Beyond. Collection of Poetry. Part 1.

Beyond. This is a condition or a process? This is a presence or an absence? This is an appropriation or loose? This is Good or Evil? Find Your Answer. Or Your Question, who knows...
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Published on: 2013-07-28
Pages: 47

I live among I live among conventional Units I wander through the Day with a lighted Candle: Around me there is a Mirage of downturned Faces That knead Mud in half together with a Dream. The Auctions go on - and Numbers are on the Scales, And the Way of Life is called by all Index, And Smell of Burning flies into the former Heaven And Stench of Pigswill pours into the former Entity. I am the only one, alone, who look with a Smile On the Darkness of Mad Men – both rich and poor - And toss the Feeding to the strange Beasts, That as "the Brotherhood of Souls" once were dreamed... Живу Среди Живу среди Условных Единиц, Скитаюсь днём с зажжённою Свечою: Кругом Мираж оскалившихся Лиц, Что месят Грязь напополам с Мечтою. Идут торги – и Цифры на Весах, И Образ Жизни Индексом зовётся, И Гарь летит в былые Небеса, И Смрад Помоев в Твердь былую льётся. Лишь я один с Улыбкою смотрю На Тьму Безумцев – бедных и богатых – И Корм швыряю странному Зверью, Что «Братством Душ» пригрезилось когда-то... Frashegird The World is on the Ecumenical Scales! The prophetized Scary Court From now is heard in Watches, Is visible in any Melee! Gemini Stars are burning, Above the restored Altar: The Flame is consuming the Scales - By it's angry boiling Plasma...

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