I found that their productivity was lackluster: they were showing up to punch a clock, collect they paychecks, and go home. Contrast this with the employees at another client of mine -- an at the “self-actualization” level: they are doing work that is creative, work that is meaningful not only to them but to society at large, and work that allows them a great deal of independence. Not only are these people great employees, they’re also great brand ambassadors. The challenge for my health care client was two-fold: 1. to get them as close as possible to the business metrics in place that would identify when an employee had reached that level. Although I won’t go into those metrics here, having clear, measurable milestones was critical to identify success. 2. To create and market an employer brand that would attract and retain candidates either at or near the “self actualization” stage. 240

creative and fun exercises that helped them draw a direct link between “mission days” also had employees create their own personal career mission statements, where it was clear that the mission statements did NOT necessarily have to relate to their current job. This step was critical to establish trust and gain credibility with employees. Once we had that information, managers met individually with toward his or her mission. In some cases, that meant moving the employee to a different job within the company; in others it meant create goodwill by helping someone become self-actualized, that person will spread the word, and we’ll be able to attract more ‘right and branding campaign that was launched exclusively on social media. (The company wanted to target social media because they wanted people who were more cutting edge and comfortable with technology.) The Results: Twenty months after beginning the employer branding and employee engagement initiative, my client was once again voted attracting top physician (and other) talent into the organization. And 241

Help your employees to self-actualize, and you will have high- performing, happy employees for a very long time. ( and a corporate learning and development company ( She can be reached at or . Vicki goes on to say in very encouraging tones, that small business is the way to go and here’s why: 242

2 By Vicki Kunkel 243

(publishers, marketers, educational companies and even news organizations) are outsourcing their writing, research, and information needs offshore. (Yes, a local community in California hired a writer in India to watch the local city council meetings—broadcast via an online feed—and write stories for their newspaper from the feed.) That’s a sure sign that an industry is about to become bust here. It’s no longer sustainable when too many players are in the market. So, if we’re not a manufacturing economy, we’re not a service economy, and we’re not an information economy, then what is our the “butcher, baker, candlestick maker” entrepreneur that you may of creative problem solvers who produce one-of-a-kind or limited runs of specialty goods for a global customer base seeking niche products. Artisanal entrepreneurs will include engineers, IT experts, and biotech specialists as well as craftspeople, food makers, and artists. In February, 2008, Intuit (the company that produces Quicken and QuickBooks software) released a report called “The New Artisan global and local business partners and customers, and will be complex problems and develop new ideas, products, services, and business models. 244

“The artisans will create new organizational structures and provide greater opportunities for work-life balance. These small and personal businesses will be run by a diverse group of entrepreneurs with a wide range of business objectives, but many will choose to join the ranks of the new artisans to match their work with their values.” relatively small number of mid-sized businesses in the middle, and a large number of small and one-person businesses at the other end. the boundaries of small businesses, and provide greater agility and This will open new markets and create new opportunities for small and one-person businesses. IT costs are decreasing, and computing power is increasing, which means that kitchen-table businesses will have access to tools and capabilities that were previously only available to the big boys. An example of this is the news business: It used to cost a lot of money to create, report, shoot, write, produce, and distribute a news show. Now a high school kid with a computer and a camera can put out his or her own online video news show. This is an exciting time of technological change and major transition in world economies. And it will be the little businesses that lead the way in innovation, problem solving, creativity, and economic development and sustainability. ( and a corporate learning and development company ( She can be reached at or . 245

So now that we’ve come almost full circle in learning some new our time together with some reminders of why we’re in business in Bring it home, Sam! What is Servant Leadership? One-Minute Answer: In two different Gospel books of the New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth gave His followers the same Jesus called them together and said, “You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, about it, workshops have been conducted on it, and institutes have been established to further it. The notion of servant leadership has caused executives, supervisors, and even parents to rethink the way they exercise authority. So what’s it all about and why is this leadership style such a good thing? After all, the notion of servant hood carries a distinctly negative connotation in the brave new world of the 21st Century. 246

mine tried “leadership through service.” But this euphemism entirely favor of the needs of followers in order to win their hearts. It’s putting people?” Five-Minute Answer: Servant leadership inspires people to follow you. Jesus declared that becoming subservient makes that hands, mouth, and feet. 1. Display exemplary behavior. thing?” It was discouraging to rarely hear the answer, “Because it’s showing to followers in your behavior the very behavior you expect from them. For example, are you as honest with them as you insist that they be with you? Listen to them and to their ideas. A major complaint children have of parents is, “They don’t listen to me.” Children and employees, alike, feel trivialized and invalidated by a leader not interested in their thoughts. (37-40) Learn and meet their expectations. your direct reports what they need from you as a leader to help them “That would be a sign of weakness! You’re the leader, and you should you: How would you feel if your boss asked for your expectations with a genuine intent of 247

answered, “I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven.” 2. Keep them informed. “No one tells you anything around bad decisions can be traced to bad or missing data. Your job is to accurate information on the planet. 3. Manage by wandering around. Author and speaker Tom Peters says it is more important for leaders to be visible than to be enables you to show an interest in people and their work, lets you reveal your human side, gives you occasion to encourage them, employees an opening to teach you something. 4. Involve them in decisions that affect them. see as the advantages and disadvantages of_____?” “I’m preparing 5. Give them more important work to do. are more important in these ways: Trust someone with a decision you to someone (“You’re in charge.”) Send someone to a meeting to represent you (“Speak for us.”) These strategies might also help you get out of the weeds you’re stuck in and elevate you to a more strategic role—where you belong! 6. Keep getting smaller so they can get bigger. In his book Good to Great a lowliness and submissiveness that diminishes you as it elevates 248

people around you. For many, this prescription is the hardest part of servant leadership to swallow, but it is also the most transformational. You’ll know you’ve made it when those at succeeding hierarchical levels call you a “real person.” 7. Help them grow. In a major way, #7 and #8 above cause people to grow. Another key source of development on the job is training, coaching, and mentoring. Test yourself on these dimensions customers, to themselves, and to me than they were a year ago?” (77-80) 8. Be their champion. Provide all the resources your people higher ups. Go to bat for them; defend them; protect them. Showcase them to other decision makers who may be in a position to advance their careers. 9. Praise them. in human nature is the desire to be appreciated.” You’ll serve the simple “Thank you” is often all it takes. (53-56) 10. Dignify them. about them. Act as though “rank has no privilege” by not sticking your executive perks in their faces. Treat their families with respect at every opportunity. Promote from within when you can. Pay them competitive wages. Breakthrough 249

What Are Some of the Most Inspiring Thoughts about Leadership? One-Minute Answer same way. That may be one reason why the two of us think we see experts and proven leaders to discover in their eyes what leadership looks like. Five-Minute Answer leadership. I’ve taken the liberty to attach to each one meaning that it adds to our understanding of this incredibly essential and elusive pursuit. 1. The pilot of a ship is worth as much as all the crew. ~Philo Judaeus These 2000-year-old words from the Alexandrian philosopher a hotel, walk into a store, or sit down in a restaurant I can gauge I never leave a good (or bad) service experience saying “good (or bad) employees.” No, I look back and say “good (or bad) leadership.” Philo was right on! 2. Leadership is liberating people to do what is required of them. ~ 250

3. ~African proverb Very few team leaders get along well when their teams don’t; point remade. 4. Those who are in the highest places, and have the most power, have the least liberty, because they are the most observed. ~John Tillotson as I do.” 5. We’ll start the war right here! showed can-do, individual initiative unimaginable in the German ranks. His resourcefulness, in violation of orders, helped win the day for the Allies. Are you prepared to seek forgiveness, rather than permission, when it’s right thing to do? 6. For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? ~1 Corinthians 14:8 Your people look to you for direction, and while your decisions must be measured and thoughtful, you can’t be hesitant or wishy- washy. Such decisiveness is particularly important in times of wasn’t guilty of indecisiveness. 251

7. All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of the people in their time. This, and not much else is the essence of leadership. ~John Kenneth Galbraith Yes! Your people need to know that you understand and feel their 8. in other men the conviction and the will to carry on. ~Walter Lippman planning, but he paints a great word picture of it. Notice that he doesn’t appear to value the talent, skills, or experience of followers 9. In any series of elements to be controlled, a selected small fraction, in terms of numbers of elements, always accounts for a large fraction in terms of effect. ~Vilfredo Pareto For a sitting leader these may be the most important words on this list. Pareto’s 80/20 Rule says that 80% of our business comes from 20% of our marketing, 20% of our customers consume 80% of our time, and 20% of our employees do 80% of the work. Its in 20% of your workday, you add 80% of your value. Figure out (ask others?) what that 20% is and do more of it. 252

10. A man is rich in proportion to the number of things that he can afford to let alone. ~ The “richest” leaders have found their 20% by delegating responsibilities that shouldn’t consume their day. They have been liberated for strategic thinking in exchange for tactical implementation they can trust to others. 11. If you want a place in the sun you’ve got to expect a few blisters. ~Abigail Van Buren I saw a statistic a while back that 55% of all teachers would you’ll always have your detractors. This was one of the reasons President Harry Truman said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” 12. As long as you can stand up, you keep going. ~1st Sergeant Leonard Lomell Shot in the side as he stepped onto the beach at Normandy, an inspiration to your team? 13. You can’t lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse. ~John Peers 253

If you are uncertain about your impact as a leader, the contents 14. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ~John Quincy Adams Adams’ focus may have been the actions of public servants, but for corporate leaders. 15. and the will to rally men and women to a common ~General Bernard Montgomery a sense of purpose and meaning in their work. The second is that followers look for integrity, more than anything else, in those appointed to lead them. Breakthrough help you with? What is the Biggest Mistake That Leaders Make? The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one. One-Minute Answer: One morning not long ago I enjoyed a grande half-café with four shots of mocha syrup at Starbucks with 254

my passion for leadership, the conversation turned to Q&A. In this negative negative than in the positive. Our failures teach us far more than our victories do. practices of leadership, they appear to have an easy time reassuring themselves that they follow many of them. By contrast, when I identify leadership behaviors to avoid I encounter greater candor I resemble that?” In other words, negative teaching convicts more convincingly than positive teaching does. If you are willing to confront your leadership demons, prepare yourself to run into the most serious faults residing in the managers Five-Minute Answer to leadership success, but I had only enough time to elaborate on the other nine.) 1. Succumbing to fear selves, create indecision among their reports. Those who look over their shoulders to see if anyone is approaching with a hidden from higher ups rather than seek forgiveness, when necessary, limit progress. Insecure leaders often fall somewhere on a scale running from “wimp” on one end to “bully” on the other end. Get off that scale! 255

2. Failing to hold people accountable. If you don’t establish failure to obey them, you’ll lose the respect of your best people. If you ignore or accommodate non-performers and troublemakers, you deserve the poor results you get. 3. Refusing to learn “I was wrong?” If you believe you seldom make mistakes, if other’s criticism of you is rarely valid, and if you believe you know more than the people around you, people are suffering from your insufferability. Neither are you getting any better. 4. Not seeing themselves as others do. Soon after becoming a leadership coach I recognized the most important service I provide. That is to help leaders recognize the three “you’s”: (1) the “you” that they see, (2) the “you” that others around them see, and (3) the “you” that is. And of these three, the second is the one that counts. It determines the impact you’re having on others and therefore the degree of good or bad you contribute to their who are unaware of their impact or, worse yet, don’t care about it are off the rolls of inspiring leaders. 5. Relating to people as objects you lead out of their roles—“admin,” “technician,” “vice president”— or as individual human beings with feelings, pain, wishes, ambitions, weaknesses, and desires for love and acceptance? If you’re having more luck getting people to use their hands than their hearts, you’ll those who look up to you. 6. Not delegating enough. Are you doing work that your company ought to be paying less to have done? Are your dives down to the tactical altitude of three feet keeping you from being fully you spend in the weeds get in your people’s way and suppress their growth? 256

7. Burying their heads in the sand direct reports to protect them from depressing outcomes by misrepresenting the facts and at times outright lying about them. 8. Valuing “what” over “how.” Consider these exhortations If any of them sound like you, you’re a what leader. You believe that keeping people focused on outcomes will produce them. If I was choosing a boss, I’d rather work for one who valued outcomes just as much, but coached me through the how; that is, helping me learn and apply the right things to do to make outcomes happen. 9. Acting unethically leaders—just like you—believe their actions are either highly ethical them, that is not always a valid assumption. 10. Leading in a spoke network spoke network, your employees communicate largely through you to others and to you directly in the discharge of their duties. If, instead, to be optimally effective with each task, you lead in a star network. launches a spoke network, creativity is clogged and progress is thwarted. 11. Being a failure-preventer rather than a success-insurer. you out of trouble or one who empowered you to become all you 257

hub of spoke reporting networks. Breakthrough: Is there a leadership shortcoming on this list that you vow to correct? Visit Sam here: 258

Resources section: 259 Service Providers Social Networking Platforms 260

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