Development of a system to foster innovative entrepreneurship: Case of the Higher School of Economic

Development of a system to foster innovative entrepreneurship: Case of the Higher School of Economics
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Development of a system  Development of a system to foster innovative entrepreneurship: p p Case of the Higher School of Economics Alexey Novoseltsev Alexey Novoseltsev HSE Director for Innovation and Enterprise Skolkovo Conference February 21st , 2012 February 21 , 2012

HSE at a glance Est. National Research University ‐ Higher School of Economics 1992 • The World’s Top‐500 universities • The Russian Top 4 universities The Russian Top‐4 universities Webometrics • 4 locations in Russia (Moscow, Saint‐Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm) • 31 faculties and schools; 3’100+ staff (faculty and research fellows) • 16000+ students (Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral students)  16000 students (Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral students) • Continuing education: 200+ programmes, 12’000 postgraduate students • Research: 41 research centers, 13 international labs, 300+ projects a year • Budget: € 270M, incl. €160M of revenues from education and research activities 2

HSE ‐ National Research University HSE is: Major R&D areas: Economics the largest research center  in the field of economics and social  Public governance sciences  i Management in Eastern Europe Sociology Law the leading think tank for  Computer science the Russian Government the Russian Government  Mathematics operating the largest  Psychology database of empirical data on Philosophy Russian society and economy History Higher School of Economics, Moscow, 2011 3

HSE Outreach Vision Dual role of an «economic university»: • Solutions for economic and social policy – Applied research and policy advise for public authorities Applied research and policy advise for public authorities – Continuing education for public and market institutions • Leveraging analytical capacity for markets – Center of excellence for business customers – Transfer in‐house research results into marketable services – Bringing business expertise into technology transfer system + >>>   Promotion of innovative entrepreneurship 4

New offers to business customers • Analytical tools for corporate innovation policy – R&D strategic planning R&D strategic planning – Foresight‐based road‐mapping – Market and technology assessment gy • Creating a company’s innovation ecosystem – Business to Science cooperation Business‐to‐Science cooperation – Interface to SME’s and crowd‐sourcing solutions – Support to corporate venture funds Support to corporate venture funds • Tailored scientific and expert support to a company – A li d Applied research for management and competitiveness hf t d titi – On‐demand consulting – Access to talents (project‐based training groups) Access to talents (project based training groups) 5

HSE Commercialization System Within University Commercialization  of research Innovation and  I ti d HSE Innovation  Enterprise Office Ltd. Corporate partners and investors IP rights IP rights  HSE Innovation  management Fund Customers and markets Commercial services  Faculty and  Faculty and Centers for for  and products d d State‐owned  students   entrepreneurship  enterprises involvement and Business‐ Joint projects and  incubators ventures Business  Large L incubation and  Interdepartmental companies and  acceleration Chair of Innovation  Spin‐offs and start‐ institutions Management up companies up companies Entrepreneurship  Specialized Venture  Project‐based  capitalists society training programs Training  Groups Training Groups 6

HSE Entrepreneurship Fostering System Centers for  Centers for  Centers for  30+ alumni startups, 100+ supported entrepreneurship  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurship, and Promotion and New paid service is being developed p g p bBusinessiincubators Business incubators Business‐incubators Business‐incubators business‐incubators i b t HSE{Pro} Paid coaching program • Moscow Coaching HSE{Consult} Free advisory service • Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod • Perm HSE{10K} business competition Selection • Saint‐Petersburg Startup of the year – HSE Award Iron Entrepreneur  Iron Entrepreneur Crowd sourcing Tech Marketing Championship Centers for  Innovation  Centers for  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurship  and Management and Business‐incubators > 15 programs, 2 international Business‐incubators Chair programs Chair programs Education > 5000 participants a year > 50 specific events, incl. Centerstrainings Networking g Centersfor  C t for Specific trainings  for  f entrepreneurship  HSE{Sun} – Summer school HSE{Sun} – Summer school entrepreneurship  by various HSE  and and Business‐incubators Business‐incubators education units >10000 members Community >50 service partners p 7

Development logic: Contribution to the Ecosystem ECOSYSTEM FUNCTION HSE PROPOSITION SCALE INDICATION Attraction of talent Community development events 10000+ members Series of inspiring master‐classes 3000+ participants p.a. Minor on entrepreneurship 120 students (1st intake) Professional development Specialized trainings 500+ participants p.a. Project‐based training groups 15+ groups p.a. MA program on R‐D‐I management 1st intake in 2012 International exchange Partners in US, EU, SG  Market opportunities search Foresight‐based road‐mapping 20+ implementations in 2011 Project evaluation services l 60+ projects evaluated in 2011 l d HSE Innovation Fund calls 103+ applications, 35 winners Iron Entrepreneur Championship 1500+ participants, 15 cities Access to initial capital A t i iti l it l HSE{10K} Business competition HSE{10K} B i titi 140 projects applied in 2011 140 j t li d i 2011 Elevator pitch competitions 100+ presentations State programs application support  10‐20 applications (planned) Channels to markets Channels to markets Go‐global opportunities Go global opportunities 15+ partners in US. EU, Asia 15+ partners in US EU Asia Interface to Large‐Scale Enterprises Innovation strategies study Corporate venturing collaborations 2‐3 large partners (planned) Business development Business development HSE{Pro} Coaching program Coaching program 14 resident contracts for 2012 14 resident contracts for 2012 Business support services 30+ partner organizations 8

Strategic goal:  HSE International Center for Business Innovation HSE International Center for Business Innovation Large‐Scale  L S l Small Innovative  S ll I ti Research  R h Enterprises Companies Institutions Technology  Innovative Solutions Marketing Services Commercialization RDI Project  Fund Raising IP Management Management Corporate Venturing Business Development Industry Liaisons TALENT  GLOBAL  BUSINESS  RESEARCH EDUCATION PIPELINE NETWORK EXPERTISE

Organization of CIE. Some observations • Use “market pull” approach. It s not a Tech Transfer Office Use  market pull approach It’s not a Tech Transfer Office • Look for the Best Solution not even the Best Technology gy • Leverage intellectual assets + focus on people • Access to “communication‐focused” infrastructure • Build inter‐university collaboration • Get involved into global networks 10



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