Plug and Play's Startup Camp Program 2013.

Description: The Plug and Play Startup Camp is a 10-week program designed to immerse university startups and entrepreneurs into the Silicon Valley environment. Through a combination of structured workshops, speaker series, mentorship sessions as well as active coaching, startup founders will crystal... more
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Published on: 2013-05-07
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P LUG AND P LAY STARTUP CAMP Description The Plug and Play Startup Camp is a 10-week program designed to immerse university startups and entrepreneurs into the Silicon Valley environment. Through a combination of structured workshops, speaker series, mentorship sessions as well as active coaching, startup founders will crystallize their ideas and business plans, build out their startup's business model and prototypes as well as present their refined pitches to the venture capital community. Successfully driving a startup requires more than just a good idea and cool technology. We believe that what differentiates the best from the rest is a passionate, well-rounded team, a super disruptive technology and an innovative idea created for a larger market. Other factors that play into creating a successful venture are access to outside resources such as mentorship and raising funds. The Startup Camp Program can help take your business to the next level through our weekly active coaching sessions and through access to our established network of VC’s, Investors, Corporations and other Silicon Valley Players. Startup Camp concludes with the EXPO, a demo day that will connect the venture capital and angel investor community with Startup Camp companies and provide additional exposure for the companies. 2

P LUG AND P LAY STARTUP CAMP University Involvement in Startup Camp Plug and Play is working closely with top US universities in mutually beneficial and productive relationships to encourage high-tech entrepreneurship at the university level, as well as working with recent alumni, to increase the chances of success of young entrepreneurs and ventures. Each year, Plug and Play sponsors numerous business plan competitions such as Babson’s Rocket Pitch Competition. We partner with student entrepreneurship societies such as BASES from Stanford University and Entrepreneurship@Cornell from Cornell University. We host alumni gatherings and other events at our Silicon Valley campus from universities such as University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Plug and Play University Bridge program is offered to potential strategic university partners of Plug and Play that are interested in accessing the resources of Silicon Valley and Plug and Play. PAST PLUG & PLAY UNIVERSITY STARTUPS: FROM Drew and Arash have been a great success. We co-invested with Sequoia Capital after Dropbox graduated from the Y-combinator program. FROM Alex and Shayan went through Startup Camp, which resulted in a seed round of $400K. Total funding: $40mil form ATA Ventures, Canaan Partners & Bessemer Ventures FROM We received Twitvid, originally called Eatlime, and helped them raise seed funding with DFJ, and additional funding through local and international investors. 4

P LUG AND P LAY STARTUP CAMP Past Plug and Play Speakers John Donahoe Scott McNealy Jeff Jordan President and CEO Chairman & Partner Co-Founder Andreessen Horowitz eBay Sun Microsystems Timothy Draper Jonathan Schwartz Stephen Herrod Founder & CEO & President CTO Managing Director Sun Microsystems VMware Draper Fisher Jurvetson Ron Conway Guido Jouret David Marcus Founder & CTO Emerging Tech Founder & CEO Managing Director Cisco Systems Zong Angel Investors LP Larry Mohr Kevin Efrusy Stephen DiFranco Founder & VP & GM Americ as Partner Managing Director Consumer Group Retro Venture Partners Accel Lenovo Omid Kordestani Arvind Sodhani David Cowan SVP Global Sales & Business President Partner Development Bessemer Ventures Google Intel Capital Len Lauer Daniel Lewin Ravi Gopalakrishnan COO VP Strategic and Emerging Business CTO Development Qualcomm Barnes & Noble Microsoft 3

P LUG AND P LAY STARTUP CAMP Startup Camp Mentors 9

P LUG AND P LAY STARTUP CAMP About Fellow Plug and Play Geeks Zoosk is the world's largest social dating community. Zoosk provides a safe and fun online dating experience that users can easily Who are we? We’re Clixtr access from Zoosk's website, social (not Clixter, Clickstr, Clixstr, is the leading video networking applications, mobile services, and or even Clixster) and we turn upload service for Twitter downloadable desktop application. Founded in 2007 by your smartphone into a providing the fastest, easiest Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr, the company is based in smartcamera! Since October San Francisco and backed by Canaan Partners, Bessemer 2008 we’ve been working way to share videos online. Venture Partners, and ATA Ventures. hard to surprise and delight our users, snapping photos, and sharing events along the way. isocket is an open platform for all forms of advertising. While many of our plans MELODIS is a sound search are still secret, our goal is Sendori’s patent pending technology and applications to bring the benefits of the PureLeads technology open web to the ensures that you receive is the place to company headquartered in advertising industry one of the highest quality leads. buy, sell, and Silicon Valley, California. Its the last remaining closed All traffic is subjected to a discover original fine mission is to make sound and markets. Our private Beta series of behavioral tests art online. Co- speech the preferred means (the first app on our and filters which only real Founders Carter to search and navigate platform) helps website visitors pass. Cleveland and Nikhil information on mobile or IP publishers sell their own Basu Trivedi connected devices. display ad inventory through direct sales. Infoaxe is a Search Engine for your Web Memory, founded by two graduate students at Stanford University. With infoaxe, every page that you see on the Web gets added to your Personal Web Course Hero is an inquiry-based Memory and is now searchable. No more manual learning network that attracts bookmarking! Check out our FAQ and watch the thousands of college students, intro video to get started with infoaxe! educators and self-learners every day to publish, share and Kloudless is Google collaborate on academic resources search for your stuff. online. Our network is based on an We allow you to Snackr is a mobile inquiry-based learning approach securely search and platform that delivers whereby a student submits an organize your personalized audio news in bite-size. Whether it’s a inquiry (e.g., Why is the sky blue? personal files across busy commute on the 101, working out at the gym, What are different explanations of clouds, platforms, or waiting in line at the grocery store, our users the chain rule for Basic Calculus, and devices. know that when they open our app, they will get etc.), and Course Hero provides a each story in about 30 seconds, and they can get a highly organized result of full, personalized news update in 5 minutes. documents (the "Course Hero Response") contributed by students & educators. 18

P LUG AND P LAY STARTUP CAMP All About EXPO Startup Camp concludes on Plug and Play ‘s EXPO. Each Startup Camp company will get more exposure at this EXPO with a demo table and a spot to pitch. Plug and Play’s EXPO series feature 30 promising startups gaining exposure to over 75+ top- tier VCs, investors and corporate players. Join us for an exclusive peek at emerging technologies, rapid-fire pitches, live demos and networking at Plug and Play EXPO! What you will experience? A full afternoon of rapid-fire pitches from the hottest startups, live demos, and networking with top Silicon Valley influencers. Who will be there? Startups, VCs, Angels, Corporate Representatives, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, University Representatives, Government Officials, and local/international press Why you should be there? Learn about the latest technology developments and products from local and international companies. Make new contacts and friends in the heart of Silicon Valley 19

GET YOUR GEEK ON Plug and Play Tech Center 440 N. Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Alireza Masrour Megan MacIntosh Yassi Taromi Carolina Gonzalez VP Technology Startup Programs Startup Program University Relations Investments Manager Manager Manager

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