Formula. Collection of Poetry. Part 3.

Formula is an Ideal. Life is an Alchemy. So, a Search of a Formula, that could realize the Potential of Ideal. Matter is a multiplying of Formulas. Ideal is a focusing of them... Let us continue.
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Published on: 2013-07-28
Pages: 88

Libra Librorum A Faith-Fear or a Faith-Love? - Bowls balance above the Abyss: A strong Choice - but it is "low" to choose - And so the common Choice is known. The Ashes live under the Mask of Spirit - Intoxicated by a Fire of Masquerade; Ignorance yields Impulse to Knowledge - Taking a Murderer for a Brother. Strife of Passion blindly leads To the Mirage of golden Epiphany But Visions are easy to score - And the Bitterness of Treatment is overwhelming. The Livestock' Slavery in the Forcing Seeks Manumission to the alluring Free Will: Choose now – that is Power and Vanity - In the Equilibrium of a soaring Scales!.. Libra Librorum Вера-Страх или Вера-Любовь? – Балансируют Чаши над Бездной: Выбор Сильный – но выбрать «слабо» – И поэтому Выбор известный. Прах под Маскою Духа живёт, – Упиваясь Огнём Маскарада; Знанью Импульс Незнанье даёт, – Принимая Убийцу за Брата. Увлечение слепо влечёт К Миражу золотого Прозренья, Но Видения – наперечёт, – И повсюдная Горечь Леченья. В Принуждении Рабство Скота Ищет Вольную Воле манящей: Выбирай же – вот Мощь и Тщета – В Равновесии Либры парящей!.. The Medes Herds are flying in Ecbatana - As Thunderstorms and Mountain Tempests - Rotate the Countries of Dales And Pearl Placer of Peaks.

And Mages cast their Spells - At midnight in all the Altars, And higher spin the Knowledge - In the divine strong Halls!.. Those Free with Beyond Par always and openly: With Priests - Slaves by the Throne - Just Slaves send up their Prayers. But the proud Magee, do not ask - Getting theirs on the Right: Their People is a diamond Placer - It Hardness is multiplied by Glory!.. Nomadic Covenants are like an Echo Of the Flows of unrestrained Passions - They invade Dales and Rivers Like Mazda invades to Mainyu. The Essence of Magicians do not interfere with the Earthly: The Vultures are drawn to the Sky - And surrounding the Star Threshold, They rotate the magic Mold!.. Мидяне Летят Табуны в Экбатаны – Как Бури и горные Грозы – Вращаются дольние Страны, И Пиков жемчужная Россыпь. А Маги творят Заклинанья – На всех Алтарях полуночных, А выше вращаются Знанья – В Чертогах божественных прочных!.. Свободные с Потусторонним Наравных всегда и открыто: Жрецами – Рабами у Трона – Рабы воссылают Молитвы. Но гордые Маги, не просят – Своё получая по Праву: Народ их – алмазная Россыпь – В нём Твёрдость умножена Славой!.. Заветы Кочевий – что Эхо Потоков безудержной Страсти – Вторгаются в Долы и Реки, Как в Манью вторгается Мазда.

Суть Магов с Землёй не мешают: Стервятники тянутся к Небу – И звёздный Порог окружая, Вращают магический Слепок!.. The Lost Fleet of Genserich The Troops of Genserich - The Outcasts of Ramblers - Over the Ills of Down and Out Lifted their Crest. The tortured City They Plunged into Ashes - The Homeless Thieves Forgotten of Fear ... But into the Smoke of Ashes The King sought to: Through a Throng of Beggars, Through Darkness and Vale, He was eager to see And take the Palatine - Where the Retinue greedy, And with it, He, the One Will be drunk of the Victory, Appropriating to them The gone to Oblivion Shadow Of those who had fallen in Struggle... Having ascended the Capitol On the Pedestal staying, The King of the Disadvantaged Ceased to know them, Forgot about those left Somewhere below: Peace and Blink, Coldness and Storm He saw in the Silence Of Statues and Columns - Jupiter's Lightning, Fabulous Throne, Crosses - like Fascias - Purple, Fur - The Race that Left, Bygone into Ages...

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