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DESIGNMADE INPOLAND Design made in Poland Welcome to synergy of clean lines, perfect to a touch surfaces, smooth functional- ity and a large team of people that care about every kitchen that leaves production plant. Welcome to WiTT Kitchens. Welcome to the family that has been creating happy living environments since 1968. Welcome to kitchens proudly designed and manufactured in Poland by THREE generations of the same family. 2 DESIGNMADEINPOLAND 3

COLLECTIONS LUCCASTYLE 6 LUGOSTYLE 10 MUNICHSTYLE 12 ROMESTYLE 14 COLOGNESTYLE 18 KASSELSTYLE 22 Dear Clients Our new catalog has been released to show the desire of Polish craftsman to share with the world woodworking skills that have passed along through generations, beautiful materials that originate from Europe, technologies that have been proven to last for decades. We want to thank you all for becoming part of our lives and al- lowing us to share how we all see modern living. 4 COLLECTIONS 5

LUCCA Modern design of LUCCA kitchens characteristic for its smooth lines, available in over 220 colors of high gloss or matt surfac- es and beautiful veneers. Distinctive feature is a special handle seamlessly integrated into the body of the door creating the low and functionality. This is where the fashion of WiTT kitchens starts with clean style, single color, perfectly positioned for convenience appliances and a new generation of 20mm thick countertops. 6 LUCCASTYLE 7

All doors and drawers by default come with soft closing func- tionality using the best components that exist in today's market. Special hidden draw is integrated within large upper drawers to create convenience of utensil storage. 8 LUCCASTYLE LUCCA 9

The beauty of glass has been a fascinating factor for centuries. Our LUGO line has been designed to capture the timeless piece that can be proudly passed on to your grand kids. Available in deep glossy colors or satin inish that is known as “inger print free kitchen”. 10 LUGOSTYLE LUGO 11

Aluminum elements is a distinctive feature of European kitchens. MUNICH style integrates special aluminum handle in to a large MUNICH variety of solid colors and wood grain inishes available in our product range. Special custom printed glass backsplash with alu- minum accessories is integrated to showcase your individuality and personal preferences. 12 MUNICHSTYLE 13

Our perception of transitional design that adapts elements of modern functionality is presented in ROME style. Kitchen design with ive piece look doors is available in 220 colors and a range of worm wood grains. We add some glass doors, pulls and racks to create the perfect blend with common stainless steel appli- ances. 14 ROMESTYLE ROME 15


This line of kitchens has been created by our customers that re- quested to have integrated handle that will not disrupt clean lines of modern kitchen design. We listened and created COLOGNE style. This is where minimalistic handle ads a decorative touch and functionality while preserving modern European look. COLOGNE LED lit custom printed glass backsplash is a new addition to our range of custom solutions to give your kitchen individual touch. 18 COLOGNESTYLE 19

Today’s modern design demands LIGHT. We integrate LED sys- tems with long life span into your kitchen upper cabinets, shelves, handles and toe kicks. We create glowing kitchens that ofer safe- ty and irresistible beauty. 20 COLOGNESTYLE COLOGNE 21

KASSEL I-LINE represents most popular European kitchen con- iguration that consists of a lat panel doors with horizontally in- tegrated aluminum channel that serves as the handless system eliminating the need for pulls or integrated handles. KASSEL style ofers the biggest collection of inishes. KASSEL 22 KASSELI-LINE STYLE I-LINE 23

White lacquered inish combined with 38 mm thick countertops in warm wood laminate. Waterfall feature on the island sides. Dark brown lacquered kitchen enriched with warm wood grain back- splash and counter. Kitchens designed in two tones are specially elegant. KASSEL I-LINE 24 KASSELI-LINE STYLE 25

Classic modern version of European kitchens presented by KAS- SEL style. Combination of wood grains and lacquered surfaces create fascinating and rich interior colors. Traditional pulls inte- grated throughout kitchen design. KASSEL 26 KASSELSTYLE 27

KASSEL Black lacquered kitchen with special hidden handles adding ad- ditional touch and showing how elements enhance outcome. Wine rack shows our exclusive technology of blending silver lines into black lacquered inish. 28 KASSELSTYLE 29

KASSEL I-LINE KASSEL I-LINE with vertical integrated black channel that serves as the handless system eliminating the need for pulls or integrat- ed handles. Matte inish is the latest trend in the industry making your kitchen piece timeless. 30 KASSELI-LINE STYLE 31

Beautiful wood grain details of integrated shelf and waterfall fea- ture counter break the silence of matte colors adding a touch of classic wood feeling. KASSEL 32 KASSELI-LINE STYLE I-LINE 33

QUALITYMADE INPOLAND BLUM DRAWERS BLUM HINGES BLUM ORGA LINE QUALITY CONTROL LATEST TECHNOLOGY CRAFTSMANSHIP Low opening forces, smooth running action and always gentle The CLIP top with BLUMOTION is a premium hinge with the INTERIOR ACCESSORRIES Quality control begins at the stage of kitchen design and con- We use latest available technologies in materials, machinery In today’s technological world there are still no perfect ma- and silent closure ofers the highest comfort of motion to the soft closing BLUMOTION mechanism integrated into a seg- Everything is where it should be and immediately at hand, tinues over the years of everyday use. It involves not only stan- and production processes. Each of these elements evolve pro- chines that could replace craftsman’s knowledge and skills user. Fully loaded pull-outs are tested with 100 000 open and ment of the hinge cup. It is the latest sophisticated hinge tech- thanks to the practical drawer accessorries such as knife hold- dards of veriication process at each stage of production but viding us new exciting possibilities every year. WITT continues gained through decades of work. Only humans are able to use close cycles in Blum’s test labs to guarantee top standards of nology designed to open and close 200 000 times - lifetime of er, ilm/foil dispenser, spice holder and plate holder all adjust- also the continuous improvement of the whole kitchen manu- to search for new technologies and solutions to deliver innova- sense of touch to feel the beauty and excellent texture of creat- quality. the furniture. able. facturing process bringing us closer to perfection. tive and outstanding product. ed furniture. Unique and creative shapes can be polished only manually by a man exceeding machine’s limits. CABINET INTERIOR HANDLES AND HANDLELESS ALUMINUM IN THE KITCHEN EXCELENT FINISHING MATERIAL DIVERSITY PERFECTION IN DETAIL We ofer elegant, high quality solutions for brilliantly organized Handles besides the basic function are also important decora- Highest quality aluminum systems by ZOBAL, allow to create Our unique technology of lacquer inish allows us to create high Our production is 100 % based on European equipment, ittings Even the biggest element of a kitchen must be perfect to the kitchen storage. Solutions that help users to make best use of tive element with intense inluence on the entire kitchen ap- modern and aesthetic kitchen elements. Pleasant to touch gloss efect similar to a mirror inish. Innovative color protection and materials. WITT ofers unique selection of best European smallest detail. Focus on attention to detail allows WITT to of- available space and to streamline work processes. Everything pearance. Traditional pulls, integrated handles or very modern handles with aluminum doors give unique combination of char- system “Solid Color” with a very low color change coeicient surfacing materials available in laminates, thermo-fused, lac- fer fashionable and unique kitchens with the highest European is in its perfect place, everything is within reach. handless system; every option has its own unique beautiful acteristics - light weight, durability and elegant style. under UV light allows to enjoy perfect colors years after years. quered, thermo-foil, acrylic and veneer inishes. quality, guided by philosophy “Uncompromising Quality and touch. Exquisite Design”. 34 QUALITYMADEINPOLAND 35



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