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Enough to pester huge publishing houses and looking for their favor. Give them and other intermediaries between you and your readers 70-95% of the revenue. We propose to join all together and change this market once and forever.

Our unique model based on the fact that you are the boss here — as author/creator of the works or copyright owner. You have to get almost total control of the entire process — you will:

  • Get beautiful e-publication;
  • Set your own price;
  • Keep your own copyrights and any other rights;
  • Promote your publications firstly by yourself. And we'll help you. Everyone has a chance to wake up popular;
  • Get the payments from your readers directly to you account (PayPal);
  • Magru in the next few month will be in the beta, we are enhancing services — and provide all services for free.


That is surprising but what is happened so big in the publishing industry in the last more then 500 years from the medieval times of Gutenberg? — yes, not so much. Most of us are almost geeks — have the computer, mobile devices, we are communicate with friends and family in social networks but at the same time we continue to cut down forests in order to read a book or flip a magazine. Moreover, in most cases, we do not read what we really want — we read stuff "promoted" by publishing houses.

We call on all those who love to read, and just curious and inquisitive people to join us and change the publishing business. And, for the first, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Purchase e-publications directly from the authors and publishers;
  • Follow the favorite authors and publishers - get their latest works;
  • Discover e-publications on your mobile devices;
  • Decide by yourself (or with help of your friends) what you want to read now and what is going to be the next bestseller;
  • Collect your own e-library.

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