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Sergey Golovanov TREASURES OF RUSSIA Adventurous detective CHAPTER 1. Acquaintance. The woman is to blame. Edik Pospelov ought not to forget this biblical truth, when in one of the halls of the exhibition of Russian icons to him turned a pretty red-haired girl. Perhaps, then, a flurry of events would not have brought Edik knows how far the events of the lies, bribes, theft and even murder turned hard and dirty road that he had to go through. You don't know, how much can you sell such an icon? "the girl asked. Her green eyes were talking more about wanting to meet you, but the question liked its concreteness, and he thoroughly explained the situation in the antique market, from which it appeared that these icons are best to sell through it, Edik, because in all other cases, a pretty girl with green eyes - what's your name? Tanya? - now, his new friend Tatiana necessarily throw and deceived, and then simply Rob crooks and charlatans. Unless, of course, have something to loot. In a subsequent conversation Edward managed to extract interesting enough to continue the acquaintance. From a purely commercial considerations, the girl he wasn't interested. The recent divorce left him in a state of some shock - in moral terms, and the almost total devastation in the financial one. Sale the picturesque antiquities was a main occupation for that year. They began Dating, and Edward tried not to leave a purely business relationship, holding on with tangkou like an older brother. Or senior fellow. It was easier to get through to the collection of her grandfather by deception demonking heart, but he was not accustomed to lying, so it was brought up. Reasoning that the girl no difference - who is going to fuck her, years, eighteen, he was introduced to her his friend Ivan, and after just a couple of months guys combined legal marriage, although at the sight of the happy couple Edik had a feeling some strange errors. Tanya, by the way, not particularly eager to register, had to be persuaded to Ivan in the first place, to get to close to the collection. Tance hurry nowhere, grandpa is old, ailing, and his collection anyway, she's gonna get, worth the wait. But he needed the money. Ivan, too, and therefore wait for the sea of death did not satisfy them. He managed, seizing the moment, a cursory view of the Assembly Anatoly Ivanovich Gorshkov, after which he unhesitatingly began to borrow money from his business partner Robert Norton, an English diplomat. Under such a collection could take without hesitation. Ivan dreamed of his car, foreign car, even an old, and advice, an indication that such a collection can marry in a hurry and without hesitation, he was convinced, although in his twenty-one year plans for marriage were before in the other tail. Ivan worked in a security company. The work is completely idiotic, according to Edik "dog for a hundred bucks", and in the future anything the guy wasn't shining. He liked to drag iron", does not drink, do not smoke, and really listened to your mommy, hope to get away from which has influenced not least the decision to make an offer. The idea to marry Ivan on the collection, that is Tance, caused Edik is no contradiction, especially because Tatiana is understood as ed, I am sick of hanging around with his grandfather in a two- bedroom apartment - this apartment, in fact - Tanya tried to escape from the yoke: even though married. Yes, Moscow apartment got hard. Grandfather granddaughter took from a small town on the Russian open spaces does not from the breadth of the soul, but simply to care. Promised to bequeath her Moscow apartment, and all that is in it - so to plough the girl had, in fact, a housekeeper for a single feeding. From the side looks like normal - grandfather pripal kind of like a sister, but Tance, to be honest, this is not necessary in Fig. The story of Tanki in Moscow Edward listened, vyziva importantly for myself, and it was dark - grandfather opertae than it seems at first glance. The idea is to persuade the old to sell the

collection, at least part, gradually died off. The stone, not the grandfather, judging by Tankinis story. His Peter would call and not him. However, otherwise he would not collect such collection. And not to keep it. Death quarreled with her daughter and son-in-law, refusing to sell from the collection of even a little to help them. - Operate. Begging is not work, the answer for the relatives he had only this, no matter how hard it was to them in life. The first time Edward had hoped to break up with Gorshkov-good - just to offer real money for all of his stuff, especially because Norton did not differ artifice and avarice: if things standing, he was not in the habit of wasting time on trade. But pots and did not want to hear about the sale. And at the second meeting made it clear that he does not wish to see Edik and his cronies granddaughter especially. I had to spend time on workarounds, although he tired to fake this antique scrap. However, money is stronger than any "do not like", the more Norton were on his payroll advances only by description, he confided to ed, knowing his first year. Edward dragged him ancient trinkets and stuff, was always smiling and never brought trouble, as they are in this business easily happen. For example, if you buy obviously "fake" stuff and don't know it. Cops, they are - and the killing will only hang on this thing. Edward didn't got rid of Norton "counterfeit", but if this occurred, always warned - so parents are brought up, to tell the truth. This happened, for example, with Aivazovsky painting "Morning on the coast, which was stolen in Sochi and announced in all-Union search. Norton, on reflection, still got it and wasn't trying to bring down the price. Confidence among traders is the same thing that hugs and kisses for politicians, a mandatory thing. The old man had collected all his life, working in the restoration shop of the Tretyakov gallery, we had some opportunities, great opportunities from other collectors. Now, in my eighty-plus, still worked, but by the consultations, exchange of experience, for a real restoration was required young eyes and hands .CHAPTER 2. "Bummer? And we're stronger than you look". All this crap was over, finally, one spring, on a warm Sunny day, when they decided to act. In the Park where they sat on a bench, eyes squinting under the rays of the already densely growing green grass, and the trees blossomed green blast swollen buds. Tanya threw one leg over the other so that from under the red skirt seemed panties, but saw them only bystanders that occasionally passed along the asphalt path - the three of them, two boys and a girl in the middle looked rather in themselves, in their plans collapsed. - Old geezer - who knows again repeated ed, - so old ... – The news, which brought Tanya, just killed. Hopes for a quick solution finally collapsed. Will have to work. Collection - all! completely! - bequeathed to the Russian state Museum. And this decision is long-standing. The old bastard was hiding it even from their relatives. Or - primarily from home. Tanya found this document only that you searched for something similar at the insistence of Edward, even though one is not believed. But otherwise, he just could not explain inconsistencies in the behavior of the old Jackal, Gad, and the miser, but what to say - just an old bastard. Edik enough had been buying and selling icons and other things Antica that is in demand from foreign buyers, and therefore knew enough collectors, in order to understand all of them with a phase shift. Shift this invisible to most others. Edward hoped pots still within, tolerable for the idiots part, although this Pot and surpassed many of his kind the crank - when after a severe accident of his daughter needed surgery in a foreign hospital that had requested about a hundred thousand dollars, he advised the son to take a wife in the Moscow clinic, where she will correct the knee joint is almost free, and with the same result, because the walk will be. Son-in-law did - what was left, if the Pot refused to sell dear to his heart stuff. By the way, most collectors and traders, to a certain extent - otherwise hard to complete your collection, sell expensively unnecessary, buy need cheap, it lives, a normal, even semi-norm, for Edik, but here Gorshkov seen some clinic. Completely normal Edik believed shopkeepers, type "buy-sell" anything, though Rublev-Repin - he was like this, although it sometimes struggled with the temptation to leave a picture or icon, stokowsky heart - they are beaten, fact. Not everyone, of course. Most people give a damn about - looking fish look commercials and politely nod that Yes, a masterpiece, Yes, nice... but I can not feel. Apparently,

another organization of the nervous system. Maybe easier in this respect - but more difficult in another. There are, for example, people with an absolute ear for music, which distinguish the note of half-notes and even quarters for the people without musical ear they sound the same. And in his art. Someone sees and someone-no. But these "blind" - still normal people, unlike collectors. Edward himself was several years ago when he first began to do this business. Of course, since then much has changed. Figuratively speaking, in the painting he now distinguished, not only quarters, and eighths, he discerned even one/thirty-second, perhaps, sixty-fourth... hard to say, but it is the original from the fake Edward was distinguished at first sight. Hypocrisy just beat the eye. However, this internal growth, or progress is not hindered Edik to remember your initial opinion on such things. More specifically, the icon is just an old Board, old stained paints, and painting - a piece of cloth, also stained. Edward knew that such a sight should not be lost, otherwise he can fall to insanity... like the old geezer Gorshkov, who was, in fact, just a slave to your collection. Created for yourself an idol... His daughter the joints, of course, glued. He walks now with a cane. Badly bent sustachek. What do you want almost for free? Here on grease and not enough. No its still in Russia, dear lubricant, of one hundred thousand dollars. Of course, Gorshkova, like any madman, I was not convinced - he grumbled that abroad would have the same, if not worse, but what's crazy to argue? They have all the answers will be found. Norton, too, was of the breed of collectors, however, the money for the man, and not so poor, was always more important antique glitches. "I will not sell to anyone" - this phrase from the Englishman Edward heard more than once, and the glint in his eyes were cast fanaticism... which quietly evaporated, barely Edik, finding a higher price, began to convince Norton to buy the image or icon. For a good price as have seen Edward Norton will sell and Andrei Rublev, and Mona Lisa, she get caught in the hands, anything at all. Yes, he's a collector. But not an idiot. Norton had another valuable quality - a certain kind of recklessness, that is, it not especially was afraid of the scandal and problems with the law. Within certain limits, of course. All kinds of deceptive weaning or power values were excluded completely, and upbringing, and just common sense - it is known that unsophisticated thieves and robbers receive of all less money and the big time. This recklessness and allowed Norton to part with twenty thousand dollars - in fact, only an exploration of the collection. To receive EDICOM information. And here she received. Simply killer. The question of sale withdrawn. The collection is not sold in principle. Edward grimly pondering the mysteries of life and the human psyche, trying not to slip in simple rugny. Old this ... scolopendra, raped their relatives. Full schizoid. He held and a daughter and son- in-law, and granddaughter look for... for... empty space? Hell would look he actually gave into the service, not even close relatives on future money from the sale of the collection. Girl's need to learn. The apartment is fashioned, put some stands. Well, let expensive. The old bastard could find enough such housing payment... Edward suddenly realized that irritates him in the old man's decision. The fact that the collection was bequeathed to the state, that's what. If that degenerate chopped her hatchet for firewood, Edward wouldn amiss thought. Has the right. But the state!!! Edward couldn't understand, but to understand the causes of misunderstanding still tried. Put that all Russians hate their state. Hate said too much, of course, but only for economy of words. Rather, it is fear and distrust. Hatred carries the active principle, efficient, and as such in the culture of the Russians is long gone, destroyed by the same government. Such is the history of the Russian state, its citizens to this day often get from birthmark on the head and can afford, than in justice. Edik in this sense, was an anarchist, believing that we should love people and country and the state through its officials don't have to do without love. This scum and salary will suffice. The rest will be sick and navoruyu. To bequeath to the state in the face of the Museum, it is well to think of it! Okay, I could understand it if this pots from underlings in this state, from his jesters, like the composer or writer, but this bastard, he's worked hard all life, and for a penny plowed. If disrupted sometimes RUB against the will of the state. Or he thinks gives its values on people? Not that much fool. The people - here he is sitting on a bench. Granddaughter Tanya, which is not enough money no matter what, her husband Ivan, who is on a foreign car no money, and he, Edward, his friend and familiar,

isn't he folks? The daughter is a cripple? Yes, that's the bum in the grass near lying - he too is not enough money, it is not the people?Edward knew that it was not fair in such arguments, but justice did not interest him. If you start to justify opponent, and the fight would start with himself, and therefore to hell with justice. Old codger giving the money to the state, its damned officials, not the people ... that is the reality. Nevermind the people icons and other paintings - it's someone else, but Edward knew it from practice. These icons dragged him sometimes suitcases, selling almost at the weight ... people need money, not art - that Edward was convinced by two hundred percent. Icons and paintings, they are foreigners require. Here he is, a foreigner Norton... money and gives a sickly,... and this... well, mold! he wanted this bum, granddaughter Tance, husband Vanya, a daughter-lame - their old boards and canvases pacmania vaterite instead of money? Supposedly admire in the Museum? Getting the matter before the lynching, the old geezer banged would place a homeless guy would have started, and relatives finished. Schizoid full. It is where the TV lives or how everything, here and now? In life? I see that on TV. For two seconds of happiness, till the stupid announcer reads the news about his donation to the Museum... no, we ought to kick... feet. About such thoughts have matured in the minds of his companions. Finally, Ivan grimly asked: - Tanya, do you still love grandpa?- - He went. Could not see him. WAN, I will not go back there. Give me a smoke.- - Will cost. Today you are your norm smoked. Do not want to kiss an ashtray. Ivan raised a spouse at every opportunity. - Yeah. - Tanya sighed and dropped her head on her husband's shoulder. - And where is the kiss? Ed, you have to live?- - It is possible, " said Edward, remembering the bare walls in his apartment.. Only it's not a solution. - He straightened her skirt, so as not to be distracted. - What is the solution? Apartment to rent? And the skirt doesn't touch anything. I know, Vanya likes. - Tanya pulled long legs, showing her panties to passers-by. - With me you get arrested, " said Ivan. - Will give, would go naked. Why are you being modest home? There the grandfather, Tanya crooned. - He's evil. Could not see him. If we go back, I won't have it, you can Express.- - It is too much, " said Edward. - Well, the old blame. Now stop whining that we're caught. Although not want to do extra work and have to go back to my earlier proposal. - "I agree," said Ivan, clutching to his wife. Oh, and if you notice, WAN? voice Tanki - the desire to give up. - Old fart fucking sees. Even with glasses, " said Ivan. - Well, Yes. For pension in glasses signs. But he can and a magnifying glass to watch, but it's the forgery will see. At least a bit, but it works. So, enough sees.- - What do you know. Ivan kissed her on the forehead, pulled down her skirt. - You haven't seen Edicine fakes. One-to-one. Ed, tell her. - - What to say? You'll see. "Said Edward. - A little I made them, or what? Until tired. Stupid job. I better pay some artist friends. Copies of many trades. Guys Rublev and the left foot will write, and Shishkin, and with a hangover, so much so that he Shishkin subscribe.- - Well, - thinking, " said Tanka. - I hope for you. Don't let me down. Grandfather will have my head if he finds out.- - Do not tear off, - roly again kissed her on the cheek. - Don't you worry, Tanya. , Girl. I'm a husband, or who? - The husband, the husband. - Tanya resolutely straightened up. "Well, okay. We'll do it. What are we going to take it, Edward?- Upon hearing the tone, Edward thought will have to risk it. Apartment to risk. In themselves-that Edward was sure would not fail. Now that the decision was taken, the mood all changed dramatically - like a machine life, probuksovok on the sidelines, Brandon told me, broke hard road and went to pick up speed. Have begun to discuss specific things from the category of "what,

where, when, and small inconsistencies and roughness demanded lubricating fluid. Bet, who to go to, but the couple won, and the wine went Edik. When I came back, the bench was empty. Habit to retire at unexpected times and in unexpected places appeared in the family of a couple recently. Edward couldn't get used to it. During his time with his wife so he had not, it seemed a bit artificial. For some reason annoyed. Edward put on the bench litre of Greek wine in a cardboard box, cups and polietileno with apricots, and thought. Waking up in the grass, homeless, having on the bench sort of gastronomic variety, decided to try his luck. And no wonder - Edward, lost in her own thoughts, only welcomed the opportunity to voice them on a random stranger. The joyful beggar by the name of Lech just poured and chimed. Saying that it also turned out wicked wife, he struggled to alleviate the fellow-sufferers battle with the green snake and apricots so that Edik was not a topic to talk about the misfortunes. However, divorce Edik's unfortunately not believed, because I didn't think in divorce, and probably considered that life conflict as an extraordinary vacation that does not remove the obligations. The more that new husband of Nina from the hard-nosed breed, but dreamers. Money therefore did not earn. The money is dropped, so the homeless clearer - moonshine in the coil, and this Andrei, PhD student, historian or PhD already, it is neither about money nor about the machine doesn't care, grabbed juice and stands his ground. Edward tried to convince Andrew that the strength and persistence necessary to put in more money, nobody wants a story, but quickly realized that to make that impossible as it is to sober a drunk. This is a different way of life, and all. Andrew looked at the world through different eyes, opening Edik another, invisible, not subject to him while on the side of peace, a kind of mysticism. And his sense of smell forgery Edward couldn't understand where the hypocrisy of this mysticism, where present. In other words, could not manage it, and a strange thought haunted – and not whether she manages it? Andryukha given the simplicity of Edward wild respect for those that lived in a strange world, not noticing his difficulties and illusory. Edward couldn't even blame him for the withdrawal of the wife. Just Nina went to Andrew, and all. When Edik and I realized that, perhaps, wasn't in love with Nina. Or your loved. How he was raised. And it turned out it wasn't love, and God knows what. Nina kept saying Andrew said, Andrew want, Andrew that,... in short, the invisible Andrew settled in their family for two years before the divorce. And he had to leave. So it was brought up. He loved his wife, even stupid, and if she's better with Andrew, well... And what's the divorce? The formality. 's over, helped and what were familiar with the students, studied in the same Institute, while Edik has not taken out a small business for the arts, more money. They invariably dripped from all the taps of all devices,compiled by Edward from people and circumstances, knowledge and skills. Andrei actually one willpower tried to translate what he saw in his historical scholarship, instead make the machine according to the embodiment, and to make it work. Some stupidity here, but for some reason he respected this stupidity, difficult to distinguish from the perseverance. Great goal, as Andrew, Edik was not. Ideas of all sorts, and not more than two or three steps. Like everybody wanted to get rich, to become stronger in life. Edward solved the problem, which it was promoted, that's all. Andrei, all this aside, what year was trying to prove that Cyril and Methodius, two monks, who developed the Cyrillic alphabet and gave the writing system of Ancient Russia, came not from Byzantium or from Greece, and from Siberia to the East. Andrew had his own theory of the origin of Rus ' and Slavs, and generally anything else, if you look, and on this view Cyril and Methodius could not come from Siberia. In the archives there is a lot of written stuff, where is the truth where a lie - just not to disassemble, and the Siberian origin of these Wanderers in the files across. And everything else, for that matter - just choose. Here Edik already didn't know about anything.... Well, what the hell are surrendered to him these two ancient monk? Because we all care - where did these two morons, though from the moon fall down! That gives personally Edik? What gives off? Nothing, it's obvious. Edik, at least. And Andrew has long figured on archival traces in Eastern Siberia, where stood an ancient nonsense like the Buddhist monastery, which has increased the monks. Andrew believed their captive children of Rus, or something in that sense, servile, from those which were at the time, but this isn't in any of this stuff, and that all subsequent caramel, which was drip Andrei, prove he his Shizu, he ain't shit, I

mean there articles, fees, and all sorts of titles. Andrei, snakes, playing around, of course, that he for these price and plows, it is the same as everything, you bastard, but he is not deceived. Stinks that all these bells and whistles, so valued normal people, Andrei pushes for... what? Freedom, if that makes sense... in a far higher sense... to do what he wants, sort of. So Edward knew, in the end - for themselves who is who, and just occasionally, commercials, barking, as befits a mutt on a bulldozer. In a friendly way. Forward, they say, the bulldozer. I'm with you. Do what you can. Guard. Wow - wow. Edik not interested in the opinions of others - he had his, so it was brought up. A nose for fake worked in Edik not only on the objects of painting. Spit it, how does it look Andrew in the eyes of other people, Edward felt - Andrei drags something very, very worthwhile. Trying his best. Well, it does not help? Sorry, nothing yet. Andryukha all looking for sponsors for his expeditions to Siberia, but fools do not. I only found the crank from the scientific youth. Five students, the pair sat up on the shelf teachers, several enthusiasts, including this fool Ninku, ex-wife of Eddie. All beggars, of course, except Nina, and because virtually all of the expedition Andrew, if you look, financed Edik. However, the guys put their work more than Eddie money, here and assume nothing. The tents were made of their old cloaks. Shit. He was just a shame for the Russian science. Those idiots in the Kremlin that were in charge of the budget, they know better, of course, where the money you spend on bombs or on a dig, but he was a jerk did not consider themselves, and therefore never refused the request of his wife to unfasten the future of Russian science. Institute of History, where he taught Andrew, of all there money on the expedition if it had, it really is not a lot of bugs they are isolated. Everything went more venerable, more than gold in the sense of future profits and fame. Of course, the hypothesis of the PhD Rostovtseva promising, but ... no money. Due to this please. Only documents permits and approvals with the local authorities and say thank you. If not rich, in the sense of bribes, sessions and admission from the Institute, all teachers would have long since fled..., what kind of science. Here's Cyril and Methodius, and the monastery of theirs... in reality. Andrei – well done! He wouldn't stop. Who money, who's clothes are who products - but which year was the expedition set off in goddamn Siberia, where they fought for the land volunteers history. Hammer Andryukha. Sorry, no money, to help...- The bum who had heard all this she also lamented the lack of money from Edik, but it would certainly have taken any. And then there was the missing couple. - Who is this? - asked Tanya. - Sidekick, spot free, " said Ivan as if asleep. "I che? I Nitsche. A homeless guy immediately jumped up from the bench. - Friend of mine. Name Leh. "explained Edward. - His misfortune. Some.- - Yeah. - Tanya shook the empty package of wine. - This misfortune we have nothing left. What now? I want to drink.- - Leh, run, " said Edward. - Not in service and in friendship. - And handed it to the homeless Lech Cotonou. Edik on many issues was astonishing credulity. Ivan knew it, already used and therefore said nothing. Tanka did not know, but understand this is not done, and bum naturally with donated money did not come. On the rebuke Tanki in the crazy Eddie initially answered the reproach of Russian culture, which is characterized by distrust, but then got angry and stopped nagging business briefing, adding that both your wine has already received in the bushes. Tance was ordered to steal the keys to the rooms where dusty treasures of the old geezer, and Ivan - carve copies in the nearest workshop. And from the table the keys. And from other things. Will be the keys - is another story. And what about the homeless remember - you have to trust people. It's not a homeless person deceived. People to cheat. It Edik was wrong. Happen. But people need to believe. Otherwise nothing good to do. Okay? Ivan it has long been understood. Tanya - no. In this he had yet to see. CHAPTER 3. "Again, bummer. But we survive." First icon for Edward Norton received within a week, and the week was out protraits for all, except the father. The keys to the office and the so - called store-room, where he kept the bulk of the collection, - he carried always with him, and to get their hands on at least for an hour or so seemed difficult, but Tanya caught the moment when the very next day to the old geezer went to visit the

same crank-collector. Like this, but not like this, because rarely someone's grandfather drank teas, and more, something stronger. From the old quarters of pretty toadstools mire, and when the guest wanted to smoke balomenou, they went out to the balcony, leaving the door to the office, where he was drinking, open. The keys were lying on the table between the salad and the plate of sausage. Tanya could not resist peeking into the office, and got, not thinking about the risk, hoping for a "maybe". And it did not disappoint, birth, took the old man did not notice. Ivan managed to escape the corner and carve a new set of keys, and the wife got them back on the table during the next trip to the balcony. If grandfather had noticed the loss of keys, fubar everything is suspicious, he didn't expect anything from the world, not trusting even his own granddaughter. The world paid him back the same - that is what causes the distrust of people. So bitterly mused Edward, when the next day came in starecheski office to look through his papers. Son of a gun was buried in the Museum "for consultations", and he immediately called on the phone. View securities was necessary - he knew that all collectors are leaving the parish through the collection, and Anatoly Ivanovich and former restorer is a professional, therefore, has to take something at random from his junk - meant sleep in five minutes. We must first calculate what you can borrow. All restorers are "history" works on certain pieces of the collection, Anatoly Ivanovich, he had, with a bunch of other notebooks, and it all became acquainted with Edward, one after the other, appearing from the left bedside table. The magazine confirmed the suspicions of Edward weakness in the eyes of Gorshkov in the past five years in the "type of work" meant mostly cleaning and consolidation of the paint layer. Clearing individual sections with a scalpel, microscope and solvent the old man no longer worked, especially the restoration of the "gaps" - all of these work very responsible, hands and eyes do not pull, afraid to mess up. Edward threw away the last doubts - can be replaced by fakes although the entire collection. The old man won't notice. The magazine, by the way, brought to light, like a spotlight aimed at the well, the depth of black, vile vile little soul geezer. A heathen for two years systematically gave icons and paintings for the restoration of the Museum, and - as it transpired from accountancy magazine - restoration even brought him a small but income. Well, in short, the Museum paid him the tram or subway, the type that told Edward about much. Nobody will be restored for free. Now, even if Gorshkov wants, he will not be able to terminate at will with the Museum. In fact, it pays to let at a nominal price - this gift collection. In advance. Of mutual interest. Through the workshops of the Museum has been nothing less than a quarter of the collection, the amount had already passed over. Seemed strange that the Museum took in the restoration by the criterion of pure monetary value - there without any subjects and years. Thinking, Edward found the explanation - the Museum is preparing to accept the donation of the collection is clearly for sharing, not for exposure. In short, dark. But the old man is, intercepted by tangkou letter was bragging friend about the exhibition there is a strong agreement! Of course, any collector, passing the collection as a gift, looks forward to exhibiting - that people watched and understood mospace that he's killing them - that took and donated, here's what I carp, not that other stuff. Memory looks to leave, Judas. So even in something to come to life when a visitor fish eyes will glide on the plate with the last name Here... same old bastard! knows that the relatives and so will not forget, forever cursing, and grandchildren will. How do you have to hate people, to give them the gift of his galoot collection?! But God is not a retard, he sees everything. Collection old prick not even prepared for the exhibition and sale of sorts, when she will be sharing with other museums, with the extra change, of course, to the pocket guide. So who, I ask, 've got a lifetime collection of this old man? For those strange people? Yes, to love humanity can only hating your family. Lame daughter-lame. Granddaughter is anxious in the room-the closet with her husband, only dreaming to tumble in your own apartment. It is much better than the old robbing the family, and he, Edward, was only a bastard, whom Jesus himself - and he'd ... Well, Jesus may have forgiven him his rank is supposed to forgive, but here the Apostle Peter, nor any angelic order, and is bound to give even the old man in the ear on the other side, and so the Apostle Paul and the eyes will Shine. For a naughty, old man not love our neighbors, and even the idol itself made them filthy old boards and canvases... however, the patience of God is already potosinos - no wonder there Edik and old have already received and on hand, and the peepers.

Edward was aware that such reasoning rather he calms own conscience - but only the edge of consciousness. The world is unjust, and who is he to try to establish universal justice? This is only to the Lord. But even He refused. Since all is forgiven. Edward chose from the list of restored icon of the XV century depicting St. George. His old man, and if you reach, particularly looking at will not be. And to make a copy much easier than with Rublev. Author-painter strong letter it's evident, but such Edik forged packets. This kind of "remakes" Edik namtrace once fairly, obliterating fresh paint to make the old almost black with crimson. This "Saint George, slaying the Dragon" was copied in one day. Eddie got the original eight hundred dollars. The plot is common, but a thousand dollars icon cost. Edward didn't argue with Norton, prevented a bad feeling that only intensified when he forged "the Trinity". Richer finish on gold, but not according to the Canon was written, neither in color nor in the form. There are a few left, burned in the first place. Any pop, going to the cottage or in the chamber, elastic finger and sebasic - not the icon, not Paradise, schismatic or from the devil, not from the Holy spirit. Still, the sixteenth century, and Edward hoped, if Godly, thousand three. Norton has issued only two, but Edward did not occur. The bad feeling intensified. Well, we'll catch up, a large collection of..., although counterfeit "Trinity" flew in a hundred bucks, not counting their own labor. Edik and he could stick gold leaf, but time was running out, and it seemed better to turn to those who have the technology to "work". This feeling prevented and honeymooners challenged. The first eight hundreds - okay, lost Tanke, skipped "in the beginning", in the restaurant Yes in the casino. But these two thousand followed in the case to put, at least for the purchase of video cameras and computer, for future fakes. But Tanya ruined the whole square, and again he gave a thousand to the bash. Just beware that the grandfather which neither stupid, but if she'll be accepted to futurethese out of the blue, anything but the wind. And on the third icon, "St. Paraskeva, unique letters and rare in the story of the side panels, and a sound of thunder..., or rather, growled, even from a distance, but very clearly - where there the old man to such a threat! When Edward was discharged bloody stigma, he's just himself ordered to believe. And only on the faith that had the nerve to request for five thousand bucks, however, Norton looked at "Paraskeva", like a cheap whore, paradiseus in secular clothes. And Edward knew that was wrong. Norton was dealing in fakes is not worse Edik. Is not worth while about the price, " said Norton. His hazelnut eyes senosios wheat-colored brows. - Edward, I believe you. Don't get me wrong, it's not just you. I gave "George" for examination. Cost more than paid for itself an icon, but... for some reason it aroused suspicion.- - Me too, " admitted Edward. - See here. The icon was very high quality remakes. Board, natural, old, but here's a primer To you... I have no complaints, but I advise you to deal with this collection.- Edward nodded sadly, thinking that the old man could pass "the ball into his own net, it's no surprise. It happens to everyone."In fact," Norton said quietly, " your second ... the Trinity... - I knew it. Fake, too? - - How to say it. Leakey family, but the entire background and partially clothing - recent work. That's not what I wanted, and not what you were selling. I have not received money for doing this... You know. - - That stinks, " said Edward. He understood. Let "remakes" and "do" in demand, and are sometimes not less, and even more real, however, neither Norton, nor of the Edik not interested in such things. The meeting was held in the hotel room where he lived Norton, and Edward of grief drank a can of beer standing on the table. Became even stronger. Faith in the "Paraskeva-Friday" shriveled up. He took her hands already without faith. Now clearly saw that she was a fake. - Five hundred dollars I'll give. - Norton Said. - If present, will pay you later.- - Give me one thousand, and don't need any extra.- - Well. Let there be a thousand - care Norton said. Hopefully, next time... - He paused. Both and no words were all clear. "I understand," said Edward, pushing unfortunate thousand in his pocket.

He called the newlyweds, and that evening sat down on the familiar bench in the Park. First came Ivan. After learning the news, he got very upset - and the thousands in his eyes were money. In the question - who is the source of the fraud, he agreed with Edward without hesitation. Grandfather? He's a Pro, spec. Edik? Ivan? - it is not discussed, know each other. Tanka? Not serious. There is a Museum... or, more precisely, the cunning bastard that got there and they obepechivaet. The icons were selected from pobyvšie on the restoration of this Museum is their grandfather would be missing should not quickly. But Ivan for fun offered savinovich look. She soon resorted - grandfather pripal on her homework, was delayed, but managed to grab cardboard liter of wine, this time the French "Avignon", and three orange. Edik of chandrashila its news - chandrashila so that the wine fell, oranges sounded. Instead of money - the list of charges. - You what? I think I am? - Tanka a little scared." Green eyes often twinkled and glistened. Fingers clung to the bench. Bye ... we don't think anything, " said Ivan. - Just asking you - no one else about icons not told?- - Are you crazy? - Tanya did not understand, looking at them on the other. Both stood in front of her, trying to drill and torch views. - I have grandfather took. We together took.- - Maybe you have a familiar artist? Who sometimes comes to visit? - casually asked Ivan. - You're crazy! - Freckles on her face seemed megalis eyes. While red-cat, witch-like appearance Tanka remained a fool-a fool, entirely on emotions. - Well, Tanya, " said Ivan. - All Tankam Tanka. I'll okolocha. That's just going to be pissed. Edik, hit me, but it did not mad.- - I'll slap you, " said Edward. - Just stop it. Your family stuff is one thing and business is another. He was joking, Tanya. - "I'll okolocha. - Tanya smiled uncertainly. - Kidding, right? She stood up, raised his hands and fell to Ivan. Taking a shot to the chest, and he groaned. - No, I have to isolatethe. For all the good. In the bushes somewhere. - Watched his disappearing in a couple of greens, Edward thought that the couple started having issues, but it was none of his business. Sat on the bench, having nothing to do opened the wine and then the corner of my eye spotted a familiar figure. Oh you fucking bum..., He lives around here? Leh, unshaven and unhappy, glancing from afar, struggling with conflicting desires. And of course, decided to take a chance. Wine is the only salvation from the sworn friend of a hangover. Taking friendly at the same time, blame and independent view, he came into earshot. - Edward, honestly... the cops Boad, your barely a hundred at the kiosk pulled. Edik, weaving behind me, I answer. - Deceitful eyes and ran. "Sometimes," agreed Edward. - Cops, they are. Sit down.- To waste anger on the unfortunate homeless Edik was not going. People need to believe. The pleasure is expensive and not everyone can afford. But otherwise impossible to get anything good. Edik, for example, even in the current situation, no one in a lie was not charged. Bum told some tales about his life, drinking mountain French dry wine and eating oranges. "Lucky man," thought Edward, looking into the eyes of unshaven drinking buddy, he just. He is very good, only he is unlucky. With such faith need to be homeless. If he comes at me that it was very bad, and he is still very lucky, he will have a chance to climb. But you need to trust the people. Even the cops. What if they're right, calling him a dirty bum and beggar. It's all clear. As with the Museum's Director. He certainly knows that he is bad, and that he was terribly lucky. But if he believes in people, he can deal with." - - Man, you bore me, " said Ivan from afar. Ed, it is you darling?" "Actually," said Edward, " they say, all men are brothers.- "Yeah," poison said Tanya, shaking an empty package of wine. - Your brother insolent. Again the wine is gone. "I che? I was treated, " explained Leh, inconspicuously rolling away from the bench. His militia is offended, he stood up Edik - Leh, not in service, and in friendship, get some wine for the lady.- How the bum got up the courage to go back under the promising views of the spouses, and to take

steward, remains another mystery. - I schA. - Leh stuck with hundreds disappeared in the blink of an eye. - Maybe a conscience? he hoped Tanya. - I don't know, doubt - said Ivan. Edik with sympathy looked at both, he was lucky with friends. Optimists, believe people. But still didn't understand much. One does always the same: the homeless one day did not come, did not come, and now. Never will come. Edik is not the first time a mistake in the person, but what has this man? Just Edik people believe. And will always believe. Otherwise nothing good to do. - All right, boys, " said Edward, - forget about Alex and about wine. It's a small thing. Return from their clouds to earth. Where will immediately see that we have to complete the program. And most of all - our grandfather-breadwinner. Tanya, you old do not mind? Life, like a jerk, had Packed their stuff... for an unknown man. Indeed, all collectors are crazy.- "Well, who could?! "yelled Tanya. Probably trying to remember someone from all my friends grandfather, but the obvious never occurred to her head. But he could not deceive protective masking in the form of titles, positions, and solid signs even with the word "state". He believed people. He believed the Director of the Museum. Tanya could not believe it. Said. - Can't be. And why would he? If everything bequeathed to the Museum?- Edik in a few words explained the difference between pocket and Museum Director pocket, i.e., the state, and offered to take a risk, to test the hypothesis. If the icons restored in the Museum were fakes, those, that, in turn, must be real. Like, check? There is a risk that the grandfather might decide to give to this restoration thing. - We dare. - Tanya resolutely shook her red hair. Damn grandfather. He's just crazy. I want to cry.- - Well, nothing, "said Ivan," we steal Rublev? Money-then no, ed.- - God forbid... and Rublev fake, " said Edward. - What?! "said Tanya. "You grandfather for lohan not hold! It specialist! He's...he's...he's actually good, just old, and deceives his bastard all. It's all a Museum. What right does my grandfather to fool?!- - We have more rights, " echoed John. "Exactly," agreed Edward. CHAPTER 4. Like success? What's missing? This time Edward did not shell out for quality. The fake left in the collection of Anatoly Ivanovich instead of the "Life of St. Jonah", the rarest of the plot, XV century, was poor quality. Twenty stamps-miniature, gold foil corrugated Board is made of larch "double the ark" - the fake old man with his feeble eyesight would see from a distance and without my glasses. This thing for a week counterfeiting, only one bare Board - noisesize... and work? and susalka? thumbnails? And... and! it'll do! Tanya shoved forgery in the far corner, my grandfather accidentally stumbled, and two days later a married couple impatiently stomped the pavement near the metro station waiting for ed. The news was great. Tance tired to chew antiquated pension sausage, I cervelat. Ivan generally dreaming to quit work "doggy"... if you're lucky, of course, with the amount. This time their optimism was justified. One unflappable Edicinal Roger from afar realized that the icon was, and for real money. Tanya jumped up and screamed. Tried to blame Edik, I fell on the neck, but Ivan caught in time, in flight. - In the square, bad guys... In the Park trots. Edik was unable to suppress a smile. Yes, you have to trust people. Norton rolled away without bidding and fifty thousand dollars, which is hooked and Edik, who was going to pull out thirty, no less. It was godly, flair and screaming about this rarity. Norton studied it for about an hour, probably, but then without bidding – BAM! - originally requested fifty dollars. Although last, Paraskeva-Friday, again was a fake. What to do, no not a virgin to survive, caught in the tenacious paws of the Director of the Museum. This type was occupied by ed. Hitting the foe seemed inevitable. But don't like to think about unpleasant things. - Ed!!! - both howled, barely Edik took out the first bundle of dollars. "Well, Edward!!! -

This pre-emptive volley for economic reasons, have not made and inevitable, forced Edward to back off. OK, divide by five thousand on the nose, and the rest...- - Ten! - Tanya tried to grab him by the throat. - Ten, - supported the wife of Ivan. - I need a car. Enough to Fund and twenty.- It was useless to argue, Edward surrendered, handed out ten thousands. Then - five, from different reasons. Grandfather decided to explain the sudden increase in pay award, which was awarded to Ivan for the salvation of the boss of gang bullets, Edik was thinking of buying furniture? Or better machine? The garden came with packages of wine and fruits. - Where our bomic? – Tanya, good soul, all grievances forgotten. - Let's take a walk, tan. To celebrate, " suggested Ivan. - To discuss some things. Wait mangacity. Do not tired? - ed said. - No! Chorus said maniacs. - Well, maniacs. You didn't get it, what do these fifty thousand?- - I know, I know. - Tanya sat on the lap of her husband, wrapped skirt almost to the navel. - Nevermind, you got it, " said Edward, spihivaya her on the bench. Ivan also tried, Yes not enough forces. Managed a couple. - Sit down, a trifle red. And listen.- - I'm listening. - Tanya patted her purse, where they lie 15 thousand dollars. Her eyes sparkled. - Can now be considered proven that the Museum walked into our pocket... Tanya, don't be messin ' with Ivan! I'm serious. See what money can be made on collection. They will not stop, Museum workers. They liked it, rats in our pocket. For the first "George" they really took a thousand dollars, and a lot more. They have other options. Probably put it through a good foreign auction, and tore not less than ten thousand. And with them we soon will face, it is inevitable. Therefore I propose to collide with the Director of the Museum, while we have certain advantages.- - You're crazy! "screamed Tanya. - You know best - hesitantly said Ivan. But the Museum Director is a figure. He was mayor of Moscow by the hand greeting.- - The headstock too curvaceous, - angry Edward. For Jonah, we got fifty Grand. And snatched from the teeth, consider, three hundred thousand dollars. And then all of a half a million. Here any grandmother can knock at the features. If he will come to our fake - and sooner or later it will happen - quickly realized what was happening - and they will betray us. Will substitute. If not the grandfather, the cops. Need to run down before it is too late. If he's a rogue, a lone, half even return, scandal scared. If under the "roof", what Figo will return, but in the future we assume to milk the old Jackal a couple.- I think he recognizes? doubt - said Ivan. - He has someone to blame. I will say, the restorer of the icons have changed. Or something.- - And so be it, " said Tanya. - You will sell, Edward, and all failure. Don't run, I'd advise against it.- - Still need to run down down Edik. - Even if the Director is not in the business, he immediately agree to share the money. Filling the face of the restorer, and will work together. We need to trust people. - - Yeah. The homeless you twice believe. So what? - Yes anything! - Edward raised his voice. - It's not like he cheated, you know. I have made a mistake.- - But if the Director was wrong?- - He's not homeless. But if you get it wrong, it's better for you. Grandfather will understand that sit in museums are as bad as his native.- Is why are we bastards? "said Tanya. "And your grandfather thinks so. Times won't leave you collection. He thinks that strangers are better? If the Director of the Museum will raise hell, blame everything on us with Ivan. We will not fail.- - Of course, and blame it on you - confidently said Tanya. Ivan icons were stolen. And you had to

substitute. I don't know anything.- - We have agreed, - said patiently Edik. But the Director of the scandal will not raise. Otherwise he is a bad Director. While this is unlikely, since the collection contrives.- The dispute quickly damped out. To object to something the couple could not, and the decision was made, after which the family, the couple went to knead the grass. Ivan confessed Edik that Tanya makes himself at home, like a Princess in the hands of an evil thief. Even at night. See the presence of Santa behind the wall no worse than tied rope. Since childhood, afraid of him. Bum met at the exit of the square, and then randomly. He was very busily piled collected empty bottles in a canvas bag. Tanya threw a orange - and hit. Homeless by surprise, fell, got scared: - You what?!- - Alex, where are you? - well-mannered voice asked Tanya. - We chasing after you have to, right? Here the wine back strain. It is not good. - Tanki really was a package of wine last. The beggar did not understand, but turned pale and froze. - That frightened the man, " complained Ivan, when Leh, trying to get to his feet, tripped over a bag and fell again. "Guys... I... will... give the damn cops took everything..." he muttered, gazing up at the approaching trio. - You steward forgot, " said Edward, pulling out a hundred dollars. - Leh, you're unlucky. Tanya, give me the wine. We waited for you.- " wanted..., - aching bum, overlooking sentenced taking green paper. Here, Alex. No disappearing acts, " Tanya threw him wine. - We would your problems, " said Ivan. - What's wild?- I will give up. - Homeless Leh been farther away. Guys, I really give.- - Well, nuts, " Ivan sighed, and Trinity, inspired by the Crimean and hopes for a bright future, passed by, like a three-masted frigate by poluzatonuvshim accommodate. CHAPTER 5. Hitting the Museum. Museum Director sir Puzyrev Ivan Ivanovich was chubby, plump little man of thirty-five. He looked younger, due to the blush, but the glasses returns stolen blush. Edward looked kindly in blue shameless eyes, trying to think only good. Not go, so very blue eyes... like ice. Edward shifted his gaze to the blond hair on her head. Director. Like another hairstyle. And can, already bald, masked hair. - So, what can I do? dryly asked the blond son of a gun. A writing table at which he sat, was suppressed by size - mahogany, massive. - I was told that you from Anatoly Ivanovich Gorshkova? - Well, Yes. In a certain sense. - Edward put one leg over the other, sat down comfortably in an armchair. Recalled thin little white receptionist Director. Look impregnable, despite the frail body. Surely the Director Fucks her, that's why I look like this. Edward glanced around the office again - impressive. Paintings, icons, ancient weapons... not an office, and another room of the Museum. Rogue is a good job. "I'm listening," with notes of impatience recalled his Director. "Oh yeah," said Edward. - I digress, sorry. Thought you were serious. - - In what sense?- It doesn't matter. I Gorshkov, Yes. Only the pots doesn't know about it. The boys started on his milk - I mean, to steal icons from its priceless collections and replace them with fakes. And that was...- - How? "returned the officer," what did you say?- - Well, Yes. What? Old stump still don't see that, you know, otherwise you would not risk feeding their old forgery instead of restoration. By the way, excellent quality - as the expert say. But my fake is not worse - slip pleasure. The firm of brooms does not knit. - Edward smiled warmly. The Director took off his glasses and began to wipe them. Finger. His eyes lowered. Face didn't change expression, except that on the forehead dash between white eyebrows. He was silent, and that he liked it. - In Short, Ivan Ivanovich. You skomunizdil grandfather forty-six icons and eighteen paintings of

different authors, according to Gorshkov. I figured, for what amount. Notice, believed by our Russian prices, but when the bill passed for the second million dollars, I take threw. I am a realist, the train is gone, but three hundred thousand dollars you send me, please. On account of compensation of harm, albeit unwitting, on your part. The real damage. On sale only one icon from still not restored by the Museum, I easily tore fifty thousand, and your restorations - in the amount of three pieces for a few icons. Three hundred thousand is fair, agree. Moreover, I made inquiries about your financial situation. Very superficial, one of your employees for a bottle of brandy in the pub. You have a brand new Porsche for a hundred and twenty thousand dollars, your wife - "Reno" for ninety years. Cottage on the ruble is with half a million, minimum. Apartment of five rooms in the centre of Moscow - there account you know. A week ago, the Museum is a beggar, according to the companion, he invested two hundred thousand dollars for the expedition some Yuga in Russian. Sure, it's your money, personal. I understand, you do what you want. So three hundred thousand, I'm sure scrape. But this is not important. More important than the second, about the future. Once it happened, offer kurochit collection of old men together. To not happen like that overlays. I hope there will be no objections? Offer a half share and the full restoration at your expense. Do I make myself clear?- - It is clear it is clear... the Director put his glasses on again, but I... something bad now realize. I need time to... comprehend... so... incredible news..., so..., As I understand it, you are someone you know?- Relatives of this old prick Gorshkov. It and the roof, and cover. Three hundred thousand is needed to settle them down. I barely dissuaded them, but it was going to open the eyes of the old fool in your paintings. In the hope that the collection will give them. And shed tears of gratitude. And I decided that the fool always acts stupid. Pots, what kind, decide that in the Tretyakov gallery people more honest, and bequeaths his recyclables to them. So when you command get these three unfortunate hundreds? Preferably quickly, it is in your best interest. I am sure that week will be enough, even if all the money in the dispersal. Take, at least. Until then, let's start the inevitable cooperation. Now you have the restoration of early Serov, "Girl with cat". Your fake, apparently, already drying, but still not tempted, then, subject to our cooperation. Therefore, half of the profits from the sale of put to me. Not to be penny wise and not to waste time arguing, we estimate the "Girl" in gold coin. Cheap, you know, but the condition is the payoff now. So as not to interfere these little things future. Don't want to waste time on the valuation expert, they're always different, pieces charge hundred, then you have to pay fifty dollars. Not now, later, but it's fifty dollars. Agree, I'm acting in a Christian way. And will continue to take my grandfather here on this list, Edik pulled from his pocket a paper. I have outlined some, on the principle of speed and value. Please stick with it. The initiative in this matter is excluded. Agreed?- - My head is spinning, " said the blond man with glasses. - Not so fast - I don't know. You want to say that the collection Gorshkova...- - If you zelazko want to play, Ivan Ivanovich, your will. - Edward said very kindly. But I advise you not to waste your time. While not call the police or the security, or, at worst, until you call Gorshkov, I will, as Stanislavsky, will only say one thing: do Not believe!- - The police... the police... the Director frowned, lowered his eyes. - Can up to her and comes to that, but first I have to figure out..., I have to understand myself... to find the culprit... Your statement... it needs to be tested... - I do not believe, " snapped Edward. - At its restorers a barrel roll. I'm not a newbie, believe me. Without your knowledge falsification is impossible.- - However... I rather... new. - The fingers of the Director needed a job and he took off his glasses again. - In his post I'm only two years. Got a lot to learn. I have to trust people. Please note, I believe you. The received signal... I'll check. Will take action. Your financial claims - it's not me.- - Do not believe, Edik, angry, decided to force the issue. He pulled out a cell phone, dialed the number. The Director asked uneasily: Where are you calling from?-

"Don't worry, everything will be hunky-Dory," said Edward, smiling. - Hello, may I Gorshkov to disturb, Anatoly Ivanovich?- "Wait..." the Director started. - Calm down you. "Hissed Edward. - Anatoly Ivanovich? Hello, this is from the Museum. I'm the Deputy Director, he asked me to tell you... sorry, just came Ivan, give him up. It's about Serov's painting.- Edward put his cell phone in hand Puzyrev dealing more. And drew a piece of paper. - Anatoly Ivanovich, Hello... Yes, the new Deputy - Director like privalo. "I wanted to say that the restoration of Serov, a bit late, sorry... Director saw the finger Edik, who persistently poked in a piece of paper, his face still turned down the light. And here's another, Anatoly Ivanovich, we have freed the people, and had the opportunity to order multiple items from your collection... no, No, I would like to select the things, I can pick it up... Well, today... Yes... it happened that... Yeah, see you, Anatoly Ivanovich.-Puzyrev put the phone in his pocket, then realized it, and handed it to Edward. The forehead of the Director broke out in a sweat. - I care about the reputation of the Museum, beat he said, " I can't... it's irresponsible to risk it. The only reason I went on about it. This does not mean that... what was your name? Flew out of my head... no wonder, with your news. - Eduard M. Pospelov. You can just Edik. Or Ed. We their.- - Eduard M. I repeat that I... " began the song Director, but Edward interrupted him: - Well, okay, I get it: You are the pride of culture, the standard of honesty and all. I am happy to cooperate with such a person. The question is - where's my money? Five thousand dollars. I should get them today. - Edward, taking cell, pointed his finger in the button set. - This... this is blackmail? "screeched Director. - Stop it. What blackmail, if you are an honest person. You've convinced me. This is your restorers to blame. But if you don't want to look like a donkey, which subordinates were pushed into the ditch, have to choose. So, to cooperate. And to replace the collection. Then I'd think it was me. Until then, send five pieces. - Edward thumped the phone numbers. The Director jumped up: - I said wait! I...I don't have that kind of money... Unless in the safe...- - I'm waiting.- Director hurriedly unlocked the safe in the wall, a long time rooting around, but after five minutes, fifty and hundred dollar bills, restated, hid in the pocket of Edward. - Only the reluctance of the scandal is forcing me, and repeated Puzyrev. - I care about the reputation of the Museum.- - And a personal I. O. U. makatite, " said Edward. - What tolgyesi I have three hundred thousand dollars and agree to return them in a week. - - No, - said firmly Director. He started coming to. - Eduard M., the money you will require from the perpetrator, which I will find. Three hundred thousand is a huge amount. The reputation of the Museum is not worth much.- But the hardness was only his own pocket. When Edward had dinned that instead of receipts the Director will arrange any debt instrument from the Museum, the Director began to succumb. He had to remind the police, and the existence of articles for fraud, and Gorshkova, which has all the necessary signatures on documents - Directors - in order to sue and rip is not less than two million. Edward tired to press, but the money pays for everything, and he did. The upshot was that the Director gave up and called the Secretary: - Say, come. A pen and a notebook.- Went fair-haired Secretary with a notebook at the ready. - Print and bring the signed employment agreement, to read... the Director began to dictate. Edward learned that undertakes to transfer from old French manuscript of the seventeenth century "Memories of Russia" the Frenchman Poisson, and the Museum undertakes to pay the translator of three hundred thousand dollars.- "Not me," said Edward, when the Secretary went to print the contract. - Who to translate the

manuscript? 't I?" - Translation into Russian already exists. Made by one of the members of the friendship society "Russia-France". And unselfishly transferred to the Russian Museum together with the manuscript. There are still, you know, enthusiasts, alien greed.- - I'm proud of them, " said Edward. - And the auditors believe? Not much for the translation?- - You manuscript is not seen. Almost two feet tall. The guy worked for five years. Really bad happened.- - What do you want from enthusiasts? Here for three hundred thousand professional you would have made a top class translation. You have no position, and Klondike. In fact, hire a Deputy, Ivan Ivanovich.- The Director took it seriously, his eyebrows went up: - You?! Such a insolent? I'm not going to. Yes I have and no Deputy. Staff are not supposed to. We are a very poor Museum.- When the Secretary brought the printed text of the Treaty, Edward was convinced. Put short a resolution To the accounting Department. Pay", Puzyrev then called the accounting Department and said, Alexandra Semyonovna, now you have a perfect companion, Pospelov, try to find a way... yeah, to be paid, I give him a tube...- Maliciously-malevolent grin Director Edward realized after two minutes of conversation with the chief accountant. It turns out that for the employees ' money, which is really a year, the repair is not, and generally anything. As soon as money as I can and pay. In the order queue. You knows what the account. - Well, - said Edik. - I'm not harmful. I can wait.- He has not disappointed. Of course, Puzyrev did, as they say. But most importantly - in the other. Now no one will disturb Edik with a collection of Gorshkov. And no one with the money Museum is not going to share. Everything is under control, as required.

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