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This is more than History. This is more than Verses. These are the Voices from the Nether World talking to the modern people about something actual at any time...
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Дата публикации: 2013-07-26
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Collis Capitolinus At the Head of the consecrated Vastnesses A Skull is hidden in the Belly of a Hill - As a City's Heart, which is higher than Mountains, Life and Death fully befalls. Here is a Tent of Wilderness' Augurs - Like Saturn under a Triad of Deities - Drenched by Sun or angrily Storm, Visible from the elevated distant Sites... Flesh of War – by Citadel, Fields, - Adorns its unbreakable Limits, Forum praises – by Words and Actions, - World meets with a shrinking Head. Between sacred Grottos are Crypts, Between them - the Lot of Runaways; Ancestors sleep, and their Eye' Sockets are blind - As Descendants on the Place of the Fathers... The Power of Colossi will be exalted, So that after to appear as overthrown - But let no one blame her, After all, those living cannot her understand. Welfare is measured by Weight, Achievements – by Longitude, Length: Here – is Space, everything else – is Abyss This is a Body - with the Head that is Great!.. Collis Capitolinus Во Главе освященных Просторов Череп, скрытый во Чреве Холма, – Сердцем Града, что выше, чем Горы, Жизнь и Смерть постигает сполна. Вот Шатер первозданных Авгурий, – Как Сатурн под Триадой божеств, – Залит Солнцем иль гневною Бурей, Виден с дальних возвышенных Мест…

Плоть Войны – Цитаделью, Полями, – Украшает Пределы его, Славит Форум, – Словами, Делами, – Мир встречает согбенной Главой. Меж священными Гротами Склепы, Между ними – Удел Беглецов; Предки спят, и Глазницы их слепы, – Как Потомки на Месте Отцов… Мощь Колоссов возвышена будет, Чтоб низверженной после предстать, – Но никто пусть ее не осудит, Ведь Живущим ее не понять. Благоденствие меряют Весом, Достиженья – Длиной, Долготой: Вот – Пространство, все прочее – Бездна, Это Тело – с Великой Главой!.. Romulus Myths are kneaded with Blood and Dirt Legends are sung by Thunder and Echo Waters of Centuries rush by, Masters yield to the former Slaves. She-Wolf feeds Outcasts in the Depth of Forests, Impregnating their Insides with a predatory Breed: In the foregone Hour it will be given to them to fight - Acquiring the fratricide Nature!.. This Nature soon will be laid In the City that will be supplied by Countries: It will choose the Land of the Scarce, Become again related to Outcasts, Steal what it needs, forcing Enemies To recognize what Friends voluntarily Will give, forgetting about themselves, Unaware of what is dirty and sick!.. Temper's Despair with the Power of Iron

The Fratricide over the Clay Shaft Roughly will mix – and in the Flesh of the Kneading Will mark the beginning of the Body of Vessel. This Vessel will be replenished with Blood, Fate will uplift it to the Infinite: Menacing Spears will become like Embroidery Ornate, Swords of it will be glorified from Afar!.. The One who rejected does not "own" The Right to acquire the Indulgence of "Others": By means of Self-knowledge – by a faithful Path - He will be driven after the Shadow of his own Self. Having tried on the Force of Sunrise to Sunset, It will subdue the South, rushing to the North: Thus is created the Space for the City, Cleansing Grains of Ages from Chaff!.. The Founder goes to black Soil - In order to be ascended to the gods by Memory: So Blessing, which will rise out of the Damnation, And rule over the bequeathed Universe!.. Romulus Кровью и Грязью замешаны Мифы, Громом и Эхом Легенды поются, Воды Столетий проносятся мимо, Бывшим Рабам Властелины сдаются. Кормит Отверженных в Чаще Волчица, Хищной Породой Нутро их питая: В Час предрешенный дано им сразиться – Братоубийством Природу стяжая!.. Эта Природа заложена будет В Город, что Странами будет питаться: Выберет Землю с Основою скудной, Станет с Изгоями вновь породнятся, Красть, что потребно, Врагов принуждая То признавать, что Друзья добровольно


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