Beyond. Collection of Poetry. Part 4.

Beyond. A feeling of Fulfillment. Or a knowledge? What do You prefer? And why? Your Preference is a Fulfillment. It is ruled by Ideal. And Matter? Doesn't matter...+ But believe. There is Something, that matters!...
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Дата публикации: 2013-07-28
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In the Straits I round a Hope - and a Storm By Wilderness' Rocks - and City I swim in the foamy, violent Waters In the black Thicker - by the sound ofThunder Falls Waterfalls are everywhere - as a Principle It meets and it accompanies It is played by someone's right Hand That decides the Fate of the World I shall touch on it - and without looking back Plunge into the Ocean of Primrose By the neglected Beds of Paradise By the Island with the Copper Soil By the Eyes of silent Lemurs I shall swim under the Galaxies' Eyes The Milky Way – is the World's Texture Like lay Tracts in Silence In the warm inter-continental Bosom Ghosts are alive, like alive are Omens Electricity with the pale Phosphorus Both enjoy Luxury and Shadow I am attracted by the Island-Pearl By the blood-soaked Edens Where the Buddha's Tooth is cutting into the Body Of the Emerald duced Religion Where the Earth is like a drop of Gold That flows down from the molten Cores Where a Sense plays with Longing And Timelessness caresses Heart I shall taste them - and immediately leave Andaman bypassing completely Along the deserted Skeletons of Malacca And thick poor Anthills In the Labirinte near Makassar In a spicy Womb for a moment dissolved I shall understand that just Madness is not enough And disappear in the sleepless Straits В Проливах


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